List of Assyrian writers

List of Assyrian writers

The following is a List of Assyrian authors.

*Alphonse Mingana 1878-1937
*Aphrahat 270-345
*Frederick A. Aprim, Assyrians: "The Continuous Saga" (2005), "Assyrians: From Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein" (2006)
*George Lamsa, "The Secret of the Near East" (1923), "The Oldest Christian People" (1926)
*Iamblichus 245-325
*Ivan Kakovitch, (1933-2006) "Mount Semele" (2001)
*Khalil Gibran 1883-1931, "The Prophet" (1923), "The Garden of The Prophet" (1933)
*Lucian of Samosata
*Yuhanon Qashisho 1918-2001
*Publilius Syrus
*Rosie Malek-Yonan, "The Crimson Field" (2005)
*Sargon Boulus
*Terrence Malick, "The New World" (2005), "The Thin Red Line" (1998), "Days of Heaven" (1978), "Badlands" (1973)
*Thea Halo, "Not Even My Name" (2000)
*William Daniel, "Ghadina Gabbara" 3 volume collection (1964)

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