Words and Deeds

Words and Deeds

House (TV series) episode
episode_name = Words and Deeds
episode_no = HOU-311
airdate = January 9, 2007
writer = Leonard Dick
director = Daniel Sackheim
guest_star = David Morse
Tory Kittles
Meagan Good
Kadeem Hardison

season = 3
diagnosis = Spinal meningioma

Words and Deeds is the eleventh episode of the third season of "House" and the fifty-seventh episode overall. This episode concludes the Michael Tritter story arc that began in the episode Fools for Love.


House makes a shocking revelation in a bid to save himself from jail time; a firefighter chooses to have a risky, radical treatment on his brain in order to avoid dealing with his affection for a colleague. [cite web|title= House - Words and Deeds - Yahoo! TV|publisher=Yahoo.com|url=http://tv.yahoo.com/house/show/words-and-deeds/episode/115618|accessdate=2007-01-09]

Derek, a firefighter, has just escaped a burning building when he begins to have trouble breathing and becomes delirious. He then staggers over to the burning building before being stopped by fellow firefighter, Amy. Derek complains that he is freezing even though he is within yards of the burning building.

The first diagnosis is MRSA to which Derek asks if that is what makes him see blue. Dr. Cameron realizes that this is something entirely different and House suggests male menopause (high estrogen, low testosterone levels). House orders a hormone panel. The team tests for this latest theory but Derek becomes disturbed and begins to throttle Cameron. Meanwhile, House visits Tritter and although House apologizes, Tritter ignores him and says he only cares about House's actions.

Back at the hospital, Foreman insists it must be neurological and asks to CT the brain and give a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis. House agrees and leaves and reveals that he is checking himself into rehab. Derek begins to have trouble breathing and it is discovered that he is having another heart attack. The team goes to House for advice who tells them to look at what was in common during this attack and the previous two he had: Amy was present. To test this, the team brings Amy in with Derek. Both confused, Derek suddenly goes into another heart attack. Derek reveals that his brother is dating and engaged to Amy and Cameron realizes that Derek is so in love with Amy that it is literally killing him to see her with another man: Broken heart syndrome. Rather than tell Amy his true feelings, he agrees to electroshock therapy to remove his memories of Amy. Cuddy and Derek both consent. Meanwhile, House and Wilson meet in rehab. House apologizes to Wilson for everything. Tritter then comes to visit, and admits that he is surprised to see House in rehab, though he still refuses to drop the charges against him, saying that even his actions lie.

The procedure is performed successfully. When Amy and Derek's brother walk in, he has no idea who they are. Outside the room, Cameron apologizes to Amy for the burden of caring for Derek landing so soon before her wedding, however, Amy has no idea what she is talking about as she's not even dating Derek's brother. The team calls House who is at trial and says that the wedding was a fabricated memory and wasn't true. House rushes out of court (risking being held in contempt by the judge) back to the hospital. The team finds a spinal meningioma that restricted blood to Derek's brain creating the false memories.

In the courtroom, Cuddy is at the stand and is confronted with the log book that shows House's signature taking oxycodone in the name of a dead patient. Cuddy then reveals that she replaced the pills with a placebo and had the inventory logs to prove it. The case is dismissed and the judge orders Tritter to stop his investigation on House. However, House is ordered to spend the night in jail for contempt. Cuddy and Wilson both visit him that night and Cuddy is infuriated with House because she was forced to fabricate evidence and commit perjury so that his case would be dismissed. She reassures House that she is now in control of him. House agrees. Wilson gives House the pills that the rehab department gave him. Wilson realizes it is Vicodin when House greedily takes them. House has bribed the rehab supervisor (referred to as Voldemort) to give him Vicodin. Wilson says that nothing has changed. When he asks if House's apology was real, House merely answers ambiguously, "Believe what you want."


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