Hose (tubing)

Hose (tubing)

A hose is a hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another. Hoses are also sometimes called tube or "pipes" (the word "pipe" usually refers to a rigid tube, whereas a hose is usually a flexible one), or more generally "tubing". The shape of a hose is usually cylindrical (having a circular cross section).

Hose design is based on a combination of application and performance. Common factors are Size, Pressure Rating, Weight, Length, Straight hose or Coilhose and Chemical Compatabiltiy.

Hoses are made from one or a combination of many different materials. Applications mostly use nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, or synthetic or natural rubbers, based on the environment and pressure rating needed. In recent years, hoses can also be manufactured from special grades of polyethylene (LDPE and especially LLDPE). Other hose materials include PTFE (Teflon), stainless steel and other metals.

Hoses can be used in water or other liquid environments or to convey air or other gases. Hoses are used to carry fluids through air or fluid environments, and they are typically used with clamps, spigots, flanges, and nozzles to control fluid flow.

Specific applications include the following:
* A garden hose is used to water plants in a garden or lawn, or to convey water to a sprinkler for the same purpose.
* A Tough Hose is used to water crops in agriculture for drip irrigation
* A fire hose is used by firefighters to convey water to the site of a fire.
* Air hoses are used in underwater diving (e.g., scuba diving) to carry air from the surface or from air tanks. (See also Snorkeling.) Industrial uses for operating flexible machinery and worktable tooling sush as pneumatic screw drivers, grinders, staplers, etc.
* In building services, metal or plastic hoses are used to move water around a building; whilst air ducts are used to move air around (see air conditioning). They can also be used to take out vibration, and thermal or settlement movement.
* Automotive hoses are used in automobiles to move fluids around for use in cooling, lubrication, and/or hydraulics. Hoses are also used to convey pressure or vacuum signals to control circuits or gauges, as well as conveying vacuum to heating, cooling, brake, and/or locking systems.
* In chemistry and medicine, hoses (usually called "tubes") are used to move liquid chemicals or gases around.
* In business, to hose means to take someone's money.

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