Red Laser

Red Laser

Red Laser is an Action Force action figure and comic book character. He is a Red Shadow and the gunner of the Laser Exterminator.


According to his "Battle Action Force" depiction, Red Laser is a former-member of a Japanese terrorist organisation and:

"Has a high level of technical experience. Formerly a student of Laser Technology at Tokyo University, was corrupted by dreams of power shown to him by Baron Ironblood. Has developed Laser Exterminator into the most deadly weapon in the enemy armoury."

In addition, Red Laser is described as "totally corrupt", and "brainwashed by Baron Ironblood to accept the slightest command from him".

Action figure

As an action figure Red Laser was supplied with a black pistol which could clipped onto his back. The figure distributed in Europe is a repaint of the GI Joe Cobra Commander.

Role in the transition to Cobra

Red Laser is one of a handful of Red Shadow characters incorporated into the storyline that accompanied the transition to Cobra in the mid 1980s. The change in direction saw a storyline [ [ World Enemy No. 1] storyline courtesy of [ Blood for the Baron!] ] where Ironblood betrays the Red Shadows, leaking information about their bases and intentions to the UN. As the Shadows are wiped out, Ironblood goes into hiding and constructs a new identity for himself, becoming Cobra Commander, and creating Cobra as a new enemy force.

Subsequently, Red Laser (who is shown without his face mask/helmet [ [ Red Shadows Revenge!] storyline courtesy of [ Blood for the Baron!] ] ) together with the Black Major and Red Vulture (in a separate storyline Red Jackal seeks his own revenge) goes in search of Ironblood to seek revenge for the betrayal of the Red Shadows. However he is unable to get near to his former leader and exits the series having rescued the Black Major with Red Vulture. He never features again in "Battle Action Force".


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