Islam in Oceania

Islam in Oceania

Islam in Oceania refers to Islam and Muslims in Oceania. Some countries in Oceania, notably Australia, have Islam as their third largest religion, after Christianity and Buddhism. By current estimates, there are 600,000 Muslims in Oceania. [ [ Muslim Population ] ]


Islam has been in some parts of Oceania for at least 400 hundred years (since the 1600s). When the people of Papua New Guinea and West Papua traded with China and the Malay empire, in the early 1600s, the presence of Islam was felt in Oceania for the first time. [ [ BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Country profiles | Timeline: Papua New Guinea ] ]

Other parts of Oceania hadn't felt the presence of Islam until the 1800s. For instance, the first Muslims in Fiji came when Muslim migrants came on a ship bringing indentured laborers to Fiji in 1879. Muslims consisted of 22% of the boarders on Leonidas, which was the first such ship.


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