Consort Dun

Consort Dun
Consort Dun
Spouse Qianlong Emperor
Kurun Princess Hexiao
Father Governor General Sige
Born 1746
Died 1806

The Consort Dun (Chinese: 惇妃) (27 March 1746 - 1806) was a concubine of the Qianlong Emperor who ruled Qing China from 1735 till 1796. She was the mother of Qianlong's favorite daughter, Kurun Princess Hexiao (固伦和孝公主; Gùlún Héxiào Gōngzhǔ).



Consort Dun née Wang (汪氏) was Manchu of origin. She was the daughter of the Governor General Sige (Chinese: 都统四格), of the Manchu Plain White Banner, and was born during the eleventh year of Emperor Qianlong's reign on the sixth day of the third month.

Lady Wang entered the Forbidden City aged 17 during the twenty-eighth year of Qianlong's reign. During elections for the Emperor's harem she was chosen to stay and was given the title Female attendant Yong (永常在) (the third lowest rank of Emperor's wives). She was 36 years younger than the Qianlong Emperor. In 1771 she was promoted to Worthy Lady (永贵人) and to Imperial Concubine with the title of Dun (惇嫔) in the same year.

In 1774 she became pregnant and was promoted to Consort. The following year she gave birth to Qianlong's tenth daughter, Kurun Princess Hexiao, in the Palace of Earthly Honor (翊坤宫). A custom was that concubines didn't raise their own children, Kurun Princess Hexiao was raised by Consort Rong instead.[citation needed]

Death of a servant maid

During the forty-third year (1778) of Emperor Qianlong's reign, Lady Wang was demoted to an Imperial Concubine because she had beaten a palace maid to death.[1] Homicide was a grave offense under Qing law but Lady Wang's punishment was light. Like all personnel, she was exempt from the formal judiciary process and instead was judged by Qianlong himself. Besides her being demoted, Qianlong ordered her to give 100 ounces of silver to the victim's parents and pay half of the financial penalty levied on her eunuchs,whose salaries were suspended for one or two years.

Two years later, Lady Wang was restored to a Consort. She died during the eleventh year of Emperor Jiaqing's reign, aged 61, and was interred in the Yuling mausoleum for imperial concubines in Hebei.


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