Columella (disambiguation)

Columella (disambiguation)

Columella is Latin meaning "little coloumn". It may refer to:


  • Columella (gastropod), an anatomical feature of a coiled snail shell or gastropod shell
  • Columella (genus), a genus of land gastropods, in the family Vertiginidae
  • In mycology, the central sterile portion of the sporangium in various fungi
  • In human anatomy, Columella nasi, the fleshy external end of the nasal septum
  • Columella, a part of the auditory system of amphibians, reptiles and birds, corresponding to the stapes in mammals.
  • Columella (root), in plant anatomy, it is distinct tissue layer in the very tip of root tip. It is column of cells bellow quiescent centre (QC = stem cells in the growing tip of the root).

In culture

  • Columella; or, The Distressed Anchoret, a 1779 novel by Richard Graves
  • Columella (wine), a cult wine label by South African producer The Sadie Family

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