KRI Tanjung Dalpele

KRI Tanjung Dalpele

The KRI "Tanjung Dalpele" is an Indonesian warship of the Tanjung Dalpele class. [ Families commemorate air accident dead at watery wreckage site] - - Obtained Feb. 3rd, 2007.] . The ship is a Landing Platform Dock designed and built by Daesun Shipbuilding and Eng.Co.Ltd Pusan. Later the role for this ship has changed to a Hospital Ship, and the ship was renamed as KRI Dr Soeharso.

The vessel have since been renamed [ [ PANGLIMA TNI AKAN RESMIKAN TIGA KRI DI MAKASSAR] ] to KRI Dr Soeharso with pennant number 990 on the 1 August 2007.


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