HMAS Anzac (D59)

HMAS Anzac (D59)

HMAS "Anzac" (D59) was a "Battle" class destroyer (named "Anzac" class in the RAN) of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).


"Anzac" was laid down by the Williamstown Naval Dockyard at Melbourne in Victoria on 23 September 1946, launched on 20 August 1948 by Mrs. J. A. Collins, wife of the Chief of the Naval Staff and commissioned on 14 March 1951 but not accepted by the Royal Australian Navy until 22 March.

Operational history

In September 1960, "Anzac" was performing gunnnery exercises with sister ship HMAS "Tobruk".cite book |last=Frame |first=Tom |title=Where fate calls: the HMAS Voyager tragedy |year=1992 |publisher=Hodder & Stoughton |location=Rydalmere, NSW |pages=pp. 36-37 |isbn=0340549688 |oclc=] A malfunction in "Anzac"’s gun direction equipment negated the deliberate 6 degree mis-aiming of her guns, with the resulting shell hitting "Tobruk" and doing enough damage to the destroyer to make repairs uneconomical. Two of "Anzac"’s crew were charged by the Naval Board, while "Tobruk" was decommissioned a month later.

Decommissioning and fate

"Anzac" paid off at Sydney on 4 October 1974, was sold to the Hifirm Corporation Limited of Hong Kong on 24 November 1975, and departed Sydney on 30 December 1975 under tow by a Japanese tug.


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