Galvanic bath

Galvanic bath

Galvanic bath is an alternative medical treatment (a type of electrotherapy) based on the simultaneous use of water and electric current. The patient lies in a 34 degree Celsius bath, while gentle electric current is passed through his or her body.

Galvanic baths are mostly used in the treatment of degenerative diseases such as inflammatory arthritis and problems with the joints. The treatment lasts about 15 minutes.

Types of galvanic baths

In addition to full galvanic baths, when the patient's body is fully immersed in water, there are also "four-chambered galvanic baths" (also called "four cell galvanic baths"), which also combine electro energy and hydrotherapy, but are used only on the limbs. Patient's forearms and lower legs are put in water trays, and electric current is passed through warm water. This pain-killing procedure improves the circulation and is considered especially beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis.

History of galvanic baths

Jennie Kidd Trout played the most notable role in studying galvanic bath effects and generally popularizing the procedure.

The Therapeutic and Electrical Institute opened by Jennie Kidd Trout in Toronto, Canada, specialized in specific treatments for all that involved galvanic baths and electricity. She also ran a free dispensary for the poor located at the same place, for six years. The Therapeutic and Electrical Institute included six houses. Eventually the Institute was able to open two more branches in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario.

Physiological Benefits

While some users claim to have benefitted from galvanic baths, there is little actual evidence to support the idea that electrical currents at low ampere have such an effect on the body. Contrasting with the idea of beneficial effects, it is plausible that the cell electrical gradients necessary for regular bodily functions might be inhibited or damaged from such a treatment.

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* [ Galvanic Baths and Doctor Jennie Kidd Trout]

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