List of French Canadian writers from outside Quebec

List of French Canadian writers from outside Quebec

Although most Canadian francophone writers are from Quebec, there are also a number of francophone writers from elsewhere in Canada. These writers may be Acadian, Franco-ontarian or from any other Canadian province.

Some of these writers did move to Quebec at a later stage in their careers, and hence may also be listed at List of Quebec writers, although others did not.

This list includes songwriters as well as literary authors and poets.

Acadian writers

*Georges Arsenault
*Réjean Aucoin
*Jeannette Belliveau
*Anselme Chiasson
*Herménégilde Chiasson
*France Daigle
*Annie-Rose Deveau
*Clive Doucet
*Lennie Gallant
*Melvin Gallant
*Antonine Maillet
*Alfred Silver
*Serge Patrice Thibodeau
*Régis Brun
*Sally Ross
*Ian Patterson

Franco-Ontarian writers

*Marguerite Andersen
*Marcel Aymar
*Angèle Bassolé-Ouédraogo
*Michel Bock
*Hédi Bouraoui
*Andrée Christensen
*Jean-Marc Dalpé
*Robert Dickson
*Jacques Flamand
*Doric Germain
*Joseph Groulx
*Brigitte Haentjens
*Maurice Henrie
* [ Aristote Kavungu]
*Andrée Lacelle
*Martin Laporte
*Paul Laurendeau
*Didier Leclair
*Roger Levac
*Alain Bernard Marchand
*Michèle Matteau
*Michel Ouellette
*Robert Paquette
*François Paré
*Daniel Poliquin
*Stefan Psenak
*Guy Sylvestre
*Lola Lemire Tostevin
*Gaston Tremblay
*Nancy Vickers

Western Canadian writers

*Nancy Huston
*Daniel Lavoie
*Gabrielle Roy
*Ying Chen

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