Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs

Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs

A number of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" episodes have been released on DVD and UMD since 2003.

Volume One

This two-disc boxset includes the first sixteen episodes of in production order. It was released on Region 1 DVD on November 18 2003 and it was released on Region 4 04/04/2007.

*Escape from Leprechaupolis
*Bus of the Undead
*Mayhem of the Mooninites
*Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto
*Ol' Drippy
*Revenge of the Mooninites
*MC P. Pants
*Dumber Dolls
*Bad Replicant
*Love Mummy
*Dumber Days

;Special Features
*Deleted scenes
*Original cut of "Rabbot"
*Audio commentary for:
**Mayhem of the Mooninites
**Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto

Volume Two

This two-disc boxset includes thirteen episodes in a seemingly random order. All episodes are from , with the exception of Mail Order Bride and Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, which were the final two episodes of season 1. It was released on Region 1 DVD on July 20 2004.

*Mail Order Bride
*Super Birthday Snake
*Universal Remonster
*Super Bowl
*Super Hero
*Super Squatter
*Super Spore
*Super Model
*Super Trivia
*Super Sirloin
*Super Computer
*The Meat Zone
*Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

;Special Features
*Baffler Meal
*Baffler Meal music video
*Future Wolf II: Never Cry Wolf: Origin of the series
*Future Wolf III
*Deleted Scenes:
**Super Trivia
**Meat Zone
**Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
**Baffler Meal
*Audio commentary:
**Super Trivia
**Meat Zone
**Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
**Baffler Meal
*Photo gallery

Volume Three

This two-disc boxset includes 13 episodes in a seemingly random order. These are the remaining episodes from season 2 which were not included in Volume Two. It was released on Region 1 DVD on November 16 2004.

*Frat Aliens
*Total Re-Carl
*Kidney Car
*Revenge of the Trees
*The Cloning
*The Dressing
*The Cubing
*The Last One
*The Clowning
*Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
*The Shaving

;Special Features
*Audio commentary:
**Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
**The Shaving
**The Clowning
**The Last One
*Deleted scenes:
**Dr. Weird's Ice Cream Social
**Alternative ending for "The Clowning"
*Photo gallery
*Promotional spots
*Documentary on the making of "The Cloning"
*Character answering machine messages
*Music videos and karaoke for "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary"

Volume Four

This two-disc boxset includes the thirteen episodes from in their original order. It was released on Region 1 DVD and UMD on December 6 2005, and is also available for purchase on iTunes and Xbox 360 Video Marketplace.

By way of an internal gag, selecting 'Play All' on the menu screen literally causes all of the episodes on the two DVDs to play on the screen simultaneously. Note: Unremarkable Voyage and Mooninites 3:Remooned are in the wrong order when shown in the 'Play All' video. The opposite of the 'Play All' gag (on the first disk) is the 'Play None' gag (on the second disk). Selecting this option causes the screen to go black for an indefinite amount of time.Also at 10 minutes of every episode explosions are seen at play all (even if episodes have no explosions).

*Video Ouija
*Unremarkable Voyage
* (originally "Remooned")
*Gee Whiz
*Little Brittle
* (originally "Moon Master")
*Dusty Gozongas
*T-Shirt of the Living Dead
*Spacegate World (originally "Carl")

;Special features
*Audio commentary:
**Video Ouija
**Unremarkable Voyage
**Gee Whiz
**Little Brittle
**Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning
**Dusty Gozongas
**Spacegate World
*Alternative audio tracks:
**Mooninites 3: Remooned
**T-shirt of the Living Dead
*Funny Pete Stuff
*San Diego Must Be Destroyed 2004
*The Faces in Front of the Throats that Make the Voices that Speak into the Microphone
*Send us money for this

Volume Five

Volume Five was released on January 29, 2008. The collection was released in the summer of 2007 onto online stores iTunes and Xbox Live Marketplace. The 22 minute episode Deleted Scenes is on this DVD in two parts and it also appears on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters DVD. The DVD version of Volume Five contains 14 episodes and features the uncensored version of Dickesode.cite web | title = Will Your Christmas Feast Consist of a Meatball, Fries and a Shake? | url = | publisher = | date = 2007-09-05 | accessdate = 2007-09-13] cite web | title = D*C 2007: ATHF Vol 5 on 12/4 | url = | publisher = Aqua Teen Central | date = 2007-09-06 | accessdate = 2007-09-13]

*Boost Mobile
*Dickesode (censored and uncensored)
*Party All the Time
*Global Grilling
*Grim Reaper Gutters
*Bart Oates
*Carl Wash
*Deleted Scenes (listed as "Star Studded Xmas Spectacular" parts 1 and 2)

;Special featurescite web | title = Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 5 DVD | url = | publisher = | date = 2008-01-10 | accessdate = 2008-01-27]
*I Like Your Booty Music Video (iTunes Bonus)
*Aqua Teen responds to the critics
*Learn to Shred Like the Master
*Tera Patrick Eats a Hot Dog
*Granny Takes Her Top Off
*The Worst Game Ever (interactive DVD game)
*Chambraigne (Full episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast)
*ATHF:MFFT Premiere with Space Ghost
*Deleted Scenes
*Favorite Episode Promos
*Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro Am (video game trailer)

Volume Six

Volume Six has been confirmed for release on December 16, 2008 [ [ Aqua Teen Hunger Force - 6th Volume of [adult swim] 's "ATHF" Coming to DVD!] ] .


The set will contain all 9 episodes of the fifth season, along with 4 additional episodes that have yet to air on Adult Swim.
*Robots Everywhere
*Hoppy Bunny
*Laser Lenses
*Couples Skate
*Dummy Love
*The Marines
*Bible Fruit
*Gene E. (unaired)
*Shake Like Me (unaired)
*She Creature (unaired)
*Chick Magnet (unaired)

"'Special Features"' [ [|Dragoncon ATHF Announcements] ]
*All Carl's sports blogs (to date).
*15-minute "short" Terrorphone starring Dana Snyder and Carey Means.
*All comedy bits/outtakes from the ATHF video game.
*"Weird" 3D video game cinematics from Russia.


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*List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes

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