Recognition (disambiguation)

Recognition (disambiguation)

Recognition is identification of something already known or acknowledgement of something as valid. The term may have the following specialized meanings.

*Recognition (sociology), an acknowledgement of merits.
*Recognition (diplomacy), acceptance of the sovereign status of a political entity by other sovereign governments
*Recognition (tax), an income tax concept
*Recognition (parliamentary procedure), the assignment of the floor
*Molecular recognition
*Revenue recognition
*Intra-species recognition

*"The Recognition", a short science fiction story

;Technologies :
*Pattern recognition
*Aircraft recognition
*Automatic number plate recognition
*Facial recognition
*Gesture recognition
*Handwriting recognition
*Recognition of human individuals
*Iris recognition
*Language recognition
*Magnetic ink character recognition
*Named entity recognition
*Optical character recognition
*Optical mark recognition
*Speech recognition
**Subvocal speech recognition
**Audio-visual speech recognition
**Speaker recognition

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