company_name = Viatronix, Inc.
company_type = Private
foundation = 2000
location_city = Stony Brook, NY
location_country = USA
key_people = Zaffar Hayat, President & CEO
products = V3D-Colon, V3D-Explorer, V3D-Vascular, V3D-Calcium Scoring
revenue =
net_income =
subsid =
homepage = []
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Viatronix, Inc. (known as Viatronix) is a clinical appliations software provider for the radiology field. Viatronix is a privately-held corporation operating out of Stony Brook, NY, United States.


*V3D-Colon - the product for which Viatronix is best known - a software system that provides virtual colonoscopy
*V3D-Explorer - a general-purpose 3D package for visualizing and analyzing CT, MR, PET and other images
*V3D-Vascular - a tool for detecting, visualizing and quantifying vascular structures
*V3D-Calcium Scoring - a package used to detect and quantify calcified coronary plaques (a marker of coronary artery disease)

Primary activities

*Viatronix maintains a set of software applications for various users worldwide.
*Viatronix actively researches clinical 3D software applications for radiology.
*Viatronix supports medical conferences that focus on virtual colonoscopy.
*Viatronix provides physician-to-physician training for virtual colonoscopy by experts in the field.

External links

* [ Official Viatronix website]

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