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Cowboy U
Cowboy U
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Format Reality
Developed by Triage Inc., CMT Productions
Starring Rocco Wachman (Instructor)
Judd Leffew (Wrangler)
Country of origin United States
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel CMT
Original run August 29, 2003 – 2007
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Cowboy U was an American reality television series that aired on CMT from 2003 to 2007. The show premiered on August 29, 2003. Each season, eight "city slickers" were brought to a ranch and competed to win the final rodeo and $25,000.




The show has several weeks of contests (called "boot camp") to determine who will go to the final rodeo, and who will be going home. Recurring competitions throughout the series include the seven rings of fire, calf scrambling, cow dodging, firearm competitions, steer wrestling, driving a horse and wagon, buckboard wagon shooting, pig chasing, barrel racing, wild cow riding, bull riding, and various eating contests that (most recently) have included Rocky Mountain Oysters.


At the campfire, Rocco announces who has worked the hardest over the past few days and announces the reward. The winner gets a special reward, like a warm bubble bath, instead of the daily cold showers.


Once during each season, Rocco will show up at the bunkhouse and ask the contestants to decide who has done the least over the past few days. After they decide, the unlucky person has to do a special chore, like shoveling out horse barns.


Every few days at the campfire, someone who is just not getting the job done is eliminated. They say goodbye to the other contestants, get their stuff loaded on the back of a truck, and they leave the ranch. Only four of the contestants not eliminated get to participate in the rodeo and have a chance at winning all-around cowboy and walk away with a check for $25,000.

Trail Ride

After boot camp, the city slickers go out on the trail for a two-day ride to gather cattle and bring them back to the ranch. Everyone works hard to escape the final elimination and make it to the next day's rodeo.

Rodeo day

Rodeo day is finally here, and the city slickers will put all they've learned at Cowboy U to the test. They will compete in barrel racing, steer wrestling, wagon racing and shooting and bull riding. One person will be named the all-around cowboy and walk away with a check for $25,000.

Cowboy U: 2003

Cowboy U: 2003[1]
Location: Arizona
Premiered: August 29, 2003
Season Number: One

Season 1 Contestants

Status Name Sex Hometown Day Job Week Eliminated
Dotan Baer M Jerusalem, Israel Commodities broker
Justin Rae Barnes F Lake Tahoe, Nevada Waitress/Writer
Jason Ebs M Camden, New Jersey Musician
Winner Drea Gunness F upstate New Hampshire Fitness instructor
Marc Heber M Agoura Hills, California Sales executive
Chelsea McElroy F Portland, Oregon Boutique owner

Cowboy U: 2004

Cowboy U: 2004
Location: California
Season Number: Two

Season 2 Contestants

Status Name Sex Hometown Day Job Week Eliminated
Dani Armstrong F Highland, Michigan Singer/dancer
Winner David Bauman M Burlington, Wisconsin Children's book author
Megumi Hosogai F Honolulu, Hawaii Restaurant hostess voluntarily quit
Brandie Lyons F Visalia, Calif Registered nurse
Frank Prather M Bethesda, Md Software salesman
Amir Raziq M St. Louis, Missouri Salesman
Chris Shurley M Gainseville, Florida Marketing director
Elli Wooten F Key West, Florida Flight attendant

Cowboy U: Moloka'i (2004)

Cowboy U: Moloka'i
Premiered: November 19, 2004
Season Number: Three

Season 3 Contestants

There were ten contestants competing in Cowboy U Season 3.[2] The ten contestants were composed of five couples teams.

Status Names Hometown Day Job Week Eliminated
Winner Eric Rojas and Yancy Mendia Eric (Fireman), Yancy (Secretary)
Rodeo Eric Dunn and Tiffany DeClark
Rodeo Lance and Vicky
' Bill and Annette
' Tom and Sandra

Cowboy U: Texas (2005)

Cowboy U: Texas
Premiered: July 1, 2005
Season Number: Four

Season 4 Contestants

Status Name Sex Hometown Day Job Week Eliminated
Winner Sal Williams M Los Angeles, California Music Director N/A
Eliminated Candice Fields F Sacramento, California Lawyer
Eliminated Brian Simpson M Lakeland, Florida Artist
Rodeo Corey M Westwood, California Personal Trainer
Eliminated Fawn F Los Angeles, California Fashion Merchandiser
Eliminated George M Oviedo, Florida Salesman
Rodeo Rachel F New York, New York Ballet Teacher
Rodeo Tera F Santa Monica, California Graphic Designer

Cowboy U: Oklahoma (2006)

Cowboy U: Oklahoma
Premiered: January 6, 2006
Season Number: Five

Season 5 Contestants

Status Name Sex Hometown Day Job Placing in competition
Winner Joe McEachern M Dorchester,Massachusetts Technical Director 1st
Rodeo Dan M Promotions Director 2nd
Rodeo Gina DeFreitas F Office manager 3rd
Rodeo Trish F Fashion Sales Rep 4th
Eliminated Anthony Siniscalco M Hair Stylist 5th
Eliminated Kalia M Bartender 6th
Eliminated Kimberlie F Life Coach 7th
Eliminated Ryan M 8th

Cowboy U: Colorado (2007)

Cowboy U: Colorado
Premiered: January 12, 2007
Season Number: Six

Season 6 contestants

Status Name Sex Hometown Day Job Placing in competition
Winner Malcolm Williams M Park Forest, Illinois Freelance graphic artist 1st
Rodeo Bobby Chesney M Baltimore, Maryland Assistant College football Coach at Johns Hopkins University 2nd
Rodeo Rich Kreps M Hanford, California Restaurateur 3rd
Rodeo Candace F Lansdale, Pennsylvania Stay at home mom 4th
Eliminated Katie F Los Angeles, California Fifth grade teacher 5th
Eliminated Cosmo Fattizzo M South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Unemployed 6th
Eliminated Sarah F Sugerical Coordinator 7th
Eliminated Farrah F Dallas, Texas Sells residential Real estate Last (Voluntarily quit competition)


Cowboy U has received some criticism, mainly for being, to some, sexist. Critics said that the women are portrayed as "materialistic and prissy". The critics also said that the women are depicted differently in the competition than the men are, along with focusing on animal rights issues, and the fact that there aren't many female ranch hands on the show.[3]

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