Supporting characters in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Supporting characters in A Series of Unfortunate Events

This is a list of supporting characters in the children's book series "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket.

Major Characters


Fiona first appears when Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire enter the "Queequeg" in "The Grim Grotto". She goes with them into the Gorgonian Grotto to look for the sugar bowl. When all four of them come back empty-handed, they find the "Queequeg" deserted. Count Olaf captures the submarine with his own, the "Carmelita", and takes the Baudelaires and Fiona to the brig to be tortured by the Hook-Handed Man, who turns out to be Fiona's long-lost brother Fernald. Despite her newfound affection for Klaus, Fiona decides to join Count Olaf's troupe, as she believes she needs to stay with Fernald because he is the only family she has left. As her last act of kindness, she allows the Baudelaires escape Olaf's treachery.

Her stepfather is Captain Widdershins. Her and her brother Fernald's last name is not given, but it is stated that it differs from their stepfather. She wears triangular glasses, leading to Esmé Squalor calling her "Triangle-Eyes". She is the engineer of her stepfather's submarine, the "Queequeg".

Fiona and Fernald do not appear in "The Penultimate Peril", but Count Olaf says that the two stole the "Carmelita". In The End, it was revealed that she returned to the good side of V.F.D. with her brother, but they were both sucked into the giant question-mark vessel (dubbed by Kit Snicket as The Great Unknown) previously seen in The Grim Grotto.

Captain Widdershins continually tells Fiona that her mother died in a 'manatee accident', though Fiona stated that she wasn't so sure it was an accident; indeed, towards the end of the book it is stated that Widdershins was wrong about this. Later, in "The End", an unrelated character named Miranda Caliban claimed her husband Thursday had been eaten by a manatee to cover up for the fact that they had broken up. It is unknown whether these two incidents are related.

Fiona kisses Klaus in "The Grim Grotto", suggesting some romantic involvement. Klaus appears to return her feelings; he reacts to her post-kiss vanishment with "How could someone so wonderful do something so horrible?", and in "The Penultimate Peril", Snicket mentions that "Fiona broke Klaus' heart." This is repeated multiple times in "The End", and Kit Snicket tells Klaus before her disappearance that, quote: "Fiona was so desperate to reach you, Klaus," and "She wanted you to forgive her as well."

Fiona is stated to be "a bit older than Violet." Violet turns 15 in "The Grim Grotto", so Fiona is probably 16 and would have turned 17 before the end of the series.


Charles worked at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill in The Miserable Mill for quite some time. He was supposedly an assistant of Sir, but he did not support Sir's idea to have the Baudelaires work at the lumbermill. Charles thought it better to have a library in the Lumbermill, so he made one, but there were only three books, one about how eyes work (this book saved the Baudelaires) and others about the lumbermill.

Charles later appeared in The Penultimate Peril, with Sir. He continued to support the Baudelaires, even in court. Charles might have died in the fire, but even if he did not, he was never heard of again in the series.


Phil also worked at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill in "The Miserable Mill". Phil was one of the friendlier mill workers, and helped the Baudelaires adjust to their new home. During the Baudelaires' stay at the lumbermill, Phil was injured by a mill machine, operated by Klaus, who was hypnotized at the time. On the bright side, Phil is an eternally optimistic character who is not upset about the accident, by saying things such as "at least no one would ask whether I'm right legged or left legged".

In The Grim Grotto, Phil worked as a cook at a submarine manned by Captain Widdershins (who calls him Cookie) and his stepdaughter, Fiona. Klaus believes that Phil is still being affected by the stamping machine accident, but Phil claims it to be a shark bite. He, along with Captain Widdershins, abandons the Baudelaires and Fiona during the middle of the novel for unknown reasons, (or had been captured), and does not appear in The Penultimate Peril or in The End. It is suspected that Phil may have left his work at Lucky Smells Lumbermill due to a lack of sufficient pay; in The Miserable Mill he states that he has read law books and learned that being paid with coupons is illegal, and despite bringing this up with Sir it is stated in The Penultimate Peril that the workers at the mill are still being paid in coupons. Strangely, Kit never mentions him with Captain Widdershins in The End.

It is rumored that Phil is really Phil Larkin, who is a poet from the early 1900's. This is supported by the fact that the whole series seems to be set back in time.

Justice Strauss

Justice Strauss is a high court judge who lives next to Count Olaf's house. The Baudelaires take a liking to her as soon as they meet in The Bad Beginning, and she soon lets them use her library to learn how to cook puttanesca sauce. Her library also comes in handy in the foiling of Count Olaf's plot to get the Baudelaire fortune. At the mock wedding that Count Olaf sets up, she plays the judge and almost marries Violet to the Count (Violet prevents this). At the end of the book, Justice offers to look after the Baudelaires, but this is not possible due to legal obligations on the part of Mr. Poe.

It is not clear whether Justice is a member of V.F.D. or not. It is possible, due to the fact that she has a large library, and one of the V.F.D. official disguises is a "Judge Disguise." However, her behavior in "The Penultimate Peril" indicates that she had no prior involvement with the organization.

Justice Strauss reappears in "The Penultimate Peril". She has been researching the Baudelaire case and attempts to bring Count Olaf to justice. Her two fellow High Court judges turn out to be Olaf's associates, the man with a beard but no hair and the woman with hair but no beard. Olaf kidnaps Justice Strauss and threatens to harm her unless the Baudelaires open the Vernacularly Fastened Door leading to the laundry room of the Hotel Denouement. She also mentions that when she was about Esmé Squalor's age, she had been a horse thief for years before realizing it was the wrong thing to do.

Klaus opens the door, but the sugar bowl Olaf is looking for is not inside, and Olaf ascends to the roof to escape after setting fire to the hotel. Justice Strauss attempts to prevent the escape of Count Olaf, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, but Sunny bites her hand so that she lets go of the boat they are escaping in. It is not known if she survives the hotel fire; regardless, Snicket states that the children never see her again.

In the film, she is portrayed by Catherine O'Hara.


Bruce first appears in The Reptile Room as the man who takes away the reptiles from Uncle Monty's house at the end of the book. He then reappears at the beginning of The Slippery Slope as the uncle of Carmelita Spats. Bruce joins Count Olaf along with Carmelita and the rest of the Snow Scout group.

Bruce constantly says the Snow Scout Alphabet Pledge, which is to say that Snow Scouts are "accommodating, basic, calm, darling, emblematic, frisky, grinning, human, innocent, jumping, kept, limited, meek, nap-loving, official, pretty, quarantined, recent, scheduled, tidy, understandable, victorious, wholesome, xylophone, young, and zippered, every morning, every afternoon, every night, and all day long." It is said that Bruce wrote the pledge. Klaus constantly asked "How could a person be xylophone?" and got the answer "Bruce couldn't think of a better word".

In The Penultimate Peril, after Dewey's death, someone said "Go back to bed, Bruce". It is unknown whether this was the Bruce familiar in the earlier books.

Minor Characters

Gregor Anwhistle

Gregor Anwhistle, the brother of Ike Anwhistle (and brother-in-law of Josephine Anwhistle), was the founder of Anwhistle Aquatics, an outpost of V.F.D., which investigated the effect of the Medusoid Mycelium as a toxin and its possible use as a weapon against Count Olaf's side of V.F.D. One of Gregor's parents might be a cousin of the Baudelaire parents, as Josephine is described as being the Baudelaire children's "second cousin's sister-in-law".

Ike Anwhistle

Dr. Isaac "Ike" Anwhistle is the late husband of Josephine Anwhistle, mentioned in "The Wide Window" and "The Slippery Slope". His mother had one ear and one eyebrow, he had a brother named Gregor Anwhistle, and was a member of V.F.D. He died due to only waiting 45 minutes before going into Lake Lachrymose (the lake is infested with man-eating leeches as swimmers must wait one hour after eating before going into the lake or they could be eaten by the leeches). Ike was not only Aunt Josephine's husband, but her best friend and partner in grammar, as well as the only person Aunt Josephine knew who could whistle with crackers in his mouth; his specialty was Beethoven's Fourth Quartet. According to Josephine, being able to whistle with crackers inside one's mouth was a family trait, so the Baudelaire orphans' mother could do this as well. Their mother's specialty was Mozart's Fourteenth Symphony. In ', the Duchess of Winnipeg writes to someone called K, saying it is impossible to keep these two letters (about the planned marriage of Lemony and Beatrice and the marriage of Esmé Squalor and Jerome Squalor) together, and for reasons that she does not need to explain, it is impossible for her to write to Mr. Snicket, and asked this K to get these letters to a safe place-perhaps with Ike"' (perhaps Ike Anwhistle) or the dairy farm K told her about. His name is a pun on "I can whistle".


In "The Ersatz Elevator", Violet mentions that her friend Ben gave her blueprints of an elevator for her birthday, which were destroyed in the fire that burned down the Baudelaire Mansion.

Tony "Mommy" Eggmonteror

Tony "Mommy" Eggmonteror is the author of "The Mamba du Mal: A Snake That Will Never Kill Me". Tony "Mommy" Eggmonteror is an anagram of Montgomery Montgomery. The only part of the book that is known is:

"The Mamba du Mal is one of the deadliest snakes in the hemisphere, noted for its strangulatory grip, used in conjunction with its deadly venom, giving all of its victims a tenebrous hue, which is ghastly to behold."

"More pleasant to contemplate, however, are the snake's excellent communication skills. Certain specimens of the Mamba du Mal have been trained to recite certain phrases in an encoded form of English so they might be employed as guardians of crucial headquarters. A mamba du mal hissing the phrase "Summer is" for instance, is communicating a coded version of the phrase "Enemies are nearby." The hissed phrase "over and gone" translates to "probably in disguise," and the mamba has been known to hiss the word "dying" as a code for "Beware of arson." The only other creature with communication skills sufficient to convey these messages is the common grass cricket."

The book was published by Venom Feels Delightful Press."(See also List of VFDs)".

C.M. Kornbluth

C.M. Kornbluth, named after the science fiction writer Cyril M. Kornbluth, was the former chief engineer at V.F.D.. He tended to be very excitable, and good inventions caused him to clap, dance with glee, or hand out pistachio nuts at random. He is presumed dead in the fire of V.F.D. headquarters. He possibly had a son or daughter who was in the Snow Scouts, because when Esmé Squalor talked about the fortunes she would get from the Snow Scouts, she mentioned the Kornbluth fortune.

Larry the Waiter

Larry the Waiter is a waiter in The Anxious Clown restaurant in "The Wide Window". He waits on the Baudulaires, Mr. Poe, and Count Olaf (disguised as Captain Sham). Larry uses the coded phrase "I didn't realize this was a sad occasion."

A similar waiter appears in The Unauthorized Autobiography, interrupting a taped conversation between Mr. Poe and his sister Eleanora in The Anxious Clown. In another letter, the writer says you must say "The world is quiet here" (V.F.D.'s pledge) in response to the waiter's, "I didn't realize this was a sad occasion" to get something. The letter from Captain S., in pages 109-110 makes it clear to us that someone finally did say the code (" If you are reading this letter it means you were able to contact the proper waiter at the Anxious Clown"). It also was made clear that Lemony Snicket was the one who got the blueprints, Captain S stated in his post scriptum that he "rather enjoyed you theatrical reviews in the Daily Punctilio, and was very sorry to hear you will no longer be writing them." Lemony Snicket was fired for making a bad review of Esme Squalor.

Edgar and Albert Poe

Edgar and Albert are Mr. Poe's two sons. They are only mentioned in The Bad Beginning when the Baudelaires stay with Mr. Poe following their parents' death. Their names are allusions to Edgar Allan Poe, though they may also be derived from Edgar Albert Guest (who is mentioned in The Grim Grotto)

Polly Poe

Polly Poe is Mr. Poe's wife. She is mentioned in The Bad Beginning when the Baudelaires stay with Mr. Poe and at the theater for Count Olaf's performance of The Marvelous Marriage. When the Baudelaires stay at her and Mr. Poe's she buys a lot of itchy and ugly clothing. Mr. Poe also adds "Call my wife!" to the list of random cries for help he utters in The Reptile Room when he thought that Sunny had been poisoned by the Incredibly Deadly Viper. In The Ersatz Elevator, Mr Poe says that he will tell his wife that dark is in, indicating that she is quite a fashionable woman.

Mr. and Mrs. Quagmire

Mr. and Mrs. Quagmire were The Quagmire Triplets parents. They too had an enormous mansion, like the Baudelaires, and owned the Quagmire sapphires. Also, like the Baudelaires house it was burnt down, and V.F.D is a logical suspect. Their house had a secret passageway underneath their house to Uncle Monty's house. They were on the volunteer side of V.F.D.

Dr. Gustav Sebald

Gustav Sebald (usually known as Dr. Sebald) is a fictional film director and former assistant to Uncle Monty in Lemony Snicket's book series, "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Sebald directed "Zombies in the Snow" (mentioned in the second novel in the series, "The Reptile Room"). His name is probably derived from W. G. Sebald. Sebald is on the volunteers' side of V.F.D. and uses his role as a director to send secret messages to volunteers through his films using the Sebald Code. He invented the Sebald code, which is named after him. One day when Gustav was collecting some special anti-poison berries for his and Uncle Monty's trip to Peru he was attacked by Count Olaf and Olaf drowned him in a lake to get hold of the position of being Uncle Monty's assistant. The heiress to his estate is Sally Sebald.

ally Sebald

Sally Sebald is mentioned in "" when she sends a letter to Lemony Snicket in Sebald Code. She claims to be the "Executrix of the Sebald Estate" in the letter.

She is Gustav Sebald's sister, and the heir to his estate.

Duchess of Winnipeg

The Duchess of Winnipeg, also known as "R.", is a rich socialite at whose masked ball Lemony Snicket met Beatrice. Her house was later burnt down, but she survived. In "", a letter suggests that somebody is impersonating her in communications with Lemony Snicket. She is first mentioned in . She possibly had a son or daughter in the Snow Scouts, as when Esmé Squalor was talking about all the fortunes she'd get, she mentioned the Winnipeg fortune.

In The End, it is revealed that the Winnipeg family possessed a ring marked with an R that was passed down from one Duchess of Winnipeg from generation to generation. When the current Duchess of Winnipeg's mother died in the fire that destroyed her house, the current Duchess of Winnipeg inherited the ring and, when she joined V.F.D., she gave it to Lemony Snicket. Lemony had offered the ring to his lover, Beatrice, but she later returned it to him, so Lemony gave the ring to Kit Snicket, who gave it to the Baudelaire father, Betrand, who gave it to the Baudelaire mother, Beatrice, when they married. Beatrice kept the ring in a wooden box which could only be opened with a wooden key that was kept in a wooden box which could only be opened by a code the grandfather of the Snicket siblings taught Kit and Lemony. The wooden box was burned to ashes when the Baudelaire mansion was destroyed and Captain Widdershins found the ring in the wreckage only to lose it in a storm at sea, and the ring eventually was washed to the shores of the island where the Baudelaires were stranded on in Book the Thirteenth. Ishmael found the ring and gave it to the Baudelaire children, who gave it to their adopted daughter, Beatrice, who is Kit Snicket's daughter, and who, as revealed in "The Beatrice Letters", exchanged it to shepherds for a yak ride to the cave her uncle often resided in.

In "The Beatrice Letters", it is revealed that the Duchess was classmates and good friends with Beatrice (the elder), and she has played cards with Lemony Snicket before, and defeated him, winning quite a bit of his pen collection. It is also revealed that the death of the current Duchess of Winnipeg's mother caused Geraldine Julienne to become the new fashion editor. In "", the Duchess of Winnipeg writes several letters to Lemony, in one mentioning that she gave her annual lecture at the Orion University one night and had lost possession of many of her belongings, including her beloved snacks, furniture, tables, chairs, drapes, grand staircase, houseplant, cloth napkins (which are embroidered with the crest of Winnipeg), the wigs she used to disguise herself like someone Lemony disguised himself as, cigar box, childhood bed, and every book in her private library, seemingly because of a fire most likely committed by arson. Her letter also heavily implies that the time she wrote it was after the events of A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Duchess of Winnipeg also writes to someone called K (possibly Kit), saying it is impossible to keep these two letters (about the planned marriage of Lemony and Beatrice and the marriage of Esmé Squalor and Jerome Squalor) together, and for reasons that she does not need to explain, it is impossible for her to write to Mr. Snicket, and asked this K to get these letters to a safe place-perhaps with Ike (perhaps Ike Anwhistle) or the dairy farm K told her about.

In "The Grim Grotto" Klaus finds an example of the Verse Flunctuation Declaration code in which the poem My Last Duchess by Robert Browning is changed to My Last Wife by Obert Browning; the code is "Duchess R", but the children don't get any further information on her.

The character is possibly named after the editor of the Lemony Snicket books at Harper Collins, Susan Rich, who is from Winnipeg. [ Harper Collins Canada News, April 23, 2002,]

Prufrock Prep staff

In the A Series of Unfortunate Events book "The Austere Academy", Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire attend Prufrock Preparatory School, which employs teachers and other staff.

Vice Principal Nero

Mr. Remora

Mr. Remora is a teacher at Prufrock Preparatory School, teaching Violet Baudelaire. He loves bananas and is constantly seen eating one, smearing banana pulp on his moustache. In his class, students are forced to listen to tiresome and extremely short stories he dictates, after which he gives examinations on various objective aspects of the stories. He thinks that the Baudelaires are good students, and when Vice Principal Nero orders their expulsion, he suggests that Carmelita Spats be expelled instead; he also argues that skipping gym class to study is good time management. Lemony Snicket also reveals that Mr. Remora later retired from his teaching job because he choked on a banana.

Whether retired or not, Mr. Remora reappears in "The Penultimate Peril" with his fellow teachers, having been invited to a cocktail party at the Hotel Denouement, and makes a brief reference to running from the law (possibly a reference to Mrs. Bass's bank robbery). Hal also tries to communicate with him using a V.F.D. coded phrase; however, Remora fails to understand, meaning that he is probably not part of V.F.D. It is probable that he survived the fire, because, as has been mentioned, in it is said that he reitired after choking on a banana, and during The Penultimate Peril he is still employed by Nero.

Mrs. Bass

Mrs. Bass is Klaus Baudelaire's teacher in "The Austere Academy". She is obsessed with measuring in metric and all of her lessons are on measuring certain items. Like Mr. Remora, she thinks that the Baudelaires are good students, and dislikes Carmelita Spats.

She reappears in "The Penultimate Peril", having been invited to a cocktail party at Hotel Denouement, wearing a thin black mask and a small white wig as a disguise; it is implied, as foreshadowed in "The Austere Academy" and "", that she has robbed a bank, having in her possession several bags of money marked with the name of Mulctuary Money Management. (For this reason, Mr. Poe is apparently pursuing her throughout the book). It is also implied that that the money she stole is none other than the Baudelaire Fortune. She makes no attempt to conceal her crime from her co-teachers, Vice Principal Nero and Mr. Remora, and they in turn do not judge her, seeming to look on her robbery as an everyday occurrence. She also reveals that her invitation to the cocktail party asked her to bring all her valuables, and since she did not earn enough as a teacher to have valuables she was forced to turn to a life of crime. Despite her defense of the Baudelaires in "The Austere Academy", when their own identities are revealed at the Hotel Denouement, she is quick to accuse them of bank robbery. It is likely she survived the fire at the hotel, because it is mentioned in passing in "The Austere Academy" that she was arrested for her crimes.

Miss K.

Miss K. was the teacher who, according to , replaced Mr. Remora after he choked on a banana and decided to retire. According to Nero, she "was not interested in telling short stories while eating." It was said that she read books instead (She was planning on reading The History of Lucky Smells Lumbermill, Charlotte's Web, and A Series of Unfortunate Events to the kids). Nero told Miss K. that he was going to fire her. At this Miss K. kidnapped two children. According to Nero, "their faces were very serious, as if they were embarking on an important mission of some kind". In "The Unauthorized Autobiography", there is a picture of a class and a side note next to the teacher that says "Will I ever see her again?".

Miss Tench

Miss Tench was the former gym teacher at Prufrock Prep., but fell from a third-floor window shortly before the arrival of the Baudelaires. Although it is not stated whether she died from her fall or was merely heavily injured, she was nonetheless replaced by Coach Genghis.

Count Olaf (as Coach Genghis)

Count Olaf disguises himself as a physical education teacher, Coach Genghis. The Baudelaires immediately recognize him as Count Olaf in disguise, but pretend not to know him at first.

Olaf, under the excuse that orphans have stronger legs, makes them paint a circle in luminous paint, and then perform "Special Orphan Running Exercises" (S.O.R.E.), laps around the luminous circle at night, for nine days. Olaf's plan was to make them so tired that they could not get their work done and get kicked out of school, allowing him to become their new guardian and then claim their fortune their parents left behind.

Cafeteria workers

The White-Faced Women, associates of Count Olaf, disguise themselves as cafeteria workers with metal masks in "The Austere Academy". They help kidnap Isadora and Duncan Quagmire.


There is a mysterious librarian character — referred to in "" — who wears an unusual assortment of clothes and asks a question from the book "Ramona Quimby, Age 8", seemingly as a way to identify other V.F.D. members.


In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, the "castaways" are fictional characters living on an island appearing in "The End.


Infobox character
colour = lightblue
name = Ishmael

caption =
first = "The End"
last = "The End"
cause =
nickname = Ish
alias =
species =
gender = Male
age = Adult
born =
death =
occupation = Island facilitator
title =
callsign =
family =
spouse =
children =
relatives =
residence =
episode =
portrayer =
creator = Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler)

Ishmael is the island's facilitator. He was once a member of V.F.D., and has the tattoo of the organization on his ankle, although he attempts to hide this. He claims that Count Olaf once locked him in a giant bird cage and burnt down his house, although Olaf counter-claims that he did not set that particular fire. Ishmael once knew the Baudelaire parents; they were the island's facilitators when he arrived, but he forced them into exile and imposed his own views on the island colony.

In his role as facilitator, Ishmael is in charge of solving the islander's problems, as well as sorting out all the things that they find on the coastal shelf. He is very capable at persuading the islanders to get rid of items they've discovered, telling them, "I won't force you", but giving them little other choice. His decisions on whether or not to keep the items are usually illogical, but the islanders follow his suggestions due to peer pressure and mob psychology- rather in the same way that Olaf used it in "The Vile Village". Moreover, the coconut cordial that Ishmael persuades everyone to drink also plays a role in this because it serves as an opiate, making them drowsy and have difficulty making decisions for themselves. The items that Ishmael pronounces as useless are taken to the arboretum on the other side of the island on a sledge drawn by island sheep. He does not allow the islanders to keep secrets, but has many of his own; such as being able to walk despite claiming not to be able to, and eating the forbidden apples from the arboretum's tree. He claims that his feet are injured, preventing him from walking, and covers his feet with island clay. He claims the clay has magical healing powers, but he is really using it to hide the V.F.D. tattoo on his ankle, and frequently sneaks around to visit the arboretum when nobody is with him. Count Olaf thus described him as having "feet of clay", a reference to a Biblical quotation meaning that one has a hidden weakness.

In the middle of the book, he had Count Olaf sealed inside a large birdcage and pressured the islanders into abandoning the Baudelaires on the island's coastal shelf, even though he knew that the shelf would soon flood, drowning the orphans and Olaf. Later, he met the Baudelaires in the arboretum, telling them to give up their former lives and lead a safe life on the island. Not long after, upon discovering that the islanders are mutinying against him, he revealed that he was able to walk and used a harpoon gun to shoot Count Olaf, fatally wounding him but inadvertently releasing the deadly Medusoid Mycelium.

Finally, he put the islanders' lives at stake by taking them away from the island on an outrigger and depriving them of a cure for the Medusoid Mycelium, although he had eaten a sample of the cure himself, which meant that he was "immunised" against the poison of the Medusoid Mycelium. Although the Incredibly Deadly Viper attempted to deliver a cure to the remaining islanders, it is unknown whether it succeeded. Ishmael's name is taken from Herman Melville's novel "Moby-Dick"; he often asks people to 'call me Ish', a parody of "Moby-Dick"'s opening sentence, 'Call me Ishmael'. However, only Count Olaf refers to him by this nickname, perhaps showing that Olaf is the only one who truly knows him. It may also be that the islanders could not remember Ishmael telling them to call him Ish as they were literally "drugged" by the opiate of fermented coconut cordial. [unverified]

Friday Caliban

Infobox character
colour = pink
name = Friday Caliban

caption =
first = "The End"
last = "The End"
cause =
nickname =
alias =
species = Human
gender = Female
age = 6 or 7
born =
death =
occupation =
title =
callsign =
family =
spouse =
children =
relatives =
residence =
episode =
portrayer =
creator = Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler)

Friday Caliban is a young island girl who quickly befriends the Baudelaires, giving Sunny Baudelaire a whisk as a gift, and makes enemies with Count Olaf by abandoning him. She is the daughter of Thursday and Miranda Caliban, and was born on the island. Her mother told her that her father was eaten by a manatee in the storm which shipwrecked her on the island, but the truth is that Miranda and Thursday were separated by the schism and Miranda did not want her daughter to know this.Unfortunately, Friday had to leave the Baudelaires stranded on the island by leaving with the other islanders, all of them infected by the Medusoid Mycelium. It is mentioned that Ink, the Incredibly Deadly Viper, had brought them an apple on the water to save them, but it is unknown whether she or the other islanders were eventually saved. She had many secrets that island facilitator Ishmael would not approve of, including learning how to read, giving Sunny a whisk, and keeping Ink.

She is named after the characters Friday from the book "Robinson Crusoe", who was Robinson's friend and assistant, and Caliban from Shakespeare's "The Tempest", who was a native of Prospero's island. Since she was born on the island, it is likely she has no idea of V.F.D.

It is possible that she is related to Olivia Caliban, as they have the same last name, and Monday, who is mentioned by Miranda Caliban.

Minor castaways

* Alonso (named after a character in Shakespeare's "The Tempest").
* Ariel (named after a character in Shakespeare's "The Tempest").
* Jonah and Sadie Bellamy (named after the biblical Jonah; a character in [ "The Adventures of Sadie"] , aka "Our Girl Friday", a 1953 film about a shipwrecked girl; and Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, an 18th-century pirate who was shipwrecked off Cape Cod. The surname may also refer to Edward Bellamy, author of the utopian novel "Looking Backward").
* Rabbi Bligh (named after "Bounty" captain William Bligh).
* Brewster (named after Maud Brewster, a character in Jack London's "The Sea-Wolf").
* Byam (named after Roger Byam, a fictional character in the novel "Mutiny on the Bounty").
* Mrs. Miranda Caliban (named after a character in Shakespeare's "The Tempest").
* Calypso (named after the sea nymph Calypso from Greek mythology).
* Erewhon (named after the utopia in Samuel Butler's book of the same name). It is also an anagram of Nowhere.
* Professor Fletcher (named after "Bounty" mutineer Fletcher Christian).
* Finn (named after Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn).
* Dr. Kurtz (named after a character in Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness").
* Larsen (named after Wolf Larsen, a character in Jack London's "The Sea-Wolf").
* Ms. Marlow (named after a character in Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness").
* Madame Nordoff (named after Charles Nordhoff, co-author of "Mutiny on the Bounty").
* Omeros (possibly named after the Greek epic poet Homer, whose "Iliad" and "Odyssey" deal extensively with sea voyages and shipwrecks; another possibility is the 1990 poem of the same name by Derek Walcott, which is partly a retelling of the "Odyssey" set in the Caribbean).
* Mr. Pitcairn (named after the Pitcairn Islands where the "Bounty" mutineers eventually settled).
* Robinson (named after the title character in Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe").
* Sherman (named after General William Tecumseh Sherman, who survived two shipwrecks; or from William Pène du Bois’s "The Twenty-One Balloons").
* Thursday, islander for a short time before the events of book (probably a pun, as he is Friday's father).
* Weyden (named after Humphrey Van Weyden, a character in Jack London's "The Sea-Wolf").
* Willa (possibly named after writer Willa Cather who refers to a shipwreck in a notable [ quotation] ).

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