List of genera of viruses

List of genera of viruses

This is a list of the existing genera of viruses. For a list of individual species themselves, see List of viruses.


"Adenovirus; Alfamovirus; Allexivirus; Allolevivirus; Alphacryptovirus; Alphalipothrixvirus; Alphanodoavirus; Alphapapillomavirus; Alpharetrovirus; Alphavirus; Amdovirus; Ampelovirus; Aphthovirus; Aquabirnavirus; Aquareovirus; Arenavirus; Arterivirus; Ascovirus; Asfivirus; Atadenovirus; Aureusvirus; Avastrovirus; Avenavirus; Aviadenovirus; Avibirnavirus; Avihepadnavirus; Avipoxvirus; Avulavirus;"


"Babuvirus; Badnavirus; Barnavirus; Bdellomicrovirus; Begomovirus; Betacryptovirus; Betalipothrixvirus; Betanodovirus; Betapapillomavirus; Betaretrovirus; Betatetravirus; Bocavirus; Bornavirus; Bracovirus; Brevidensovirus; Bromovirus; Bymovirus;"


"Capillovirus; Capripoxvirus; Cardiovirus; Carlavirus; Carmovirus; Caulimovirus; Cavemovirus; Chlamydiamicrovirus; Chlorovirus; Chloriridovirus; Chrysovirus; Circovirus; Closterovirus; Coccolithovirus; Coltivirus; Comovirus; Coronavirus; Corticovirus; Cripavirus; Cucumovirus; Curtovirus; Cypovirus; Cystovirus; Cytomegalovirus; Cytorhabdovirus;"


"Dainthovirus; Deltapapillomavirus; Deltaretrovirus; Deltavirus; Densovirus; Dependovirus;"


"Ebolavirus; Enamovirus; Enterovirus; Entomobirnavirus; Entomopoxvirus A; Entomopoxvirus B; Entomopoxvirus C; Ephemerovirus; Epsilonpapillomavirus; Epsilonretrovirus; Erbovirus; Errantivirus; Erythrovirus; Etapapillomavirus;"


"Fabavirus; Fijivirus; Flavivirus; Foveavirus; Fusellovirus; Gammalipothrixvirus; Gammapapillomavirus; Gammaretrovirus; Giardiavirus; Granulovirus; Guttavirus; Gyrovirus; Hantavirus; Hemivirus; Henipavirus; Hepacivirus; hepadnavirus; Hepatovirus; Hypovirus;"


"Ichnovirus; Ictalurivirus; Idnoreovirus; Ilarvirus; Iltovirus; Influenza A virus; Influenza B virus; Influenza C virus; Inovirus; Iotapapillomavirus; Ipomovirus; Iridovirus; Isavirus; Iteravirus; Kappapapillomavirus; Kobuvirus;"


"Lagovirus; Lambdapapillomavirus; Leishmaniavirus; Lentivirus; Leporipoxvirus; Levivirus; Luteovirus; Lymphocryptovirus; Lymphocystivirus; Lyssavirus;"


"Machlomovirus; Macluravirus; Maculavirus; Mamastrovirus; Mandarivirus; Marafivirus; Marburgvirus; Mardivirus; Marnavirus; Mastadenovirus; Mastrevirus; Megalocytivirus; Metapneumovirus; Metavirus; Microvirus; Mitovirus; Molluscipoxvirus; Morbillivirus; Mupapillomavirus; Muromegalovirus; Mycoreovirus;"


"Nairovirus; Nanovirus; Narnavirus; Necrovirus; Nepovirus; Norovirus; Novirhabdovirus; Nucleopolyhedrovirus; Nucleorhabdovirus; Nupapillomavirus; Okavirus; Oleavirus; Omegatetravirus; Omikronpapillomavirus; Orbivirus; Orthobunyavirus; Orthohepadnavirus; Orthopoxvirus; Orthoreovirus; Oryzavirus;"


"Panicovirus; Parapoxvirus; Parechovirus; Partitivirus; Parvovirus; Pefudensovirus; Pestivirus; Petuvirus; Phaeovirus; Phlebovirus; Phytoreovirus; Pipapillomavirus; Plasmavirus; Plectrovi; Pneumovirus; Polerovirus; Polyomavirus; Potexvirus; Potyvirus; Prasinovirus; Prymnesiovirus; Pseudovirus;"


"Ranavirus; Raphidovirus; Respirovirus; Rhadinovirus; Rhinovirus; Roseolovirus; Rotavirus; Rubivirus; Rubulavirus; Rudivirus; Rymovirus; Sapovirus; Seadornavirus; Sequivirus; Siadenovirus; Simplexvirus; Soymovirus; Spiromicrovirus; Spumavirus; Suipoxvirus;"


"Tectivirus; Teschovirus; Thetapapillomavirus; Thogotovirus; Tombusvirus; Topocuvirus; Torovirus; Tospovirus; Totivirus; Trichovirus; Tritimovirus; Tungrovirus; Tymovirus;"


"Varicellovirus; Vesiculovirus; Vesivirus; Vitivirus; Waikavirus; Whispovirus; Xipapillomavirus; Yatapoxvirus; Zetapapillomavirus;"


* [ University of Leicester online notes]

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