Rosetta (disambiguation)

Rosetta (disambiguation)

Rosetta may refer to:

As a placename:
* Rosetta, the anglicised name of the city of Rashid, Egypt, famous as the location of the Rosetta Stone
* Rosetta, Tasmania, suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
* Rosetta, Belfast in Northern Ireland

As a title in entertainment:
* "Rosetta" (film), a 1999 Belgian film
* Rosetta (band), an American post-metal band formed in 2003
* Rosetta Passel: a character in "Kaleido Star" anime series
* "" ("Kamen Tenshi Rosetta"), a Japanese toku series that aired in 1998

In bioscience:
* Rosetta Biosoftware, a subsidiary of Merck & Co.
* Rosetta@home, a freeware program available to help predict and design protein structures

In language:
* Rosetta Project, a global collaboration which collects and archives languages in danger of extinction
* Rosetta (Newton), the Apple Newton's handwriting recognition system
* Rosetta , a handwriting recognition system for the OpenZaurus palmtop operating system
* Rosetta Stone (software), language learning software developed by Fairfield Language Technologies

In software:
* Rosetta (binary translation software), a software emulator developed by Transitive Corp. for Apple Computer
* RosettaNet, a standardisation proposal for commercial information
* "Rosetta", the Microsoft codename of SQL Server Reporting Services
* Rosetta, a web-based translation application written by Canonical Ltd. for use on the GNU/Linux distribution Ubuntu

In science:
* Rosetta (spacecraft), a European Space Agency-led craft launched in 2004 to study comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
* Rosetta (orbit), a type of orbit seen in spherically symmetric but not 1/r potentials

In other uses:
* Princess Rosetta, a character in the video game Super Mario Galaxy

ee also

*Rosetta Stone (disambiguation)
*Rosette, a flower-like shape

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