List of Ape Escape characters

List of Ape Escape characters

There are a variety of unique characters in the Ape Escape series. From Ape Escape 2 onwards, the UK versions of the games feature Japanese names. The American versions of the games have one set of new English names, while the UK version of Ape Escape one has its own set of English names. All of these characters have been created by Sony Computer Entertainment. The voices for Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed are uncredited.


Main Heroes

The following characters have starred in at least one of the many games in the Ape Escape series. The American games use one set of new English names, and the UK version of Ape Escape uses another set of English names while the Japanese games and UK games following Ape Escape 2 use the Japanese names. There are also other names that were used for characters in the UK version of the first Ape Escape.


Japanese Voices: Fujiko Takimoto (games) Shizuka Ishikawa (anime)
American Voices: Scott McGregor (AE1), Dan Green (AE2), Barbara Goodson (P+P), Richard Steven Horvitz (AE: OTL)
UK Voices: Richard Pearce (AE2), Mark Silk (AE: OTL)

Kakeru (カケル?, Spike in American versions and the British Ape Escape) is the main character of Ape Escape, Ape Escape Million Monkeys and Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, makes an appearance in Ape Escape 2, has a cameo in Ape Escape 3 and is one of the characters in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed. He also appears as the lead character in the anime Sarusaru Getchu. He is the First member and Leader of Team Spike.


Japanese Voices: Kazue Ikura (games) Junko Minagawa (anime)
American Voices: Peter Bayham (AE1), Derek Stephen Prince (P+P), Joshua Seth (AE: OTL)
UK Voices: Mark Silk (AE: OTL)

Hiroki (ヒロキ?, Known as Jake in the American games and as Buzz in AE1 UK) is Spike's best friend, and usually his biggest rival. He's often unwillingly controlled by Specter ("completely reborn," says Specter). He was supposed to be in the storyline for Ape Escape Million Monkeys, but the cutscene where Team Spike or Specter encounters him was removed from the game according to the official Ape Escape Million Monkeys website. Instead he is a playable character in Coliseum Mode and Multiplayer mode. In the anime series, He is the son of a rich family and has a huge crush on Natsumi. He carries a picture of her with him and dreams about her nearly every time. He ultimately did a lot of heroic things in the anime to save Natsumi, when he saved Natsumi from the evil gone crazy Pink Monkey in Episode 36 Season 2 (protecting Natsumi from behind, and let Pink Monkey hit him instead). Hiroki will do anything to win Natsumi's heart.


Japanese Voices: Jōji Yanami (games), Hideyuki Umezu (anime)
American Voices: Michael Sousa (AE1), Jay Snyder (AE2), Simon Prescott (P+P), Phil Proctor (AE: OTL+3), Eric Bauza (cartoon)
UK Voices: Johnathan Keeble (AE2+3, AE: OTL)

The Professor (ハカセ Hakase?) is Natsumi's grandfather and the inventor of the Peak Point Helmets (also known as Pipo Helmets). He is a good man at heart, though he can be a little distracted at times. He handles things in the lab and creates gadgets for Kakeru to use. He appears in Ape Escape, Ape Escape 2, has a cameo in Ape Escape 3, is one of the characters in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed and appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys. In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, he has been captured by White Monkey. He also appears in the anime and Frederator cartoon. In Ape Escape (1999), his name is revealed to be Dr. Ozel in the training rooms, but the Ape Escape cast call him Professor in both the Japanese and English versions of the game.


Japanese Voices: Tomoko Kawakami
American Voices: Christiane Crawford (AE1), Rachael Lillis (AE2), Amber Hood (AE3, AE: OTL), Wendee Lee (P+P), Annie Mumolo (cartoon)
UK Voices: Rachel Preece (AE2+3), Maria Darling (AE: OTL)

Natsumi (ナツミ?, known as Natalie in the American games and as Katie in AE1 UK) Professor's Granddaughter. Helps keep the lab in shape and makes sure that the Pipo Monkeys get caught. She is 14 years old in the first game and 16 in later games. She is the inventor of the new Pipo helmet that can let Kakeru and his friends control the monkeys by placing it on the regular Pipo Helmet. She can be very short tempered, once getting angry at Kakeru when he didn't rescue her as quickly as she wanted. She appears in Ape Escape, Ape Escape 2, Ape Escape 3, Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, Ape Escape Million Monkeys and Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission where she gets shrunk alongside Spike by Specter. She also appears in the anime and Frederator cartoon. She is the Third member of Team Spike.


Japanese Voices: Motoko Kumai (AE2), Kumiko Higa (SSBM)
American Voices: Veronica Taylor (AE2, uncredited), Annie Mumolo (cartoon)
UK Voices: David Holt (AE2)

Hikaru (ヒカル?, Jimmy in the American games) is Spike's cousin. Accidentally started off the events in Ape Escape 2 when he inadvertently caused a number of Pipo helmets to teleported to the Monkey Park. He is one year younger than Spike. It was stated in a page of PlayStation magazine that his dream was to become a true hero. Like Kakeru, he is kind, brave, persistent, and simple-minded. Natsumi put him in the line to catch the monkeys, and he did so, going through quite a lot of fights. He has a little pet friend named Pipotchi. He appeared in a series of 3D-animated shorts called Rechu Getchu SaruGetChu, which was dubbed by Nicktoons later on.[citation needed] Jimmy also appeared in the short movie: Battle for the Golden Pipo Helm which was shown in theaters along with Beyblade The Movie in Summer 2002. He is the only character that wears a bandage on his nose. He is also probably the character that received the most work on, as of the Ape Escape cast members. He makes a cameo in Ape Escape 3 and returns in Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission as prisoner of Red Monkey that Kakeru and Natsumi must save.


Voiced by: Junko Takeuchi (Japanese), Hope Levy (American), Richard Pearce (UK)

Satoru (サトル?, Kei in the American games) is the male star of Ape Escape 3. He is a typical overconfident hothead, and he wants to stop Specter because it sounds like fun. He is also Sayaka's brother. It is assumed they are twins as they are in the same grade. In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission he appeared as one of the hostage of Yellow Monkey, but Specter doll disguise itself and bring these microchips from Kakeru and Natsumi and hostage of Pink Monkey alongside of his sister Sayaka that Kakeru and Natsumi must rescue. There is a disambiguation page for him.


Voiced by: Ai Nonaka (Japanese), Anndi McAfee (American), Maria Darling (UK)

Sayaka (サヤカ?, Yumi in the American games) is the female star of Ape Escape 3, Sayaka is a pop star in training, and wants to save the world because she believes TV should not be used for evil. She is Satoru's sister. In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, she is a hostage of Pink Monkey (possibly to do with their rivalry in Ape Escape 3) alongside of her brother Satoru. Some of the monkeys are her fans and upon seeing her will go star struck by sitting on the ground with hearts in their eyes allowing easy capture.


Japanese Voice: Tomoe Hanba
American Voices: Sandy Fox (P+P)

Haruka (ハルカ?, Helga in the American games) first appeared in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed and heroine of the series. Her father is a friend of the Professor. she is the Hi-Tech Tournament last Champion and she has a dark past. She is also a mech genius and Robot Battle Champion. In the anime, she was seen wearing her Ape Escape Million Monkeys attire and starts to have a crush on Kakeru in Episode 6 on Season 2. She is voiced by Sandy Fox (uncredited) in the American version of Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed. Helga is a nice person, kind and helpful, but sometimes it'll be hard if she is angry. She actually like Spike as well. She is the Fifth member of Team Spike.

Supporting Heroes

The following characters have never had a major role, but are still helpful to the heroes of the series. Some of these characters starred in minigames, or a spin-off, but are still somewhat less important than the above characters.


Japanese Voices: Tomoko Kawakami (games) Rina Satou (anime)
American Voices: Peggy Small (AE1), Amanda Winn Lee (P+P), Jennifer Hale (AE: OTL)
UK Voices: Maria Darling (AE: OTL)

Charu (チャル?, Casi in the American games) is a computer program that takes the form of a human girl and she is also a virtual girl. Works at the Professor's lab, and helped Kakeru travel through time on his first adventure. In P&P, she appears as a playable character, and in Ape Escape 2, the player can unlock 4 beginning sketches of her, speculating that she was originally going to be in Ape Escape 2. She does not appear in Ape Escape 3. She is now an android in the games and anime. In the anime, she wears her attire from Ape Escape Million Monkeys and through and throughout Season 1, but she then wears a formal stewardess suit throughout Season 2. The name "Charu" originates from the word 'bacharu', a wasei-eigo of 'virtual'. She is the Fourth member of Team Spike.


Voiced by: Omi Minami (Japanese), Tara Sands (American), David Holt (UK)

Pipotchi (ピポッチ?) is Hikaru's pet Pipo Monkey. He wears a special Monkey Helmet, designed so that he remains calm and friendly instead of turning evil. The technology from the helmet was used for the Lethargy Laser so that Specter could happily take over as he pleased. Fortunately, Hikaru stopped it in time. He talks by saying Pipo which is the first part of his name. In Ape Escape 2, Pipotchi provides assistance to Hikaru by carrying him if he's short on a jump, and provides him with a cookie if he runs out of health. Pipotchi's name is a portmanteau of two words (Piposaru and the Japanese word "tomodatchi" meaning "friend"), that combine to create the phrase "friendly monkey helmet".


Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Julie Nathanson (American), Maria Darling (UK)

Akie (アキエ?, Aki in the American games) is Sayaka and Satoru's aunt. She made her first appearance in Ape Escape 3. She, the Professor and Dr. Tomuki used to be partners in lab experiments. In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, she is the hostage of Blue Monkey.

Pipo Snake

Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese), Peter Lurie (English)

Starred in the Ape Escape 3 mini-game "Mesal Gear Solid: Snake Escape". Pipo Snake (ピポスネーク Pipo Sunēku?) has all of the skills Solid Snake has shown in his various missions and also resembles him. Peter Lurie also voices Solid Snake in the English versions instead of David Hayter.


Touko is one of the player's friends in PlayStation Move Ape Escape, who wears a bandana on her head.


Tsukushi (ツクシ?) is another one of the player's friends in PlayStation Move Ape Escape who has orange hair.

Major Villains

The following characters have been a major boss in at least one of the many games in the Ape Escape series.


Japanese Voices: Chika Sakamoto
American Voices: Pete Burrows (AE1), Greg Abbey (AE2), Charlie Schlatter (AE3+Academy), Crispin Freeman (P+P), Dee Bradley Baker (AE: OTL), Greg Ellis (cartoon)
UK Voices: Marc Silk (AE2+3, AE: OTL) Arenas:

  • Peak Point Matix (Space)
  • Moon Base
  • Chop Rocket
  • Moon Arc Colony

Specter is a white albino monkey who was a preformer at Monkey Park. When the professor, built a prototype monkey helmet and lost it, Specter in curiosity put it on making him evil and smart freed his fellow monkeys and hijacked the lab. When Spike and Jake arrived, they got sucked in the time machine, (main cause of levitation + and snowtendo) which gave Specter lightning power. He built a repulse lift chair and revealed he could speak human language however he brainwashed Hiroki. Kakeru defeated specter and returned Hiroki to normal. Years later, Specter did the same thing again and constructed the fm5; however, Hikaru stopped Specter.

Specter is a fast and smart monkey, who in most games is a horrid and swearing with no mercy. In Ape Escape 3, he often uses a monkey themed robot and his throne and normally wears red pants and a black shredded cape.

The Freaky Monkey Five

Specter's top monkey warriors. Each of them has a very high intelligence (but not as high as Specter's) with their own personal quirks and traits. They are a parody of the Power Rangers/Super Sentai series.

Blue Monkey

Japanese Voices: Takahiro Sakurai (games), Tokuyoshi Kawashima (anime)
American Voices: Greg Abbey (AE2), Michael Gough (AE3+Academy)
UK Voices: Richard Pearce (AE2+Academy), Simon Greenall (AE3)

  • AE 2: Unicyclist
  • AE 3: Cowboy
  • AE Anime/SS Big Mission: Indiana Jones Like

Blue Monkey (ウッキーブルー Ukī Burū?) is a character from the Ape Escape (series) and a member of the Freaky Monkey Five. He makes his appearance in Ape Escape 2 as the first FMF member you fight. In Ape Escape 3, he is the second. He makes a cameo in P&P as a fan of the player if the player wins the Hoops 1 challenge, and gives the plaer a free outfit. He also stars in the anime wearing a Western outfit with a bag on his shoulder. It is theorized that-as shown in Ape Escape 2, his only powers involve speed and the use of an energy ring (which he uses to attack Hikaru and is not shown again in Ape Escape 3). The only particularly outstanding natural quality about him is his intelligence, which is a cut above most monkeys. Being a member of the FMF though, this is normal. Blue Monkey rides around on a motorized unicycle, which is extremely fast, and defeating him requires usage of the Super Hoop. In Ape Escape 3, it is revealed that Blue Monkey has a crush on Pink Monkey, as he carries around her picture with him at all times. In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, he developed feelings for Aki. In the anime, his new attire recycles some parts from his Ape Escape 3 attire. He has a whip as a weapon, and he is the only character in the anime to speak English and other languages, more than just Japanese. (In Ape Escape Academy and in the series, his name is Ukki Blue). Blue Monkey has a close resemblance to Indiana Jones in the anime, and there were scenes in the anime episodes that resemble some scenes from the Indiana Jones Movie. In rank of strength, Blue Monkey is the fourth strongest in his group, only beating White Monkey. However, his speed helps him to keep up a higher level of difficulty.

Pink Monkey

Japanese Voices: Miyuki Matsushita (games) Tomoe Hanba (anime)
American Voices: Kathleen McInerney (AE2), Debi Derryberry (AE3+Academy), Anndi McAfee (AE3 singing voice)
UK Voices: Rachel Preece (AE2+3)

  • AE 2: Tropical Singer
  • AE 3: Genie Like Singer
  • AE Anime/SS Big Mission: Toddler/Child

Pink Monkey (ウッキーピンク Ukī Pinku?) is the only girl in the Freaky Monkey 5, and the first female villain in the Ape Escape (series). She has a tendency to go berserk when she doesn't get her way. She is a pop star in both Ape Escape 2 and 3, but she has tone deaf in the anime. In 2, when she sees Hikaru, she takes him as a fan member, and sings her new song,” Escape the Ape in You!!" which can be heard in the video section of the Entertainment Center until Hikaru whacks her. She begins to sob, which makes Hikaru sympathetic for her, until she initiates her dark side, “Dark" Pink Monkey which resembles Super Sonic by the hair. In Ape Escape 2, she is the only main villain to have two sections in her battle (not including Specter). She reappears in P&P as a fan and a Monkey Summon, and reprises her role as a Freaky Monkey Five member in Ape Escape 3, in which it's revealed that she hates Yellow. She stars in the Ape Escape anime wearing a dress and she is the shortest of the Freaky Monkey Five. She has a special wand that can change male clothes into female clothes, as well as give the wearer feminine mannerisms (As evidenced in episode 26 in series 2; shown by the way Kakeru moves his hands). Pink then embarrasses them by forcing them to pose girlishly then taking pictures of them with a camera, as she did to Kakeru. She also goes berserk in the anime, and takes down anyone who stands in Specter's way. (In Ape Escape Academy and in the series, her name is Ukki Pink). In rank of strength, she is actually second when compared to the other members. She has plenty of attacks, ranging from energy beams to flames shooting from her hand to force fields and levitation. She could easily be the first with Red, but still has more weakness than Red does.

Red Monkey

Japanese Voices: Daisuke Gōri (games), Hideyuki Umezu (anime)
American Voices: Greg Abbey (AE2), Gregg Berger (AE3+Academy)
UK Voices: Jonathan Keeble (AE2+3, Academy)

  • AE 2: Wrestler
  • AE 3: Martial Artist
  • AE Anime/SS Big Mission: Astronaut Like

Red Monkey (ウッキーレッド Ukī Reddo?) is the strongest member of the Freaky Monkey 5. He knows various fighting techniques, but it isn't hard to beat him in any of them. Marking his first appearance in Ape Escape 2, he kidnaps Pipotchi for the Lethargy Laser. Hikaru pursued him to a dinosaur - filled island, and fought him. Due to strength of heart and coordination, Hikaru had conquered the final member of the FMF. He reappears in AE3 as a karate master, and is a fan you in P&P. He also appears as a summon. In Ape Escape Academy, he teaches the monkeys. In the anime series, he is wearing a jetpack, wearing his eyes vision goggles, and wears a weird red coat, which looks like it is from Trigun. As previously mentioned, Red Monkey's powers include super strength and speaking (as is for all members of the FMF). He also is proficient in many types of fighting, and can use flatulence to stun his foes. (In Ape Escape Academy, his name is Ukki Red). In rank of strength (meaning not just physical strength), he is still first but could easily become second to Pink Monkey. His physique allows him to easily strike at an opponent and he has plenty of moves ranging from martial arts to wrestling and boxing.

White Monkey

Japanese Voices: Kenichi Ogata (AE2+3), Tomohiro Nishimura (anime)
American Voices: Gary Littman (AE2), Phil Proctor (AE3+Academy)
UK Voices: Marc Silk (AE2+3 & Academy)

  • AE 2: Mecha Jimmy
  • AE 3: White Dragon
  • AE Anime/SS Big Mission: White Monkeyhead w/ Mecha Tail

White Monkey (ウッキーホワイト Ukī Howaito?) is the most intelligent member of the Freaky Monkey 5. He can build various robots, such as Mecha Hikaru and the White Dragon, that usually have at least one major weak spot. In 2, White Monkey gets his hands on Hikaru's data, and creates Mecha Jimmy/Hikaru, unto which White could control. However, Hikaru had managed to defeat Specter, & White foreshadows about their plan about Pipotchi's abduction and the "Lethargy Laser". He makes a cameo appearance as a fan in P&P, and returned as an FMF member in 3. However, instead of being the fourth to fight, he is the first. In Ape Escape anime, he is seen wearing all white, he has two springy cones on his head, and he rides on a flying saucer. He also has a special ray gun that can stop time. (In Ape Escape Academy, his name is Ukki White). In rank of strength, White Monkey is last.

Yellow Monkey

Japanese Voices: Shouto Kashii (games), Takuma Suzuki (anime)
American Voices: Jimmy Zoppi (AE2), Steve Blum (AE3+Academy)
UK Voices: David Holt (AE2+3 & Academy)

  • AE 2: Sumo Wreslter
  • AE 3: Ninja
  • AE Anime/SS Big Missin: Chef

Monkey Yellow (ウッキーイエロー Ukī Ierō?) is the extremely fat, as well as disturbing, member of the Freaky Monkey 5. He first appeared in Ape Escape 2. When he eats more Vita-Z bananas than he's supposed to, he can grow to sizes equal to that of a skyscraper's. When he did, Hikaru had to fight him by waiting for him to do a rush attack, then hitting him with the stun club. In P&P, he is referred through a fan letter, saying that he needs false teeth. He reappears in AE3 as a ninja, reprising his role as a Freaky Monkey Five member. In the Ape Escape anime, he is wearing as a chef and carries a giant fork with him. (This could be a reference to Final Fantasy IX's Quina Quen, a genderless creature much like Yellow Monkey a male who would love to be female).

Yellow Monkey is very strong, though nowhere near as strong as Red Monkey, and despite his size and build he is actually very swift. Yellow Monkey is one of the most interesting members of the FMF, as he is the only member whose body color is the same as in his name (excluding Pink and White) and his physical appearance has been changed so much that he's barely even noticeable as a monkey. This may be in part due to Vita-Z bananas, which seem to have increased his size greatly. This is revealed when you defeat his giant form in the second game, and he is shrunk to the point where he's almost smaller than Pipotchi. Though it's revealed that Yellow Monkey is a male, it should be noted that he has an extremely feminine voice. In Ape Escape Academy, his name is Ukki Yellow. In rank of strength, Yellow Monkey lies within the range of third strongest. His different styles of fighting help keep a battle going, but he doesn't have as many attacks as Pink or Red.

The Pipotrons

Pipotron G

Japanese Voices: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Shinichi Namiki (anime)

The biggest of the group. Pipotron G's species is a Gorilla. He saved Natsumi and Charu from the falling ceiling in Ape Escape Million Monkeys. According to the official Japanese site for Ape Escape Million Monkeys, they stated that there was supposed to be a cutscene where G gets rescued but it never made it into the game. The cutscene could have explained why G was able to be in the High Tech Tournament in Coliseum Mode.

Pipotron J

Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma

The main villain of Ape Escape ~On Air~ Anime Season 1, He had wanted Specter's DNA for creating Biological weapons (which may explain why mutants appear, In Ape Escape Million Monkeys). He is the leader of the new species of Pipotrons created by a mad scientist who's greed over Haruka's father's disc. Pipotron J's species of primate is the Ring-tailed lemur. He's already alive, but is unknown if he will appear in future games.

Pipotron Kuratsuku

Japanese Voices: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Takuya Kirimoto (anime)

A Pipotron that has long arms and is a Computer maniac. He created Virus Charu to stop Kakeru or Specter to get the Grid Core. Pipotron Kuratsuku's species is the lar gibbon according to the official Japanese Ape Escape Million Monkeys website.

Pipotron Meta

Japanese Voices: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Umeda Kikumi (anime)

Pipotron Meta is a Pipotron that can turn into anything. Pipotron Meta's species is a Tarsier according to the official Japanese website for Ape Escape Million Monkeys. In the anime, he almost always says "Gari" at the end of his sentences.

Pipotron Red, Blue, and Yellow

Japanese Voices: Taiten Kusunoki (games), Tomohiro Nishimura (Pipotron Red), Takuma Suzuki (Pipotron Blue) and Fushigi Yamada (Pipotron Yellow) (anime)
American Voices: Gregg Berger (Pipotron Red), Michael Gough (Pipotron Blue) and Steven Blum (Pipotron Yellow) (Ape Escape Academy)

The three original Pipotrons. Premiered in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed. None of them can speak coherent English or any other language. In the TV series, Pipotrons can speak Japanese, except Pipotron Yellow, who can only say "Pipo". In Ape Escape 3, they are obtainable through a password and can be caught.

Dark Hiroki

Dark Hiroki (Dark Jake in U.S. versions) himself when he controlled by the power of the disk, in Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed. If you collect all the presents for one character, he will become playable in only VS mode. He has stronger attack power than all the other characters, and like his normal form, his moveset is like Kakeru. He is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince in Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed.

Dark Specter

Dark Specter is Specter himself when powered by the disk. He is like an inverse of himself: his fur is black instead of white, and his pants are grey. On the linings of Specter's spiky hair it is red instead of blue. And his skin color is replaced by red instead of his original skin.

Dr. Tomoki

Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Nolan North (American), Keith Wickham (UK)

Dr. Tomoki (Dr. トモウキ Dokutā Tomouki?) is Specter's partner in crime during Ape Escape 3. Due to a science experiment gone wrong a few years before the series began, Tomoki wears a Pipo Helmet underneath a giant yellow afro wig. After defeated by Sayaka and Satoru, Specter finds out and ridicules him. As a result, Tomoki switches his allegiance to Sayaka and Satoru.

Virus Charu

Created by Kuratsuku. Virus Charu (Virus Casi) is not Charu herself. She is the 2nd Ape Escape female villain throughout the series besides Pink Monkey.

Mother Tentacles/Tentakuru & Burobu/Burobukoa

2 Major Mutants that appear on Ape Escape Million Monkeys. By one side, Mother Tentacle/Tentakuru is the Major Mutant Of the Tentacle/Tentakurus, was defeated byKakeru or Specter, Her special Attacks are shooting Slime pellets From her tentacles, as like The Hyper Ray attack. Her minor creatures, the Tentakurus are similar to her, but they can not shoot a Hyper ray like her mother.

By another side, Burobu/Burobukoa is the Major Mutant of the Burobus, Giant Burobus and last Boss from Ape Escape Million Monkeys, He can summon Baby Tentacle/Tentakurus, as like Baby Burobu/Burobukoa. His Special Attacks are Attacking with his claws charged in electricity, Summon Mutants, And a Giga Ray. He cannot be defeated unless if your character Haves the lethargy laser. His Minor creatures are the Baby Burobus and Giant Burobus, Amoeba-like creatures.

Pipotron Creator/Nazo

The human who created/resurrected both the Pipotron Trio and J's group a.k.a. the Super Pipotrons. He is also the one who hacked the Grid Core in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed. In the anime, he is the one who ordered J to give Specter a Monkey Helmet. In Ape Escape Million Monkeys, he uses Meta's transformation ability to pose as Specter and gain control the monkey army, however his plan backfires when he is betrayed by J after killing the other three Super Pipotrons. It is implied that he died when the battleship shot by the laser turret crashed, but like Pipotron J there is a reasonable amount of questionability behind his death.

Grid Core

The Grid Core is a Computer Virus that wants dominate the Virtual World and the Virtual Space. It resembles MCP From TRON, and Andross in the SNES Star Fox game. He appears in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed and is voiced by Beau Billingslea (uncredited) in the American version.

The Other Monkeys

These Monkeys have never been a major enemy, but are still unhelpful to the heroes of the series.

Pipo Monkeys

American Voices: Eric Bauza (cartoon)
Japanese Voices: Fushigi Yamada, Kikumi Umeda, Shinichi Namiki (anime)

Pipo Monkeys (ピポサル Piposaru?) is the generic term for the regular monkeys that are caught by Spike, Jimmy, or any other character with a net. They are named after the Peak Point helmets they wear ('Pipo' being an abbreviation of 'Peak Point'). Their personality, behaviour and skills can often be determined by the colour of their pants. There are 7 types of Pipo Monkeys: yellow, light blue, blue, black, white, green and red. Sometimes, they are described as unknown, if they are wearing something that is not a pair of coloured shorts, making them stand out. Examples include Pipo Monkeys wearing Super hero costumes. Sometimes they could be playable. In the games, they make various monkey noises, while in the anime and cartoon series, they frequently use the word, 'uki' (ウキ?), the Japanese word for 'ook'. They also feature in Metal Gear Solid 3 in a mode called 'Snake vs Ape'.

Spork, Shimmy, Dark Master, Ape Ratchet, etc.

In Ape Escape 3, after completing the main game, players were able to purchase secret codes from the game's stores. Although these monkeys are like Pipo Monkeys in almost every way, their uniqueness deserves a separate entry. The monkeys listed in the title are monkeys that parody characters established in Sony's published works. While Spork and Shimmy parody the previous heroes Kakeru and Hikaru in the Ape Escape franchise, Dark Master and Ape Ratchet parody the Dark Genie or Seda and Ratchet from Dark Cloud and Ratchet and Clank. A monkey with Spike's appearance also appears in the anime, who acts like Spike and uses a net that turns anything caught in it into stone.

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