Four War Gods

Four War Gods

Infobox animanga character
name = The Four War Gods (Ryura, Jura, Gora, and Kyora)
series = InuYasha

caption =
first = Fire on the Mystic Island
last = Fire on the Mystic Island
creator = Rumiko Takahashi
voiced by = Nobutoshi Kanna (Ryura)
Tadahisa Saizen (Gora)
Takeshi Kusao (Jura)
Nobuo Tobita (Kyora) (Japanese)
Kristian Ayre (Ryura)
Ward Perry (Gora)
Jason Simpson (Jura)
Ted Cole (Kyora) (English)
alias = Unknown
age =
species = Yōkai
born = Unknown
relatives = Unknown
aux1 name = Weapon
aux1 = Wind Blade and Thunder Blade (Ryura)
Thunder Cannon (Jura)
and Crimson Fan (Kyora)

The Four War Gods are a group of yokai demons from the InuYasha anime. Their one and only appearance is in . They sought to regain the power they lost to the Priestess Kanade by sacrificing the hanyou children they possess on Horai Island. Their appearances and powers are based on the Four Gods of eastern myth.


Long ago, Horai Island was a haven for the hanyou population that lived there from being preyed on by other yokai demons. However, every 50 years, the barrier that kept the island hidden from ordinary space and time would break down, allowing demons from the mainland to attack. The Four War Gods were among these demons. They caused enormous bloodshed and in the end gained control over the island. However, despite their apparent victory, the priestess Kanade succeeded in sealing their respective power spheres in a sacred comb box that could only be broken by herself or a respective priestess, keeping the Gods away from their full power and in so doing allowed the hanyou population to have some peace. Unfortunately though, the Four War Gods discovered that by sacrificing hanyō individuals to a volcano called the Cauldron of Resinense on the island, they could regain a small portion of their power each time. To carry this out, they marked several hanyou children on the island with their crimson scar to keep them from leaving the island, in a sense sealing their fate.

InuYasha and Kikyo at one point tried to stop them, but failed in their mission. InuYasha was marked by Ryura with a crimson scar, and Gora sucked some of Kikyo's blood to be put to later use. Sesshomaru also tried to take on the Four War Gods, taking on Kyora after he killed Kujaku and Seiten, two demons that once served under Inu no Taishou. However, like InuYasha, Sesshomaru also received the crimson scar.

After saving a hanyou child named Asagi from the cauldron and receiving the comb box from the spirit of Kanade, InuYasha lost it to a doppelganger of Kikyo (made from the blood Gora stole) who stole the box and ended up opening it for the War Gods. With their true power returned, the Gods began going on a rampage, planning to wipe out the population on Horai Island before leaving. However, their arrogance ended up being their undoing as InuYasha and his friends defeated each of the four. After InuYasha and Kagome manage to finish off the Four War Gods in their combined form, the hanyou children were finally able to leave the island and live peaceful lives.


* Ryura anime voices|Nobutoshi Kanna|Kristian Ayre: Wields the Wind Blade and the Thunder Blade. The wind blade and thunder blade release lightning attacks and a barrier-like move. Aligned under the storm god of the eastern sea, the dragon Seiryu. Represents the element of wind. He is defeated by InuYasha. He is similar in appearance Herb from Ranma 1/2 as they both are assoiciated with Dragons and have similar attack styles.

* Gora anime voices|Tadahisa Saizen|Ward Perry:Gora is a giant turtle monster who shoots fireballs out of the holes in his shell as if it they were cannons. He also has a face on top of his head. He resurfaced with the other Four War Gods where he attacked Ai before fighting InuYasha's group. Aligned with the earth god of the poles (north), the turtle Genbu. He is destroyed by InuYasha. Represents the element of water. He is the only member of the Gods not to vaguely resemble any characters from Ranma 1/2. However he does share his name with the Gora of Ranma 1/2.

* Jura anime voices|Takeshi Kusao|Jason Simpson:Wields the Thunder Cannon. He, however, can transfrom into his true form giving him accelerating speed, giving Miroku, Sango and Kirara a hard time. He is killed by Sango with Hiraikotsu tranks to Miroku that he redirected Gora's blast against him with his Wind Tunnel. Aligned with the forest god of the west, the white tiger Byakko. Represents the element of earth. He bears a resemblance to Herb's servant Lime from Ranma 1/2 as they both wear outfits made from tiger skin and are both assoiciated with tigers. The only difference would be that Jura's outfit is white and Lime's is orange.

* Kyora anime voices|Nobuo Tobita|Ted Cole: Wields the Crimson Fan, uses his 'Birds of Fire' to release flames in the form bird, to incerate foes and use the 'Crimson Demon Fan' attack to create a flaming tornado to entrap oppenents such as Sesshomaru. He is the weakest member of the group. Aligned with the fire god of the tropics (south), the Phoenix Suzaku. Kyora is eventually killed by Sesshomaru. Represents the element of fire. He is similar in appearance to Saffron from Ranma 1/2. They both have the abilities to use fire-elemental attacks and are both assoiciated with birds.

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