Posterior branch of obturator nerve

Posterior branch of obturator nerve

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Latin = ramus posterior nervi obturatorii
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Innervates = Adductor magnus muscle
BranchFrom = obturator nerve
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The posterior branch of the obturator nerve pierces the anterior part of the Obturator externus, and supplies this muscle; it then passes behind the Adductor brevis on the front of the Adductor magnus, where it divides into numerous muscular branches which are distributed to the Adductor magnus and the Adductor brevis when the latter does not receive a branch from the anterior division of the nerve.

It usually gives off an articular filament to the knee-joint.

Articular branch for the knee-joint

The articular branch for the knee-joint is sometimes absent; it either perforates the lower part of the Adductor magnus, or passes through the opening which transmits the femoral artery, and enters the popliteal fossa; it then descends upon the popliteal artery, as far as the back part of the knee-joint, where it perforates the oblique popliteal ligament, and is distributed to the synovial membrane. It gives filaments to the popliteal artery.

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