Para may refer to:

*Para-, in English, is an affix of Greek and Latin origin meaning beside, near, past, beyond or contrary
*Para Dog-faced Bat, a bat species from South and Central America
*Para Loga, one among the seven Logas (seven upper worlds) in Ayyavazhi mythology
*Para-Ordnance, a firearms manufacturer located in Toronto, Ontario
*Parapraxis or Freudian Slip (Fehlleistung) is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is believed to be caused by the unconscious mind.
*Para-quaternions, expression from algebra in mathematics
*Para Red, is a chemical dye
*Pará rubber tree, often simply called rubber tree
*Para Spiny Rat, a species from South America
*Para-statals, state-owned corporations that play a major role in the government and economy of many countries around the world
*Para ("Marattia salicina"), a fern found in New Zealand and Norfolk Island
*Para isomer in chemistry, a type of arene substitution pattern
*André Cordeiro, a Brazilian water polo player who is nicknamed "Pará"
*The suffix 'para' is used after a noun in Assamese to define a village or a town. e.g. Goalpara
*A member of the Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)
*Para- isomers of benzene rings have attached chemical groups separated by two unsubstituted carbon atoms
*Paramedic is a first response ambulance crew member.
*Paralympics are the international games for disabled athletes.

*Philippine Amateur Radio Association
*Pan American Rugby Association
**PARA Pan American Championship, the major international rugby tournament held in the Americas, organized by the Pan American Rugby Association
*Peoples Action for Rural Awakening

*Para abajo, a dance movement in salsa
*Para-balloon, a tool for games or a series of games around this tools
*Para Handy, the anglicized Gaelic nickname of the fictional character Peter Macfarlane, a character created by the journalist and writer Neil Munro
**The Tales of Para Handy, a Scottish television series
*Para Para, a popular Japanese solo dance
**Para Para Paradise, a video series, showing various dancers doing Para Para
*Para Toda Vida (2001), an album by The New Amsterdams

*Para Draine (born 1972), American female boxer

*Grão-Pará, was one of the two Portuguese vice-kingdoms in South America
*Pará, one of the states of Brazil
*Para District, a district in the north of Suriname (country in South America)
*Pará River (Portuguese: Rio Pará), the southern arm of the mouth of the Amazon River
*North Para River, through the Barossa Valley in South Australia
*South Para River, South Australia
**South Para Reservoir, the second largest reservoir in South Australia
*Electoral district of Little Para, an electorate for the South Australian Legislative Assembly
*Little Para River, through Salisbury in South Australia
**Little Para Reservoir
* Para, Purulia is a town, community development bloc and assembly constituency in Purulia district in the Indian state of West Bengal
* La Para, a summit in the Swiss Alps

*Para (currency), various currency units
*Para means "money" in Turkish and other languages influenced by Turkish in their history (including Serbian and Bulgarian)
**Para was a subunit of Ottoman currency
**Para was Fraction|1|40 of the Romanian leu
**Para is Fraction|1|100 of the Yugoslav dinar and Serbian dinar
**Para was Fraction|1|100 of the Montenegrin perper

;In other languages
*"Para" means "money" in Turkish
*"Para" means "daynight; 24 hours; circadia" in Lithuanian (no equivalent in English!)
*"Para" is short for paratrooper in French.
*"Para" means "stop" in Portuguese and Spanish
*"Para" in Bengali, a word which means a neighbourhood or locality
*"Para" is a preposition in Portuguese and Spanish meaning "for,"
*"Para" means "cow" in Hebrew
*"Para" means "pair/couple" in Russian and Polish
*"Para" means "steam/vapor" in Polish, Slovak, Serbian, Bulgarian
*"Para" is the term for a Fraction|1|30 portion of the Qur'an in Urdu, Hindi, and Persian (the equivalent Arabic term is جزء, "juz'", "part")
*Para Shakti (Sanskrit,) "the great or supreme or light or heat force" [Helena Petrona Blavatsky (1893 - 1897), "The Secret Doctrine", London Theosophical Pub. House, 1893-97, ISBN 0-900-588-74-8] .
*Para Tattva, a Sanskrit phrase meaning “Supreme Truth"


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