Choice FM

Choice FM
Choice FM
Broadcast area England and Wales
Slogan Your Number One Urban Station
Frequency 96.9, 107.1 MHz (London)
Sky: 0114
Freesat: 720
TalkTalk TV: 622
Virgin Media: 969
DAB Digital Radio (MXR Regional Multiplexes)
First air date March 31, 1990
Format Urban Contemporary
Audience share 1.3% (September 2010, [1])
Owner Global Radio

Choice FM, branded on-air as London's Choice, is a brand used by the UK's biggest radio company, Global Radio for its network of black music radio stations. It is anchored by an FM operation in London, and is also broadcast via DAB Digital Radio, Sky, TalkTalk TV, Virgin Media and online.



Choice 96.9 began as an independent company in March 1990, broadcasting from studios in Trinity Gardens, Brixton. It was Britain’s first 24 hour black music radio station with a licence, covering South London. The group won a second licence (see Buzz FM) in 1995, bringing a local version of their London offering to Birmingham, on 102.2 FM - in place of Buzz FM.

The advent of digital radio in the UK saw Choice, which already had an active webstream, joining the new MXR consortium and launching a DAB service which anchored London output with news inserts produced by the consortium's news service DNN.

The Birmingham licence was sold to Chrysalis Radio in 1999 and became Galaxy Birmingham, but Choice expanded within the capital in May 2000 when a largely independent North London licence was awarded for Choice 107.1, with the intention of reaching a larger Afro-Caribbean audience outside the limited range of the coverage from Brixton. The station was now broadcasting from Borough High Street, Borough, London.

Having previously been a minority shareholder, Capital Radio Group took full control of the station in February 2004 and moved the station's base from the target service area to the group's central studios in London's Leicester Square. The move resulted in a community march from the coverage area and their studios.

By 12 October 2004, Capital had received and implemented a merger of their FM licences, operating a service across the capital on the two frequencies and cutting back on the North London-specific music requirements. [2]

The DAB service also became a simulcast of the London station, with the demise of local drop-ins.

Following their takeover of Choice, Capital Radio Group merged with GWR to form GCap Media in 2005. Choice was flagged up as one of the key brands of the new larger network, and the station was made available to digital TV viewers via its addition to Sky (and later to Virgin Media).

GCap were subsequently taken over by Global Radio, who already owned the Galaxy Network of dance/urban music stations. Despite the separate music format and branding, Choice was marketed to advertisers as part of the Galaxy network for package advertising deals. In 2010 Global Radio announced [3] that the Galaxy network stations would be networked with 95.8 Capital FM, leaving Choice as a standalone brand again.

Choice reaches 480,000 listeners in London alone. [4]

Supporting Global Radio's commitment to a Social Responsibility programme, Choice FM promotes social action campaigns, I Have a Choice and I Have a Choice - Music Potential.


Monday - Friday

  • 0300 - 0600 KC
  • 0600 - 0900 Kojo & Max
  • 0900 - 1200 Jigs
  • 1200 - 1600 Pandora
  • 1600 - 2000 Abrantee
  • 2000 - 0000 E-Plus
  • 0000 - 0300 Jenny Francis

Friday Variants

  • 2000 - 2200: E-Plus
  • 2200 - 0000: Woody

Monday Variants

  • 0100 - 0300 Daddy Ernie
  • 0300 - 0600 KC


  • 0000 – 0200: Hotsteppa
  • 0200 – 0400: DJ Quincy
  • 0400 – 0600: Rod Azlan
  • 0600 – 0900: Martin Jay
  • 0900 – 1300: Eddie Kadi
  • 1300 – 1600: Pandora
  • 1600 - 1900: Abrantee
  • 1900 - 2200: Firin' Squad with Chris Vee, Sean Slimm & Mista Grill
  • 2200 - 0000: DJ 279


  • 0000 – 0200: Afro Beats with Abrantee
  • 0200 – 0400: The Gospel Show with Dave P
  • 0400 – 0600: Reloaded with Dave VJ
  • 0600 – 0900: Martin Jay
  • 0900 – 1300: Ortis Deley
  • 1300 – 1600: Jigs
  • 1600 - 1900: Max
  • 1900 - 2100: Jenny Francis
  • 2100 - 2300: Caribbean Affair with Martin Jay
  • 2300 - 0100: Reggae Chart with Natty B

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