Foreign body response

Foreign body response

The foreign-body response is a reaction of biological tissue to any foreign material in the tissue. Tissue-encapsulation of an implant is part of this. An infection around a splinter is part of this, too. ["Biomaterials Science" Second edition, Ratner et al. Pp. 296-304]

The presence of the implant changes the healing response, and this is called the foreign-body reaction (FBR). FBR consits of: protein adsorption, macrophages, multinucleated foreign body giant cells (macrophage fusion), fibroblasts, and angiogenesis.

It can be caused by beryllium.cite journal |author=Haley PJ |title=Mechanisms of granulomatous lung disease from inhaled beryllium: the role of antigenicity in granuloma formation |journal=Toxicologic pathology |volume=19 |issue=4 Pt 1 |pages=514–25 |year=1991 |pmid=1813991 |doi=]


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