Gods and Fighting Men

Gods and Fighting Men

"Gods and Fighting Men - The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland" is a collection of tales collated by Lady Augusta Gregory. The book is split into two sections, covering the Irish Mythological Cycle of the Book of Invasions with the coming of the Tuatha De Danaan, whilst the second section details the later hero tales of Finn MacCumhail, the Fenian Cycle.

First published in 1904, Lady Gregory drew upon a number of published and oral sources to create her version, including Eugene O'Curry's "Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish", the "Annals of the Four Masters" and the "Book of Leinster".


Part I. The Gods

Book I. The Coming of the Tuatha de Danaan

Chap. I. The Fight with the Firbolgs II. The Reign of Bres

Book II. Lugh of the Long Hand

Chap. I. The Coming of Lugh II. The Sons of Tuireann III. The Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh IV. The Hidden House of Lugh

Book III. The Coming of the Gael

Chap. I. The Landing II. The Battle of Tailltin

Book IV. The Ever-Living Living Ones

Chap. I. Bodb Dearg II. The Dagda III. Angus Og IV. The Morrigu V. Aine VI. Aoibhell VII. Midhir and Etain VIII. Manannan IX. Manannan at play X. His Call to Bran XI. His Three Calls to Cormac XII. Cliodna's Wave XIII. His Call to Connla XIV. Tadg in Manannan's Islands XV. Laegaire in the Happy Plain

Book V. The Fate of The Children of Lir

Part II. The Fianna

Book I. Finn, Son of Cumhal

Chap. I. The Coming of Finn II. Finn's Household III. Birth of Bran IV. Oisin's Mother V. The Best Men of the Fianna

Book II. Finn's Helpers

Chap. I. The Lad of the Skins II. Black, Brown, and Grey III. The Hound IV. Red Ridge

Book III. The Battle of the White Strand

Chap. I. The Enemies of Ireland II. Cael and Credhe III. Conn Crither IV. Glas, Son of Dremen V. The Help of the Men of Dea VI. The March of the Fianna VII. The First Fighters VIII. The King of Ulster's Son IX. The High King's Son X. The King of Lochlann and his Sons XI. Labran's Journey XII. The Great Fight XIII. Credhe's Lament

Book IV. Huntings and Enchantments

Chap. I. The King of Britain's Son II. The Cave of Ceiscoran III. Donn, Son of Midhir IV. The Hospitality of Cuanna's House V. Cat-Heads and Dog-Heads VI. Lomna's Head VII. Ilbrec of Ess Ruadh VIII. The Cave of Cruachan IX. The Wedding at Ceann Slieve X. The Shadowy One XI. Finn's Madness XII. The Red Woman XIII. Finn and the Phantoms XIV. The Pigs of Angus XV. The Hunt of Slieve Cuilinn

Book V. Oisin's Children

Book VI. Diarmuid

Chap. I. Birth of Diarmuid II. How Diarmuid got his Love-Spot III. The Daughter of King Under-Wave IV. The Hard Servant V. The House of the Quicken Trees

Book VII. Diarmuid and Grania

Chap. I. The Flight from Teamhair II. The Pursuit III. The Green Champions IV. The Wood of Dubhros V. The Quarrel VI. The Wanderers VII. Fighting and Peace VIII. The Boar of Beinn Gulbain

Book VIII. Cnoc-an-Air

Chap. I. Tailc, Son of Treon II. Meargach's Wife III. Ailne's Revenge

Book IX. The Wearing Away of the Fianna

Chap. I. The Quarrel with the Sons of Morna II. Death of Goll III. The Battle of Gabhra

Book X. The End of the Fianna

Chap. I. Death of Bran II. The Call of Oisin III. The Last of the Great Men

Book XI. Oisin and Patrick

Chap. I. Oisin's Story II. Oisin in Patrick's House III. The Arguments IV. Oisin's Laments

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