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population_footnotes = [ Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Statistical Pocket Book, 2007 (pdf-file)] 2007 Population Estimate. Retrieved on 2008-09-29. ]
population_total = 842,995
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Khulna is the third largest city in Bangladesh. It is located on the banks of the Rupsha and Bhairab rivers in Khulna District. It is the capital of Khulna Division and a major industrial and commercial center. It has a seaport named Mongla on its outskirts, 38 km from Khulna City. The population of the city, under the jurisdiction of the City Corporation, was 842,995 in 2007. The wider Statistical Metropolitan Area had at the same time an estimated population of 1,355,354.

The city is 333 km southwest of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, to which it is connected by air, road, train and water transportation. The steamer fleet for this route includes the ancient ships Tern (1912), Osrich and Lepcha.


Khulna is located in south-western Bangladesh with a total area of 59.57 km², [ Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics; Area, Population and Literacy Rate by Paurashava – 2001 (pdf-file)] Retrieved on 2008-09-29. ] while the district itself is about 4394.46 km². It lies south of Jessore and Narail, East of Satkhira, West of Bagerhat and North of the Bay of Bengal. It is part of the largest delta in the world. In the southern part of the delta lies the Sundarban, the world's largest mangrove forest. The city of Khulna is in the northern part of the district, and is mainly an expansion of trade centers close to the Rupsha and Bhairob rivers.

The annual average temperature for Khulna is 35.5 °C with a record low of 12.5 °C.

Civil Administration

* The law enforcement of Khulna is under the jurisdiction of Khulna Metropoliton Police (K.M.P.).
* Rural development is under Khulna Development Authority (K.D.A.).
* Khulna City Corporation (K.C.C.).Mayor: Talukder Abdul Khaleque


Like the other big cities of Bangladesh, notably Dhaka and Chittagong, Khulna is undergoing a major transformation, due to its immensely growing population and its status as Bangladesh's third largest city. Because of its strategic location of only 45 km from the port of Mongla, Khulna is considered as being a port city like Chittagong Fact|date=August 2008. 25% of all trade handled in Bangladesh passes through Mongla Fact|date=August 2008, while the rest goes through Chittagong. Khulna is also known as the city of Shrimps, because 75% of all shrimps exported from Bangladesh are cultivated in the Khulna zone. In addition to this, a major portion of the Golden Fiber (Jute) is exported through Khulna ZoneFact|date=September 2008.

Khulna has the largest shipyard of Bangladesh Fact|date=August 2008. Khulna Shipyard is operated by Bangladesh Navy. Khulna has some heavy and medium type industries like Khulna Hardboard Mills, Bangladesh Oxygen Company, Khulna Oxygen Company, Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills, Star Jute Mills, Dada Match Factory & many Fish Processing and Fish Feed Factories.

Khulna is famous for its fish and seafood industries. Lobster, Prawn, Cat Fish, Shrimp and Crab are now being exported abroad from Khulna.

Khulna is also famous for Coconuts. Coconut's oil, Green Coconuts and other products made from coconut play a positive role in the local economy.

Major markets and shopping centres in Khulna include Boro Bazar and Daak Bangla, Daulatpur Bazar, Khulna New Market.


Khulna has Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Baha'i, Unitarian & other citizens. Khulna contains a very high percentage of Hindus. Sri Orbindo (Hindu Spiritual Leader) was born in this city. Khulna has remarkable LGBT & Hijra community. Bangladesh Association for Gays (BAG) was established at Khulna city.Fact|date=August 2008

About 70% of total population of Khulna city are Muslims. Sunni Muslims are the majority. But there are many Shi'a Muslims also living in the city. Ja'fari Shia(Twelvers), Bohra, Ismaili are the three major Shi'a communities in Khulna city. Ahle Hadith is the second largest Muslim community beside Sunni Hanafi. Ahmadiyya community is also remarkable in this city. Some radical Islamic Cults like Ahle Quraan, the Modern Muslim & Jaamatul Muslemin(Pakistani Islamic Cult) are also visible especially at Khalishpur area of Khulna city. Fact|date=August 2008

About 25% of total population of Khulna city are Hindu. Hindu community is the second largest community. 20% Bangladeshi Hindus live in Khulna district. Sri Orobindo Society, ISCKON, Ramkrishna Mission etc. are remarkable Hindu organizations. Hare Krishna, Satya Dharma etc. are modern Hindu sects in Khulna. Fact|date=August 2008

Christians are the third largest community in Khulna city. About 5% of total population are Christians. Khulna has some old & remarkable churches. Koilaghata Baptist Church & Sonadanga Baptist Church are the oldest church of the city which were made at the British Period. Roman Catholics, Anglican or Church of Bangladesh, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals/Assemblies of God, Presbyterians, Methodists, Holiness, Salvation Army, Quakers, Church of Christ etc. are major Christian Denominations of Khulna City. Fact|date=August 2008

Catholics are the largest Christian community which has many educational & health projects. Mother Teresa came to Khulna and she established a mission named Shanti Mission or Peace Mission. Her Missionaries of Charity is well established and it has a hospital named "Santa Maria Hospital". Fact|date=August 2008

Christan Cults like Christian Science are visible in Khulna.

Khulna has a remarkable Baha'i community. The Local Spiritual Assemblies or LSAs are in Khalishpur, Daulatpur, Senhati, City Centre, Deara. The divisional Baha'i headquarter is at Khalishpur area. Fact|date=August 2008


The education system of Khulna is under the jurisdiction of the Jessore Board.


*Agha Khan School
*Adventist Mission School, Rupsha, Khulna.
*Ashirbad AG Mission School, Rupsha, Khulna.
*Aliyah Madrasa, Khulna
*B.K.Roy Institution
*Khulna Lion's School & College
*Khulna Newsprint Mills School, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Elizabeth Marble School, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Victoria Infants' School
*Fatema High School (Catholic), Gagan Babu Road, Khulna.
*Government Laboratory High School,Khulna.
*Government Coronation Girls' High School
*Hermann Gmeiner School & SOS Children's & Youth Village
*Home of Joy School (CSS), Tilok, Rupsha, Khulna.
*Crescent Secondary School (Boys & Girls)
*Cantonment Public School, Jahanabad,Khulna.
*Daulatpur Mahshin High School
*Khulna Government Girls' High School (Monnujan School)
*Khulna Model High School, Khulna.
*Khulna Public College (boys' school and college), Boyra, Khulna.
*Khulna Model School & College, Boyra, Khulna.
*Khulna Zila School (boys')
*Khalishpur High School
*Morning Bell English Medium School
*Maulana Vashani Biddyapith (Girls' School & College)
*Metropole English School, Metropolitan Police Lines, Boyra, Khulna.
*Nesariyah Madrasa, Mujgunni, Khulna.
*Orothirthho Biddyaniketon
*Platinum Secondary School (Boys and Girls)
*Police Lines School
*Ramkrishna Mission School
*Reverend Paul's High School(CSS)& the Home of Blessings
*Rosemarie Pilot (Catholic) School, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Rosedale International
*Rifles School
*Rotary School (Boys and Girls),Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Rupsha School
*Soshi Bhusan Sishu Niketan
*South Herald School
*Saint Joseph's High School (boys')
*Saint Javier's High School
*Saint Paul's School, Mongla.
*Saint Patrick's School, Khalispur, Khulna.
*Tulip English Medium School, Sonadanga, Khulna.
*Power Development Board High School
*Pallimangal High School
*Iqbalnagar Girls' School
*Moheswarpasa Girls' High school
*Khulna Collegiate School
*Udayan High School, Khulna.
*Word of Life Bible School, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*YWCA School


*Brajalal University College(Under National University), Daulatpur, Khulna.
*Government Azam Khan Commerce(University)College
*Government Sundarban College
*Government Pioneer Girls' College
*Khulna Government Majid Memorial City College
*Khulna Government Girls' College, Boyra, Khulna.
*Haji Mohammad Muhasin University College, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Haji Mohammad Muhasin Girls' College, Daulatpur, Khulna.
*Daulatpur (Day-Night) College, Daulatpur, Khulna.
*Maulana Vashani Biddyapith (Girls' School & College), Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Khulna Public College (school and college), Boyra,Khulna.
*Khulna Model School & College, Boyra, Khulna.
*Khulna Islamia College, Boyra, Khulna.
*Navy School & College, Goalkhali, Khulna.
*Cantonment School & College, Jahanabad Cantonment, Khulna.
*Khulna College
*Ahsanulla College
*Shahid Sarwardi College
*Khan-A-Sabur College
*Saburunnessa Girls' College
*Sarwar Khan College, Senhati, Khulna.
*Institute of Library And Computer Science(ILACS)
*Institute of Library And Management(ILAM)
*Khulna (Gov.) Polytechnic Institute, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*Khulna (Gov.) Girls' Polytechnic Institute, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*City Polytechnic Institute, Khalishpur, Khulna.
*S G C Technical & B M College


*Khulna University
*Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)
*Northern University
*East Coast University
*Asian University of Bangladesh
*East West University
*West Coast University
*America-Bangladesh University(AMBAN)
*Atish Dipankar University
*Darul Ihsaan University
*Shanto Marriam University of Technology

Medical colleges

*Khulna Medical College
*Khulna Homoeopathic Medical College


*Batiaghata Upazila
*Dacope Upazila
*Dighalia Upazila
*Dumuria Upazila
*Koyra Upazila
*Paikgachha Upazila
*Phultala Upazila
*Rupsa Upazila
*Terokhada Upazila

Metro Thanas

*Khulna Sadar or Kotoali Thana(Metro Thana), Khulna City
*Daulatpur Thana (Metro Thana), Khulna City
*Khalishpur Thana (Metro Thana), Khulna City
*Khan Jahan Ali Thana (Metro Thana), Khulna City
*Sonadanga Thana (Metro Thana), Khulna City


Khulna has a very good transport system with links to all the districts of Bangladesh. The city possesses roads broad enough for motor vehicles to pass. However like the rest of Bangladesh, the people of Khulna like to travel using rickshaws which provide cheap, public and environmentally friendly transport. Though it is a busy city, Khulna doesn't have any traffic jams. Khulna has only one bus terminal named Sonadanga Bus Stand. "Baby Taxi" (Auto rikshaw) is very popular & common vehicle in Khulna city.

There is a rail junction situated at the hard point of Khulna which is linked to Northern Bangladesh & Capital city Dhaka. Though there are also road links with that region, the rail system remains a popular mode of transportation. "The Sundarban Express" is a luxury express train which has two trains daily to Dhaka.

Besides other forms of transport, there is a water transport terminal (B.I.W.T.C.). Barisal division is mainly connected to Khulna by water vehicles.

There is no airport in Khulna. Instead, the city is connected to Jessore Airport, which is about 70 km from Khulna. The airport has domestic flights to the rest of Bangladesh, with Biman Bangladesh Airlines,GMG Airlines,United Airways and Royal Bengal Airlines. Also, Khan Jahan Ali Airport is currently under construction in Bagerhat, which is set to serve the city of Khulna and its surrounding areas.


Khulna has connections with the land-line telephone system and the cellular phone network service, as well as some internet services. Below are some important telephone codes:

Places of interest

* Khan Jahan Ali Bridge(Rupsha Bridge)
* Mongla Port
* Rabidranath Tagore's Grand Father's House at Fultala
* Jahanabad Cantonment Zoo
* Khalispur Wonderland Shishu Park

* Dosh Gate(Ten Gate)

See also

* Districts of Bangladesh
* Khulna Division

External links

* [ Khulna Guide at Discovery Bangladesh]


* [ FallingRain Map - elevation = 8m (Red dots are railways)]


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