Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
Promotial shot of the Cast of Cycle 1 of Canada's Next Top Model
Format Reality television
Created by Tyra Banks
Starring Tricia Helfer
Jeanne Beker
Paul Venoit
Stacey McKenzie
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 8
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel Citytv/A Channel
Original run May 31, 2006 – July 19, 2006
Followed by Cycle 2
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Canada's Next Top Model (retroactively Canada's Next Top Model Cycle 1) takes it first season on May 31, 2006 features a dynamic reality show format - in that the viewers not only witness an intense competition to find a top model but also the impact of the competition on and day-to-day lives of a diverse group of contestants.

In the end, Andrea Muizelaar would beat out her competition to become the first winner of Canada's Next Top Model.

This cycle's tagline was "Now it's our turn"


Episode summaries

Episode 1: Hit the Dance Floor Running

Original Airing: May 31, 2006

In the premiere episode, the girls arrive in Victoria, British Columbia and receive their first video mail from Host Tricia Helfer welcoming them all to the competition. They are then introduced to first guest judge, "America's Next Top Model" Creative Director Jay Manuel. Jay’s first challenge for the girls is an au naturel photo shoot where they must remove all their makeup and pose for Jay’s Polaroid camera. Some make funny faces and others don’t know how to pose, Jay isn’t impressed. The girls must then assemble an outfit in five minutes and use a winding, uneven wooden deck as a European runway. All the girls have trouble with the challenge, but Jay deems Heather the best of the worst. After arriving at the house, they have a dinner with Tricia and meeting with a model scout to review a European runway walk.

At their first full photo shoot, Jay meets the girls and introduces them to Sima Kumar, the creative director and their Photographer, Andrew MacNaughtan. The shoot's theme is “Iconic Women of Rock”, where the girls get their first taste at professional modelling. First, they would measure their bodies. Even though they all look fierce, Jay says Brandi is the most together “first timer” he's ever seen. Tenika bares all backstage and wins no points with the rest of the girls….or with Tricia.

During the first elimination ceremony, the girls meet the judges. Sylvie's photo is deemed amazing and awkwardly brilliant, but her appearance in judging is unappreciated, and her bad attitude is frowned upon. Brandi, Sisi, and Ylenia impress the judges with their good photos. Heather, Andrea, Alanna, and Dawn are all critiqued on their shy presence in judging, but the judges are satisfied with their photos. Tenika gives a great photo, but is heavily criticized for walking backstage in the nudge. Natalie and Sylvie stepped in bottom two. Although Sylvie’s photo is brilliant, the judges are unhappy with her attitude and appearance at the judging. Natalie's photo also carries a rocker spirit, but the judges wonder due to her tall height, and her being plus-sized, if she can be in a European fashion show. In the end, Sylvie is eliminated due to her bad attitude.

  • First call-out: Brandi Alexander
  • Bottom two: Natalie Talson & Sylvie Majcher
  • Eliminated: Sylvie Majcher
  • Featured photographer: Andrew MacNaughtan
  • Special guests: Jay Manuel, Kelly Streit, Brandon Hall

Episode 2: Float Like a Butterfly, Fight Like a Babe

Original Airing: June 7, 2006

In this episode, the girls receive makeovers by Paul and "Canada's Next Top Model" Head Stylist Greg Wencel. After all the hair is chopped, make-up applied and tears are shed, the girls look and feel more like models. Andrea had a nervous breakdown while she originally intended a long hair extensions but she decided to take short haircut instead. Andrea and Heather transform the most, while others like Sisi and Brandi have practically no changes done to their appearance. Tenika doesn't win any fans at the makeover, being dubbed a diva by Paul and Greg. Paul says he has never worked with someone so demanding and irritating.

This week's photo shoot is themed "Fight Club". The girls are dressed in bikinis in a boxing ring and have slicked back hair and dramatic make-up. In an effort to make them more comfortable, Tricia gives each girl personal instruction before Photographer, Christopher Wadsworth shoots them. With her new style, Andrea transforms into a model while Natalie is still very self-conscious about her body. Brandi and Sisi are very confident about their shoots and themselves - almost too confident, which annoys the other girls.

During the second elimination ceremony, the girls are asked who they think should be eliminated based on what they've learned. The majority think Sisi should go, followed by Brandi. Most girls do well in their photos, such as Heather, Tenika, Andrea, Sisi, and Ylenia. The judges are wowed with Alanna's strong improvement. It comes down to Dawn and Brandi. The judges question Brandi, because of her major slip from last week, and wonder is she has consistency to keep going in the competition. Although Dawn has improved, her presence and low confidence level isn't strong enough to keep her in the competition and she is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Alanna Shelast
  • Bottom two: Dawn Buggins & Brandi Alexander
  • Eliminated: Dawn Buggins
  • Featured photographer: Christopher Wadsworth
  • Special guest: Greg Wencel

Episode 3: Walk This Way

Original Airing: June 14, 2006

In this episode, Stacey shows the girls how to really walk a a bowling alley. She's unimpressed with Tenika, even though she has the most confidence, as well as Andrea, whose walk is extremely awkward. Sisi impresses Stacey and she comments that Sisi is closest to becoming Canada’s Next Top Model. Stacey puts the girls to work in front of a real audience, UVIC Vikes rugby team. Although Brandi has a “wardrobe malfunction” in front of the rugby team, she is chosen as the challenge winner. Where the reward prize was a private jacuzzi back at the house. The girls are excited for an outdoor jacuzzi, Brandi felt cried in her tears and she was bored about her boyfriend at home.

The next day, the photo shoot involves A LOT of diamonds with Cadillac XLR and an emotional storyline, in which they have to play annoyed girlfriends waiting for their boyfriends. Guest Judge, Hollywood Stylist Phillip Bloch directs the girls to give him a range of movement and emotion. Alanna doesn’t really know how to move, Heather can take direction but seems incapable of emoting, and Natalie looks lost. Sisi charmed the camera and photographer with her quirkiness. Tenika has great movement, but the camera can’t capture a frame that has any impact. Ylenia blows Phillip away with her amazing performance. Back at the house, Sisi felt itchy in her hair.

During the third elimination ceremony, the girls are asked to display their runway walk for the judges. All the girls do fairly well. Tenika is the most confident with her walk. The judges are pleased with Heather, because she took direction the best. Ylenia had the best photo, but she was criticized for looking bottom heavy in her photo. Sisi and Andrea both do well, and both look like top models in their photos. Alanna models the car well, but didn't get a hold of the required theme. Brandi grasped the theme, but the judges wonder if she can only do commercial modeling. It is Natalie and Tenika in the bottom 2. Natalie is told she looked lost in her photo, but the judges love her personality, and say they look forward to seeing her every judging. Tenika pulled off a great shot, but her attitude keeps getting worse and worse by the minute. In the end, it is Natalie that is sent home, and even though Paul didn't want to see her go, the rest of the judges realized she didn't have the same amount of potential as the other girls. Tricia then lets her know how much she will be missed.

  • First call-out: Heather Dorssers
  • Bottom two: Natalie Talson & Tenika Davis
  • Eliminated: Natalie Talson
  • Special guests: Phillip Bloch, Brad Smith

Episode 4: Topping It All Off

Original Airing: June 21, 2006

In the fourth episode, celebrity personal trainer and Guest Judge Harley Pasternak wakes up the girls and prepares to whip them into shape. All the girls are slow to get up, but Heather takes an especially long time to get out of bed. Harley is not impressed. After a five-minute run, the girls are given weights to use, but Sisi claims she’s “too sick” to continue. She slumps in bed while the others continue, unimpressed. Later, when Harley interviews the girls about their eating habits, Sisi confesses she wasn't really sick at all. Brandi wins the fitness challenge and for her prize, all the girls go out for a night on the town. The bouncer at the club is really hot and the girls all get excited. Sisi eats with the girls, but then finds other people to talk to, ignoring everyone else.

The next day, the photo shoot brings a few surprises. The girls are modelling lingerie with a male model who turns out to be the bouncer from the night before. Ylenia is extremely uncomfortable with her co-star and when she's told the second part of the shoot is topless, she considers to pull out. Finally she decides to go through with it and her pictures turn out beautifully. Heather, on the other hand, is totally flat and very uncomfortable, and unfortunately it translates on film. Tenika, Sisi and Alanna are comfortable with the shoot and Brandi almost has too much chemistry with the model, but she takes the best shot. Everyone wonders how Andrea will react to the scenario, but she musters up what it takes to make the shoot work.

During the fourth elimination ceremony, the judging test requires the girls to put together a sexy, sporty, summer look from a rack of clothing and then show it off. Most of the girls pull off this task reasonably well, but Heather doesn't seem to have any natural sense of movement or ability to emote, despite her beauty. The judges are impressed with Andrea, and how she didn't let her low self confidence get in the way of a good shot. Brandi and Sisi are told that their photos could easily be a real ad. Ylenia pulls off a gorgeous shot, but the judges still wonder if she really wants to be here. Alanna does very well, but her shyness wins no points with the judges. Heather is told that her not being comfortable, translates into her photo. With that, Heather is sent home, for her bad photo, and not willing to work out with Harley Pasternak, while the rest of the girls did.

  • First call-out: Brandi Alexander
  • Bottom two: Heather Dorssers & Alanna Shelast
  • Eliminated: Heather Dorssers
  • Featured photographer: Malcolm Tweedy
  • Special Guest: Harley Pasternakk

Episode 5: She Has The Weakest Photograph

Original Airing: June 28, 2006

The fifth episode of CNTM brought the girls to the six remaining contestants face feared fashion journalist Michael Gross, who shares discomforting truths about the modeling industry with the girls. In an extreme editorial shot, the girls are first asked to pose with a falcon while maintaining control of their facial expressions. Sisi and Brandi do well, while Tenika falls completely flat in the shoot and Ylenia, despite her strong performance, comes across as much older than she is in her pictures. The girls then have to pose together for a group shot and stand out.

During judging, the girls are interviewed by Michael Gross, who asks them tough questions to see their responses. The judges love both Sisi and Brandi's shots, which they show they can both be high-fashion models. Alanna takes a great shot, but doesn't capture the light well enough. Andrea does averagely, and comes across plain in her face. Ylenia does well, but looks much older than she is in her photo. Tenika just doesn't do well overall, and comes across bored in her shot. Tenika's motives are also questioned; the judges are unsure if Tenika actually wants to be a fashion model or if she simply wants to be famous. While Ylenia is put in the bottom two for photographing old, Tenika is the fifth girl to be sent home because of her poor composition in the shoot.

  • First call-out: Brandi Alexander
  • Bottom two: Ylenia Aurucci & Tenika Davis
  • Eliminated: Tenika Davis
  • Special Guest: Malcom Tweedy, Michael Gross

Episode 6: Beauty Is As Beauty Poses

Original Airing: July 5, 2006

In this episode, Tricia visited the girls at their suite to teach them a little bit about acting. She taught them an exercise where their facial expressions had to go from happy to angry in ten steps. All of the girls displayed convincing emotions except for Alanna, who giggled when she was supposed to be angry. For their next exercise, the girls had to pretend to be housecats and crawl around their photographer's legs; this exercise was to let them release their inhibitions.

The girls then took a stab in the opposite direction, taking natural beauty shots for their next challenge. Brandi was declared the winner yet again. She earned a private message from Jay Manuel, creative director for America's Next Top Model. For the photoshoot, the girls had to take what they learned from Tricia and display it in their photos—a close-up beauty shot for Pantene. Each girl takes a good shot, but there are some that are better than others.

Andrea was first to finish, and going back to the house early brought her a surprise: Stacey McKenzie was there to teach her how to runway walk again, as Stacey felt Andrea still needed more coaching. In judging, Alanna finally takes a photo that does her beauty justice. Andrea and Sisi also do well, showing they can pull of a simple yet glamorous look in their photos. It is Ylenia and Brandi in the bottom 2. Brandi is told that even though last week she had a breakthrough, she has gone back to being that all commercial model that the judges aren't fond of. Ylenia is told that despite a good shot, they wonder if she wants to make a point, instead of really wanting this. It is Ylenia that is sent home, and the judges tell her that she belongs in Hollywood, because she is a star.

  • First call-out: Alanna Shelast
  • Bottom two: Ylenia Aurucci & Brandi Alexander
  • Eliminated: Ylenia Aurucci
  • Featured Photographer: Rob Dali
  • Special Guest: Rob Dali

Episode 7: Get Ready, Get Set, Go See!

Original Airing: July 12, 2006

For this episode, the girls were to meet various go-sees around the city, however, they were given a time limit, and were to meet Tricia outside The Empress at 5:00pm. Andrea still struggled with her runway walking at her go-sees, while Sisi stood out as usual. The clients had also noticed that Sisi's portfolio was the most professional. However, both Andrea and Sisi were declared the winners and received a spa experience at the Empress.

While they enjoyed their relaxing spa, Brandi and Alanna rummaged through their opponents' luggage, finding one shocking secret after another. They then left some cold meat slices for the girls to enjoy, however, they sprinkled salt on the slices, unbeknownst to both Sisi and Andrea. For their photoshoot, the girls were to wear 1980's workout garb and pose on a Stairmaster, an inflatable dinosaur, and holding various food/drink items, like a hot dog, milk, fried eggs, and mustard.

At elimination, the girls were to put on an eccentric look for an eccentric designer. Andrea looked like a clown, while Alanna hit the nail on the head with a great look. Sisi and Brandi both landed the bottom two spot. Although Sisi took very strong photographs week after week, the judges noticed that the other girls were catching up to Sisi, and didn't know how much Sisi had left to give. However, they chose to eliminate Brandi, because they felt she could not model in high fashion. Brandi verbally communicated her disappointment that she wasn't picked, speaking her mind to the judges that they "made a big mistake," and walked away—with no consoling hugs and kisses from the three remaining girls.

  • First call-out: Alanna Shelast
  • Bottom two: Sisi Wang & Brandi Alexander
  • Eliminated: Brandi Alexander
  • Featured Photographer: Christopher Wadsworth
  • Special Guest: Sarah Bancroft

Episode 8: Runway Race To The Finish

Original Airing: July 19, 2006

In the first part of the season finale, the girls were to shoot a commercial for CoverGirl. Alanna did the best and wooed the judges at evaluation. Andrea was told she looked great, but her lines weren't believable, while Sisi, who was losing her consistency, was sent home, as she was not on top of her game at a crucial part of the competition.

  • First call-out: Andrea Muizelaar
  • Bottom two: Alanna Shelast & Sisi Wang
  • Eliminated: Sisi Wang
  • Featured Photographer: Candace Meyer

In the second part, the final two girls were to shoot a photo for the cover of Fashion Magazine, and the winner's photo would grace the cover. Andrea was told that she had a great body to work with, and she would appeal to a lot of people on the cover. Alanna had more difficulty, and her pose took away from the beauty of her face, and the clothing she was selling.

For their final challenge, the girls were to be in a real runway show. Guest judge and creative director for America's Next Top Model, Jay Manuel, was there again to watch the girls strut. He was amazed by Andrea's complete transformation from a shy girl to a confident girl. Alanna also exuded confidence after a snafu with her dress, which had a train, but was put on backwards; she simply held it in her hands, and walked the runway. In the end, the judges just couldn't decide on a winner. A silent vote was cast. As the final two came back into the judging room, Tricia told them that the judges had tears, arguments, and more tears. The room was silent until the TV screen revealed that Andrea is Canada's Next Top Model.

  • Final two: Alanna Shelast & Andrea Muizelaar
  • Canada's Next Top Model: Andrea Muizelaar
  • Special Guest: Jay Manuel


In order of elimination

(ages stated are at the time of the contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Ranking
Sylvie Majcher 23 Sherwood Park, Alberta 10th
Dawn Buggins 22 Calgary, Alberta 9th
Natalie Talson 21 New Westminster, British Columbia 8th
Heather Dorssers 19 Blenheim, Ontario 7th
Tenika Davis 23 Newmarket, Ontario 6th
Ylenia Aurucci 23 Vancouver, British Columbia 5th
Brandi Alexander 21 Vancouver, British Columbia 4th
Sisi Wang 23 Richmond, British Columbia 3rd
Alanna Shelast 19 Kelowna, British Columbia Runner-up
Andrea Muizelaar 19 Whitby, Ontario Winner


Call-out order

Tricia's call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Brandi Alanna Heather Brandi Brandi Alanna Alanna Andrea Andrea
2 Heather Heather Brandi Sisi Sisi Sisi Andrea Alanna Alanna
3 Sisi Tenika Sisi Andrea Alanna Andrea Sisi Sisi
4 Ylenia Ylenia Andrea Tenika Andrea Brandi Brandi
5 Andrea Andrea Alanna Ylenia Ylenia Ylenia
6 Tenika Natalie Ylenia Alanna Tenika
7 Alanna Sisi Tenika Heather
8 Dawn Brandi Natalie
9 Natalie Dawn
10 Sylvie
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
     The contestant won the reward challenge
     The contestant won reward challenge but was eliminated
  • In Episode 5, Ylenia and Sisi were each chosen as the challenge winner by each of the two judges.


Dawn - Bangs added

Natalie - Blonde hair extensions and bangs added

Heather - Bob cut and bangs lengthened

Tenika - Long chocolate brown hair extensions and eyebrows shaped

Ylenia - Layered darkened hair

Brandi - Straightened

Sisi - Extra shine

Alanna - Shoulder-length darkened hair

Andrea - Long red hair extensions intended; later, cut short and dyed red

Photoshoot Guide

  • Week 1 Photoshoot : Iconic Women of Rock
  • Week 2 Photoshoot : Fight Club
  • Week 3 Photoshoot : Cars & Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
  • Week 4 Photoshoot : Lingerie and Topless
  • Week 5 Photoshoot : Lady Of The Manor with a Falcon
  • Week 6 Photoshoot : Pantene Beauty Campaign
  • Week 7 Photoshoot : 80's Workout
  • Week 8 Photoshoot & Commercial : Fashion Magazine Cover, CoverGirl


Other Cast Members

  • Sima Kumar - Photo Shoot Creative Director


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