Far may refer to:

* Far East, or South and Southeast Asia
** Far Eastern Republic
** Far Eastern Federal District
* FAR Manager, a Win32 Norton Commander clone
* FAR Rabat, a Moroccan football club
* Far infrared astronomy
* Far pointer, in computer science
* Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, a space-based telescope
* Far (band), an emocore band
* FAR (Tracteurs FAR), a French truck manufacturer
* Free after rebate, indicating a purchase costs $0 after the use of rebates
* Federal Acquisition Regulations
* Federal Aviation Regulations
* of the IPCC
* Floor Area Ratio, pertaining to the field of zoning
* Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces
* Forces Armées Rwandaises, the Rwandan Armed Forces
* Forces Armées Royales, the Moroccan Army
* FAR, Fund for Armenian Relief,
* FAR, "Fuerzas Armadas Rebeldes" (Rebel Armed Forces), the first guerilla organization in Guatemala
* FAR, the IATA airport code for Fargo, North Dakota's Hector International Airport
* FAR, the code for Fargo, North Dakota's Amtrak station
* False Acceptance Rate, in biometrics
* F.A.R. Fatal Accident Rate, a term used to describe the safety record of an industry or occupation in deaths/1000people/105 hours
* Fault Address Register, a register used by ARM processors which holds the address of the access being attempted when a fault occurred.

See also:
* Distance
* Near
* Fars (disambiguation)

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