Full Frontal (TV series)

Full Frontal (TV series)
Full Frontal
Genre Comedy
Written by Sarah Adams
Sean Dooley
Country of origin Australia
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5 (Seven Network)
2 (Network Ten)
No. of episodes 112 (Seven Network)
Location(s) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Original channel Seven Network 1993-1997
Network Ten 1998-1999
Original run 13 May 1993 – 18 September 1997
Preceded by Fast Forward
Followed by Totally Full Frontal

Full Frontal was an Australian sketch comedy series which debuted in 1993. The show first aired on the Seven Network on 13 May 1993, and finished on 18 September 1997.

In 1998 a spin-off of the show moved to Network Ten under the name Totally Full Frontal, losing most of the original cast in the process (including standouts Bana and Micallef) and finished in 1999.

Since 2008, re-runs have begun screening on The Comedy Channel as part of the channel's "Aussie Gold" block of locally made, classic comedy programming.



The series began screening shortly after the similar sketch comedy program Fast Forward (from which Full Frontal derived) ended. Full Frontal retained the same general format of Fast Forward. It was formatted in a way such as to create the effect of someone continuously channel surfing; after the punchline of each sketch, it would abruptly switch to the next as if the viewer had switched channels. However, the new show had an all-new regular cast. Initially, some members of the Fast Forward cast made guest appearances in occasional Full Frontal sketches, easing the transition into the new series. Several members of the new cast had appeared in the earlier The Comedy Company, including Kym Gyngell and Glenn Butcher.

Full Frontal is well known for launching the television careers of Eric Bana and Shaun Micallef.

DVD releases

  • Full Frontal - Series 1: Vol. 1 (2 Disc Set) - 23 May 2005
  • Full Frontal - Series 1: Vol. 2 (2 Disc Set) - 20 June 2005
  • Full Frontal - Series 2: Vol. 1 (2 Disc Set) - 25 October 2006
  • Full Frontal - Series 2: Vol. 2 (3 Disc Set) - 5 December 2006
  • Full Frontal - Series 3: Vol. 1 (3 Disc Set) - 20 February 2007
  • Full Frontal - Series 3: Vol. 2 (3 Disc Set) - 20 February 2007
  • Full Frontal - Series 1 (4 Disc Set) - 10 February 2010
  • Full Frontal - Series 2 (5 Disc Set) - 10 February 2010
  • Full Frontal - Series 3 (6 Disc Set) - 10 February 2010
  • Full Frontal - Series 4 (6 Disc Set) - 1 June 2011
  • Full Frontal - Series 5 (4 Disc Set) - 1 June 2011
  • Totally Full Frontal - Series 1 (4 Disc Set) - 29 June 2011
  • Totally Full Frontal - Best of Series 2 - 30 November 2011
  • Totally Full Frontal - Series 2 - Q1 2012

Cast - Seven Network

1993 (Ep. 01-18)

  • Eric Bana
  • Glenn Butcher
  • Kym Gyngell
  • Ross Williams
  • Matt Parkinson
  • Matthew Quartermaine
  • Jennifer-Ward Lealand
  • Rima Te Wiata
  • Greg Fleet (Ep. 1-9)
  • Michael Veitch (Ep. 10-18)

1994 (Ep. 19-40)

  • Eric Bana
  • Glenn Butcher
  • Kym Gyngell
  • Ross Williams
  • John Walker
  • Jennifer-Ward Lealand
  • Rima Te Wiata
  • Denise Scott
  • Sue Yardley

1995 (Ep. 41-66)

  • Eric Bana
  • Glenn Butcher
  • Kym Gyngell
  • Ross Williams
  • John Walker
  • Julia Morris
  • Daina Reid
  • Kitty Flanagan
  • Shaun Micallef
  • Francis Greenslade (Ep. 49-66)

1996 (Ep. 67-92)

  • Eric Bana
  • Glenn Butcher
  • Kim Gyngell
  • Ross Williams
  • John Walker
  • Julia Morris
  • Daina Reid
  • Shaun Micallef
  • Kitty Flanagan (Ep. 67-81)
  • Jackie Loeb

1997 (Ep. 93-112)

  • Glenn Butcher
  • Kim Gyngell
  • Ross Williams
  • John Walker
  • Daina Reid
  • Shaun Micallef (Episodes 93-105)
  • Darren Gilshenan
  • Gabby Milgate
  • Ursula Brooks (Episodes 93-99)

Cast - Network Ten

1998-99 (Ep. 1-?)

Guest appearances

Notable characters

  • Peter or as he pronounces it "Poida" - An Australian bogan, played by Eric Bana. Poida was originally a TV host on Community Television's Channel 31. Peter enjoys to drink VB and carries an esky around wherever he goes. He has a blond mullet and dresses in a velvet suit. Most of the time he is seen smoking in sketches. Poida works for Channel 31 but is usually the stand-in host for many TV shows on other networks (such as Channel 9, 10 and the ABC) when the real host doesn't turn up. He has stood in for Ray Martin on A Current Affair and Kerry O'Brien on The 7.30 Report. He takes an esky into the studio and smokes while interviewing guests. Instead of sitting on the set furniture, he prefers to make himself comfortable on a bean bag.
Impact on Eric Bana's Career
Poida was probably Eric Bana's best character and was thought to really have helped Bana's acting career. The director of the Australian film Chopper says he cast Bana because of his performance in Full Frontal. Bana is now a household name and acts in movies both in and out of Australia.
Poida is arguably one of the most popular characters of Full Frontal and is also arguably the most popular of the characters played by Bana. Bana also plays a fictional version of Ray Martin and Eddie, an Eastern European migrant.
  • The Invisible Man - A man dressed heavily in military camouflage who has a hard time being noticed in day-to-day life (also played by Eric Bana).
  • Eddie - Eastern European migrant, whose famous line was "It's a complete shemozzle" (also played by Eric Bana).
  • Ron- A stage janitor who wears overalls and is always trying to either apply for a job or scam money. When he is caught out, he will often leave saying "Fair enough". (Played by Ross Williams)
  • Neville and Beulah - Elderly nudists who love doing things "totally nude" (played by Glenn Butcher and Daina Reid).
  • Milo Kerrigan - Punch-drunk (but much loved) ex-boxer played by Shaun Micallef. He is considered to be the most popular character of the series. Heavily reliant on slapstick, sketches involving Kerrigan routinely destroyed large portions of the set.
  • Nobby Doldrums - An obsessed fan of 7.30 Report presenter Kerry O'Brien who is willing to be interviewed about anything, just to be on the program (played by Shaun Micallef).
  • David McGahan - Incompetent TV personality and failed actor who hosted nature documentaries, (played by Shaun Micallef).
  • Roger Explosion - 'Alter ego' of David McGahan from his failed acting career (played by Shaun Micallef).
  • Leon - Art critic, renowned for his liberal use of the word "crap" (played by Kym Gyngell).
  • Ian Goodings - Sleazy TV news presenter on the fictitious Australian National Nightly Network News (played by John Walker).
  • Narelle Parkinsom - Bitchy and unenthusiastic co-presenter on fictitious Australian National Nightly Network News (played by Kitty Flanagan).
  • Phil Toinby - Much maligned weatherman on Australian Nightly Network News, renowned for his outrageous and colourful ties and using unusual pointers sent in by viewers, as noticed by the two newsreaders (played by Francis Greenslade).
  • Chaka - Hippie and poet, her poems usually circulate about her hometown of Nimbin (played by Kitty Flanagan). On a parody of A Current Affairs on Full Frontal, Eric Bana's Ray Martin asks Chaka what type of name is "Chaka" and what it means. Chaka is Arabic for "Joanne".
  • Enzo - Organized crime boss believed to be parody of figures in the Melbourne organized crime underworld (played by Ross Williams). He has a strict hatred of cameras and responds to questions with the word 'NO' frequently.
  • Allen Bamff - Appeared in three episodes as an unconfident Car Salesmen promoting his self titled car yard "Allen Bamff Holden" (played by Francis Greenslade).

The show also famously satirised many prominent celebrities including:


Full Frontal has won several Logie Awards in its time. It has been nominated for several as well. It has won:

  • Most Popular Comedy Program (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)
  • Most Popular Personality to Eric Bana

Nominated for:

  • Most Popular Comedy Program (1999)

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