List of British Jews

List of British Jews

List of British Jews is a list that includes Jewish people from the United Kingdom and its predecessor states.

Although the first Jews may have arrived on the island of Great Britain with the Romans, it wasn't until the Norman Conquest of William the Conqueror in 1066 that organised Jewish communities first appeared in England. These existed until 1290 when the Jewish population of England was expelled by King Edward I of England due to anti-semitism. (Hence plays such as "The Jew of Malta" and "The Merchant of Venice", regarded by many as antisemitic, were written when Jews did not live openly in England.)

There was never a corresponding expulsion from Scotland. Indeed, the eminent Jewish-Scottish scholar David Daiches states in his autobiographical "Two Worlds: An Edinburgh Jewish Childhood" that there are grounds for saying that Scotland is the only European country with no history of state persecution of Jews.

Jews were re-admitted to England and Wales in 1656 by Oliver Cromwell, and emancipated in 1858. In the late 19th century there was mass Jewish immigration from Russia due to Russian domestic policy, and in the 1930s an influx of refugees from Nazism. The Jewish population peaked at 450,000, but has since declined due to low birth-rate, intermarriage and emigration, mainly of the younger generation to Israel. According to the 2001 census, the current population is around 240,000, most of whom live in London, though many expertsfact|date=May 2008 consider this an underestimate. The following is a list of some prominent British Jews.

Academic figures


"See List of British Jewish scientists", which includes economists.


* David Abulafia, Professor of history, University of Cambridge (JYB 2005 p218)
* Geoffrey Alderman, [ [,,1713557,00.html] "her father, Geoffrey Alderman, is a columnist for the Jewish Chronicle, and her family are strict Orthodox Jews" Accessed 3 January 2007] historian
* Richard Barnett, museum curator and archaeologist (JYB 1985 p187)
* Max Beloff, Lord Beloff, historian (Encyclopaedia Judaica, art. "Historians")
* Norman Cohn, historian (JYB 2005 p215)
* Isaac Deutscher [] , historian
* Geoffrey Rudolph Elton [] , historian
* Samuel Finer [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "He was one of the many children of pre-1914 Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe who were to play such prominent roles in British economic, cultural, and political life."]
* Sir Moses I. Finley, [Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd ed.] historian and sociologist
* Sir Martin Gilbert, historian
* Sir Ernst Gombrich [,9848,587946,00.html] , art historian
* Martin Goodman (historian) (JYB 2005 p215)
* Philip Guedalla, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "He was buried in Golders Green Jewish cemetery"] biographer
* Eric Hobsbawm [] , historian & communist theoretician
* Jonathan Israel, historian (JYB 2005 p215)
* Joseph Jacobs [] , editor of the Jewish Encyclopedia
* Lisa Jardine, historian: The Times; 11 January 1997; Tony Turnbull:"Born in Oxford, she had moved to Cheltenham at the age of five when her father, the polymath Jacob Bronowski, author of Ascent of Man, took up a research post with the National Coal Board. So it was that this nice little Jewish family moved in to Cleeve Hill, a small village four miles from town."
* Tony Judt [] Director of the Erich Maria Remarque Institute at New York University.
* Elie Kedourie, [Jewish Year Book 1990 p202] historian and political scientist
* Dorothy King, archaeologist and historian
* Otto Kurz, historian (JYB 1975 p214)
* Bernard Lewis [] , historian
* David Malcolm Lewis, professor of history, University of Oxford (JYB 1995 p.193)
* Hyam Maccoby, professor of history []
* Sir Philip Magnus, 1st Baronet, educationalist and politician
* Sir Philip Magnus-Allcroft, 2nd Baronet, [Encyclopaedia Judaica, art. "Magnus"] biographer
* Shula Marks, expert on African history (JYB 2005 p.215)
* Arnaldo Momigliano, professor of history, University College London (JYB 1985 p188)
* Lewis Bernstein Namier [] , historian (converted to Anglicanism)
* Sir Francis Palgrave (born "Cohen") (1768-1861) [] , UK historian
* Sir Michael Postan, historian (JYB 1985 p188)
* Matthew Pendrill, historian (University of Sheffield)
* Cecil Roth [] , historian and editor of the Encyclopedia Judaica
* Simon Schama [] , historian
* Leonard Schapiro, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Glasgow of an Anglophile Riga Jewish family"] historian
* Simon Sebag Montefiore [] , historian
* Charles Singer, [Encyclopaedia Judaica, art. Historians, list headed "Prominent Jewish General Historians"] historian of science
* Sir Aurel Stein [] , archeologist
* Barry Supple, British economic historian (Jewish Year Book, 2005, p.215)
* Geza Vermes [] :"Five years or so later, I decided to define publicly my identity as belonging to the Jewish community by becoming a member of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue."


* Sir George Alberti, President, Royal College of Physicians [Jewish Chronicle, 14 January 2000, p.14 "Knighthood goes to diabetes pioneer"]
* Asher Asher, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography] first Scottish Jewish doctor
* Henry Cohen, 1st Baron Cohen of Birkenhead, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born of Jewish parents of Russian origin"] President of the Royal Society of Medicine
* Julius Dreschfeld, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Bavaria of Jewish parents"] medical researcher
* Sir Ian Gainsford, dentist (JYB 2007 p.197, 222)
* Sir Abraham Goldberg, Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Glasgow, 1923-2007, Times Obituary, 17 October 2007
* Max Hamilton, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "the son of Jewish parents"] psychiatrist
* Rodrigo Lopez (physician) [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "Jewish physician"]
* John Henry Marks [,,200475,00.html Guardian, Saturday October 23, 1999] , chairman of the British Medical Association.
* Sir Jonathan Miller [] , physician and theatre director
* Leslie Turnberg, Baron Turnberg [] , Professor: FMedSci
* Oliver Zangwill, Professor of psychology (JYB 1980 p182)
* Sir Joseph Stone, Lord Stone of Hendon, Personal phyisician to Prime Minister Harold Wilson


* Samuel Alexander [] , professor of philosophy at Manchester, born in Australia, the first Jewish fellow of an Oxbridge college
* Sir Alfred Ayer [] , philosopher, populariser of logical positivism (Jewish mother)
* Sir Isaiah Berlin [] , political philosopher
* Max Black, [Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd ed.] philosopher
* Gerald Cohen, Oxford professor of philosophy (JYB 2005 p215)
* Laurence Jonathan Cohen, Oxford professor of philosophy (JYB 2005 p215)
* Ernest Gellner [] , philosopher, social scientist
* H. L. A. Hart [] , legal philosopher
* Brian Klug [] , historian & communist theoretician
* Stephan Korner, Bristol professor of philosophy (JYB 2005 p215)
* Imre Lakatos, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "the only child of Jacob Márton Lipsitz, a wine merchant, and Márgit Herczfeld, both Hungarian Jews"] Hungarian-born philosopher
* Sir Karl Popper [] , philosopher of science (family became Lutheran)
* Richard Rudolf Walzer (JYB 1975 p214)
* Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher; Evening Standard (London); 24/5/2004, p15:"Born less than a week apart, Adolf Hitler and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein attended the institution together. There is a haunting school photograph of the young, complex, Jewish philosopher just one row away from the most politically-controversial of the 20th century."
* Richard Wollheim [] :"Wollheim was an outstanding representative of a generation of Central European Jewish intellectuals"

ocial scientists

See List of British Jewish scientists

Theologians and Hebraists

* Isaac Abendana, [Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911: ABENDANA, the name of two Jewish theologians ... Jacob ... Isaac] Hebraist
* Chimen Abramsky [] , Professor of Hebrew
* Michael Solomon Alexander, first Anglican bishop of Jerusalem (born Jewish; see Dictionary of National Biography)
* Lionel Barnett, [Obituary, "Jewish Chronicle", 5 February 1960, p.1] orientalist
* Abraham Benisch, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born of Jewish parents"] Hebraist and editor of the "Jewish Chronicle"
* Immanuel Oscar Menahem Deutsch, [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1911 ed.] Semitic scholar and orientalist
* Alfred Edersheim, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born of Jewish parents at Vienna"] Bible scholar
* Philip Ferdinand, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: born in Poland of Jewish parents] Professor of Hebrew
* Christian David Ginsburg, [born Jewish; see Dictionary of National Biography] expert on the Masoretic text
* Ridley Haim Herschell, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Prussian Poland of Jewish parents"] missionary
* Marcus Kalisch [] , Hebraist and Biblical commentator
* David Levi, [Dictionary of National Biography: "Jewish controversialist, born in London in 1740, was son of Mordecai Levi, a member of the London congregation of German and Polish Jews"] Jewish scholar
* Hugh Montefiore, [His own book "On Being a Jewish Christian" (1998)] bishop
* David Samuel Margoliouth, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "an academically highly gifted boy of Jewish parentage"] orientalist (family converted to Anglicanism)
* Adolf Neubauer, [ [ Jewish Encyclopedia article on Adolf Neubauer] ] Hebraist
* Stefan Reif [] , Cambridge academic
* Judah Segal, professor of Semitic languages (JYB 2005 p215)
* Joseph Wolff, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born of Jewish parents"] missionary


Fine arts

* Frank Auerbach [] , painter
* David Bomberg [] , painter
* Sir Anthony Caro [] , sculptor [ [,,1384783,00.html Guardian Books] ]
* Benno Elkan, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born at Dortmund of Jewish parentage"] sculptor
* Sir Jacob Epstein, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, cited at [ OUP web site] ] sculptor (UK-based)
* Hannah Frank [] , artist & sculptor
* Barnett Freedman, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "son of East-End Russian Jewish immigrants"] artist
* Lucian Freud [] , painter
* Abram Games [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "As a Jew, Games worked for the Jewish relief unit and for many Jewish and Israeli organizations"]
* Mark Gertler [] , painter
* Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein) [] , artist
* Walter Goodman, [Obituary, "Jewish Chronicle" 30 August 1912, p16] painter
* Solomon Alexander Hart, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "Hart was an observant Jew."] painter
* Anish Kapoor [,11710,950561,00.html] , sculptor (Jewish mother)
* R. B. Kitaj, US-born painter ["The Guardian", 6 February 2002, p6: Letter from Kitaj: "London's four leading Jewish painters, including me"; Listed as a British painter in Hutchinson's Encyclopedia of Britain, 2005]
* Jacob Kramer, [H. Read, S. Thorndike, and others, Jacob Kramer: a memorial volume (1969)] painter
* Lennie Lee [] , Young British Artist/mixed media
* Linda McCartney [] , photographer
* Ruth Rix [] , painter
* Sir William Rothenstein []
* Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon [ [ Jewish Chronicle] , "Lord Snowdon is indeed Jewish ... Snowdon does not need to be any more Jewish. Halachically, the Lubavitcher rebbe was no more haimishe than he is.]
* Isaac Snowman [] , painter
* Solomon Joseph Solomon [] , painter
* Tolleck Winner, mixed media
* Alfred Wolmark, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born of Jewish parents in Warsaw; naturalized, 1894"] painter

Designers and Architects

* Nicole Farhi [] , fashion designer
* John Frieda [] , hair-stylist; father of actor Jordan Frieda
*Ray Kelvin [,6903,851194,00.html] , fashion designer, founder of Ted Baker
* Denys Lasdun, [ [ Comment by his son James Lasdun] : "He was English but not really, being Jewish": accessed 6 May 2007] architect
* Stella McCartney, [ [ Jewish Virtual Library] : "Maybe I'm a really bad Jew because I'm always so excited to say that I am, but I don't live and breathe the religion.": accessed 6 May 2007] fashion designer (Jewish Mother)
* Erich Mendelsohn, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in East Prussia of German-Jewish parents] architect
* Janet Reger [] , lingerie designer
* Vidal Sassoon [] , hair stylist
* Richard Seifert [,3604,582430,00.html] , architect

Arts and literature

* Sir Israel Gollancz [] , Shakespeare expert
* Sir Ernst Gombrich [] , art historian (JYB 2000 p211)
* Sir Sidney Lee [] , editor of the Dictionary of National Biography and Shakespeare expert
* Siegbert Salomon Prawer, professor of German (JYB 2005 p215)
* Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate Gallery, 1987- ["Jewish Chronicle", 8 January 1999, p.6: "Three Jewish knights feature among the New Year honours: ... Nichola Serota ... John Krebs ... Victor Blank."]
* Ernest Simon, professor of Chinese (JYB 1980 p183)
* Arthur Waley [] , Chinese and Japanese literature:"Waley, born Arthur David Schloss, was a member of an elite Anglo-Jewish family"


See List of British Jewish entertainers


See List of British Jewish writers

Business and the professions

Civil service

* Abraham Manie Adelstein, Government statistician [article in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography]
* Sir Hermann Bondi [] , Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Energy
*Sir Andrew Cohen, [Jewish Chronicle, 21 June 1968 Page:46] colonial administrator
* Eugene Grebenik [] , first head of the Civil Service College
* Hans Kronberger (physicist), [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Linz, Austria, of Jewish parents"] nuclear physicist
* Sir Alan Marre [] , Second Permanent Secretary, Health; later Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
* Sir Claus Moser [] , Lord Moser, Government Statistician


* Sir Ernest Cassel, [K. Grunwald, ‘Windsor Cassel: the last court Jew’, Yearbook of the Leo Baeck Institute, 14 (1969), 119–61] banker
* Sir Ronald Cohen [,,2088-1452226,00.html] , Egypt-born businessman and Labour party supporter
* Moses da Costa, also called Anthony da Costa; "Jewish Encyclopedia" IV p. 289
*Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid [] , brothers, leading financiers and philanthropists
*Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid [] , financier, a leading figure in Jewish emancipation and in the foundation of University College London.
* Dudley Joel, [Jewish Chronicle 25 July 1941, p.12, "Jews in the Navy"] financier
* Solomon Joel, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "a devout Jew"] financier
* Peter Keith Levene, chairman of Lloyds of London, Lord Mayor of London (1998-1999) (JYB 2005 212)
* Henry Daniel Jackson, founder of Merchant Equity Partners, which owns MFI and [ But]
* Aaron of Lincoln [] , 12th century financier
* Moses Haim Montefiore [] , financier & philanthropist
* Michael Moritz [] , venture capitalist
* N M Rothschild & Sons
** Nathan Mayer Rothschild [] , financier & banker
* Samuel Montagu, 1st Baron Swaythling []
* Joseph Salvador [] , first Jewish director of the British East India Company
* Barons Swaythling [] , bankers


* Sir John Balcombe, Lord Justice of Appeal (The Guardian (Manchester); 04/07/00; Sir Maurice Drake; p. 20)
* Judah P. Benjamin, American exile, lawyer [(Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born of Jewish parents of English nationality"]
* Herbert Bentwich, [ [ New Yorker magazine] "My great-grandfather Herbert Bentwich, a lawyer from a prominent English Jewish family" Accessed 21 November 2006.] lawyer and Zionist leader
* Norman Bentwich, [Encyclopaedia Judaica, art. Bentwich] lawyer and Attorney-General of Palestine; son of Herbert Bentwich
* His Honour Gerald Butler, Q.C., judge (The Times (London); 13/06/00; Frances Gibb; p. Law. 3)
* Alex Carlile, Baron Carlile of Berriew, Liberal Democrats: "Jewish Chronicle":5/7/1996 p7: "The Liberal Democrats' sole Jewish MP, Alex Carlile":25/6/1999 p10: "Alex Carlile is on his way back to Westminster as one of four Jews among the 36 working peers"
* Arthur Cohen, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "first professing Jew to graduate at Cambridge"] QC and politician
* Lionel Cohen, Baron Cohen, [Dictionary of National Biography: "Another area to which Cohen gave time and devotion was that of Jewish culture and charity. He had been brought up in the Orthodox tradition, and came to take the Reformed and Liberal positions."] Lord of Appeal
* Myrella Cohen [] , prominent Judge, QC and agunah campaigner
* Sir Lawrence Collins, ["Jewish Chronicle", 12 January 2007 p.15: article "People: Who is up to what in the Jewish world this week"] appeal court judge
* Hazel Cosgrove, Lady Cosgrove [] , Scottish Queen's Counsel and sheriff
* David Daube, Professor of Law (JYB 1995, p193)
* Sir Morris Finer, judge
* Dame Hazel Genn (JYB 2005 p215)
* Sir Francis Henry Goldsmid [] , MP for Reading, first Jewish barrister (Q.C. 1858)
* Sir David Lionel Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons [] , barrister
* Peter Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith [] , [] , Attorney General
* Arthur Lehman Goodhart, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in New York of wealthy Jewish parents"] jurist
* William Goodhart, Lord Goodhart; [Flade, Ronald. The Lehmans: From Rimpar to the New World: A Family History, 2nd Enlarged Ed., 1999; reviewed by the [ American Jewish Historical Society] . Accessed 14 November 2006.] human rights lawyer and politician (son of Arthur Goodhart)
* Arnold Goodman, Baron Goodman [] , solicitor
* Brian Green [] Q.C.
* Alexis Grower, Prominent Entertainment Lawyer, Magrath & Co, London
* Dame Rose Heilbron [,3604,1665683,00.html] , Britain's first female Q.C., judge
* Rosalyn Higgins, President of the International Court of Justice [ [] "Was it any more difficult for her to be so critical in the Israel case because she is Jewish?

"I don't think so," she says, stressing that she judged the case as an international lawyer and not because of her background. "I also think that the fact you happen to be Jewish doesn't mean you think that everything the State of Israel does is right."

When the Foreign Office put her name forward for election to the court, there were fears that some countries in the UN would not vote for a Jewish woman.

She dismisses such concerns. "I don't think I have ever been perceived as Rosalyn Higgins, the Jewish international lawyer - and I hope not Rosalyn Higgins, the woman international lawyer."]
* Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading [] , lawyer and politician
* Sir George Jessel [] , Solicitor General for England and Wales, later Master of the Rolls
* Anthony Julius [] , prominent Lawyer for Princess Diana, and against David Irving.
* Sir Otto Kahn-Freund, Professor of Law (Dictionary of National Biography)
* Neville Laski [] , judge
* Hersch Lauterpacht []
* Leone Levi, barrister and statistician: Jewish Encyclopedia, VIII, 34
* George Henry Lewis [] , solicitor
* Gavin Lightman [] , judge; son of Harold Lightman
* Harold Lightman, barrister, father of Gavin Lightman and Stafford Lightman [Obituary: Harold Lightman; The Independent; 18 November 1998; John Balcombe; p. 6; "Lightman was disadvantaged in his early legal career by the fact that he had not been to university and was Jewish."]
* Alan Mocatta [] : "Sir Alan Mocatta, Jewish"
* Victor Mishcon, Baron Mishcon [,,1697708,00.html] , solicitor.
* David Neuberger, Baron Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Lord of Appeal; son of Albert Neuberger, brother of James Neuberger and Michael Neuberger, and brother-in-law of Julia Neuberger ("Jewish Year Book" 2005:212 & 214)
* David Pearl, [Son of Rabbi Chaim Pearl: see Who's Who (UK)] judge
* Nicholas Phillips, Baron Phillips of Worth Matravers [ [] Jewish Chronicle, 11 July 2008, "How Jewish is Lord Chief Justice Phillips?"] , Lord Chief Justice
* Sir Bernard Rix, Lord Justice of Appeal (2000-) (JYB 2005:212 & 214)
* Leonard Sainer [] , solicitor and retailer
* Fiona Shackleton Solicitor who has acted for the Royal Family and Paul McCartney ["The Guardian Profile", "The Guardian", 15 February 2008, pg.21]
* Lewis Silkin, 1st Baron Silkin, [Encyclopaedia Judaica 1st ed, vol 14 cols 1539-1540] solicitor
* Linda Joy Stern Q.C., prosecutor and judge ("Jewish Chronicle" 15/9/06 p31: death notices)
* Julius Stone []
*Eldred Tabachnik, Q.C., former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews [] .
* Peter Taylor, Baron Taylor of Gosforth [] , Q.C., former Lord Chief Justice
* Harry Woolf, Baron Woolf [] , former Lord Chief Justice, Q.C., former Master of the Rolls
* Jonathan Winegarten, Master, Probate Division


* Sir Leon Bagrit [,9171,940215,00.html?promoid=googlep Time Magazine] , pioneer of automation
* Sir Monty Finniston, industrialist (JYB 1977 p206-7)
* David Gestetner, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "He was a devout Jew"] inventor
* Joseph Kagan, Baron Kagan [] clothes manufacturer and disgraced friend of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "His parents were Orthodox Jews"]
* Sir Emmanuel Kaye, [The Times, 14 April 1998, p.1: "the Jewish philanthropist Sir Emmanuel Kaye"] industrialist and philanthropist
* Sir Robert Waley-Cohen, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "leading figure in Anglo-Jewry"] industrialist
* Arnold Weinstock, Lord Weinstock, Chairman of GEC - JYB 2002, p211


* Rachel Beer, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography] newspaper editor
* Sidney Bernstein, [Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd ed] cinema owner
*Benjamin Cohen [] , Channel 4 News reporter and presenter
* Richard Desmond [] , publisher, Chairman of the Daily Express Group
* Andre Deutsch [,6109,158496,00.html]
* Lew Grade [] , founder of ATV
* Michael Grade [] , Chairman of ITV
* Michael Green [] , founder of Carlton Television
* Sydney Jacobson, newspaper editor [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "the only son and elder child of Samuel and Anna Jacobson, a Jewish couple"]
* Joseph Moses Levy [] , owner of the Daily Telegraph
* Edward Levy-Lawson, 1st Baron Burnham [] , newspaper proprietor
* Robert Maxwell [] , publisher
* Suzy Menkes [] , fashion journalist
* Paul Reuter [] , founder of Reuters
* Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, Non-Executive Deputy Chairman of the Board, British SKY Broadcasting Group PLC [The Times (London); 3 December 1992; Ruth Gledhill:'Lord Rothschild, who is head of the English branch of the Rothschild family, says: "I would not like to disguise that I am first and foremost a secular Jew."']
* Maurice Saatchi, Baron Saatchi & Charles Saatchi [] , founders of Saatchi and Saatchi
* Martin Sorrell [] , founder of the WPP Group
* Iain Wareing, Radio Broadcaster
* George Weidenfeld [] , publisher
* Natasha Kaplinsky [] , Newsreader, TV presenter


* Frank Alexander de Pass [] , WWI British Indian Army Victoria Cross recipient
* John Edwards, sailor at the Battle of Trafalgar (The Independent (London); 02/11/05; Martin Sugarman; p. 34)
* Robert Gee [] , WWI British Army Victoria Cross recipient
* Albert Goldsmid [] , colonel
* Frederick John Goldsmid [] , general
* Thomas William Gould [] , WWII Royal Navy Victoria Cross recipient
* John Patrick Kenneally [] , WWII British Army Victoria Cross recipient (Jewish father)
* Issy Smith [] , WWI British Army Victoria Cross recipient
* Jack White, WWI British Army Victoria Cross recipient (JYB 2005 p215)


* Jack Cotton, [Dictionary of National Biography: "Cotton was a highly respected member of the Jewish community in Birmingham, of whose main synagogue he had been vice-president and treasurer"] property developer
* Lewis Hammerson, Founder Hammerson Property Group
* Peter Rachman, London landlord
* Arnold Silverstone Lord Ashdown of Chelwood, Property developer built Ashdown House on Victoria Street, London


* David Alliance, Baron Alliance, businessman & Liberal Democrat politician (JYB 2005 212)
* Sir Victor Blank, ["Jewish Chronicle", 8 January 1999, p.6: "Three Jewish knights feature among the New Year honours: ... Nichola Serota ... John Krebs ... Victor Blank."] Chairman of GUS
* Sir Montague Burton, retailer [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Lithuania of Jewish parentage"]
* Sir Charles Clore [] , owner of Selfridges
* Jack Cohen [] , founder of Tesco
* Ralph and David Gold, founders of Ann Summers and co-owners of Birmingham City football club (Financial Times (London); 13/07/04; Jonathon Guthrie; p. 15)
* Sir Philip Green [] , owner of Bhs, Arcadia Group
* Irene Howard, English costume designer and sister of actor Leslie Howard.
* Stanley Kalms [] , now Baron Kalms of Edgware, life president of Dixons Group PLC.
* Bernard Lewis, ["Jewish Chronicle", 24 April 1998, p.7: "one Jewish businessman on the up is fashion and property man Bernard Lewis"] founder of River Island
* David Lewis [] , department store founder
* Michael Marks [] , co-founder of Marks & Spencer (born in Poland)
* Simon Marks [] , chairman of Marks & Spencer
* Gerald Ronson [,,1268356,00.html] , business tycoon and philanthropist.
* Marcus Samuel, founder of the "Shell" Transport and Trading Company (Birmingham Post (Birmingham); 08/11/03; Chris Upton; p. 44)
* Israel Sieff [] , chairman of Marks & Spencer
* Sir Alan Sugar [] , founder of Amstrad
* Isaac Wolfson [] , founder of GUS plc & philanthropist


* Henry Solomon [] [] [] Chief Constable of Brighton Borough 1838 to 1844

Political figures

"See List of British Jewish politicians"

Religious and communal leaders

* Jacob Abendana, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
* Barnett Abrahams, Dayan, Principal of Jews' College
* Israel Abrahams, scholar and educator
* Yehezkel Abramsky, Rabbi and dayan
* Hermann Adler, Chief Rabbi
* Nathan Marcus Adler, Chief Rabbi
* Benjamin Artom, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
* Jon Benjamin, Chief Executive, Board of Deputies of British Jews
* Lionel Blue, Reform rabbi and broadcaster
* Levi Brackman, Rabbi
* Jonathan Kellystienowitz, Rabbi of KCECH and 525
* Sir Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi
* Felix Carlebach, German born Rabbi
* Isidore Epstein, Rabbi, Principal of Jews' College
* Moses Gaster, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
* Sir Hermann Gollancz, Rabbi and educator
* Aaron Hart, Chief Rabbi []
* Joseph H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi
* Shmuel Yitzchak Hillman, Rabbi and dayan
* Solomon Hirschell, Chief Rabbi
* Moses Hyamson, acting Chief Rabbi
* Louis Jacobs, Rabbi and educator
* Immanuel Jakobovits, Baron Jakobovits, Chief Rabbi
* Casriel Dovid Kaplin, rabbi and dayan
* James Kennard, Rabbi and Educationalist
* Hart Lyon, Chief Rabbi
* Carly McKenzie [] , One of founding members of the Byachad Movement and Campaigner
* Frederick de Sola Mendes, rabbi
* Ewen Montagu, President of the United Synagogue
* Claude Montefiore, Lay synagogue leader
* Julia Neuberger, Reform Rabbi
* David Nieto, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
* Isaac Nieto, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
* Michael Plaskow, Minister
* Jonathan Romain, Rabbi
* Sir Anthony Rothschild, first president of the United Synagogue
* Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi
* Joseph ben Yehuda Leib Shapotshnick, rabbi
* Simeon Singer, Rabbi
* Andrew Shaw, Rabbi
* Simon Waley Waley, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "a leading member of the London Jews"] Lay leader
* Chaim Weizmann, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "naturalised British subject, 1910"] Zionist leader


See List of British Jewish entertainers


* Harold Abrahams [] , gold medalist sprinter at the 1924 Olympics who was immortalized in the film "Chariots of Fire"
* Sir Sidney Abrahams, [] Olympic long-jumper, colonial judge.
* Tony Bullimore, ["Bullimore's sister buoyed by rabbis' support", "Jewish Chronicle" 24 January 1997 p.1] yachtsman
* Ludwig Guttmann [] , founder of the Paralympics
* Sir Stirling Moss, racing driver (Jewish father) (The Sunday Telegraph (London); 20/03/05; Nicholas Bagnall; p. 012)
* David Pleat, former football manager []
* Fred Trueman, cricketer (Jewish ancestry) ("Jewish Chronicle" 7 July 2006 p40: "T'fastest Jewish bowler ever")
* Sheila van Damm, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "Sheila's upbringing in an all-girl Jewish family generated no interest in motoring beyond her training as a Women's Auxiliary Air Force driver."] rally driver
* Barry Silkman, Footballer and Agent


* Jackie Kid Berg [] , Junior Welterweight Champion (IBHOF)
* Roman Greenberg, [ [ Roman Greenberg site] "the first Jewish world heavyweight champion in more than a quarter-century" [ Boxrec site] "Hometown Finchley, England". Both accessed 12 November 2006.] IBO intercontinental heavyweight champion
* Ted "Kid" Lewis (Gershon Mendeloff), [cite web|url=|title=Ted “Kid” Lewis(Gershon Mendeloff)||accessdate=2008-05-09|last=|first=] world welterweight champion 1915-6, 1917-9
* Daniel Mendoza [] , 18th century Heavyweight Champion (IBHOF), ancestor of actor Peter Sellers and Mike Mendoza (talksport) Radio & Television Presenter


* Gerald Abrahams [] , British chess player
* Aaron Alexandre [] , German/French/British chess player
* Victor Berger [] , Ukrainian/British chess player
* Stephan Fazekas [] , Hungarian/British chess player
* David Friedgood [] , South African/British chess player
* Harry Golombek [] , British chess player
* Isidor Gunsberg [] , Hungarian/British chess player
* William Hartston [] , British chess player
* Leopold Hoffer [] , Hungarian/British chess player
* Bernhard Horwitz [] , German/British chess player
* Ernest Klein [] , Austrian/British chess player
* Imre König [] , Hungarian/British chess player
* David Levy [] , British chess player
* Paul List [] , Ukrainian/British chess player
* Edward Löwe [] , British chess player
* Johann Löwenthal [] , Hungarian/British chess player
* Jonathan Mestel [] , British chess player
* Jacques Mieses [] , German/British chess player
* Raaphi Persitz [] , Israeli/British chess player
* Jon Speelman [] , British chess player
* Michael Stean [] , British chess player
* Victor Wahltuch [] , British chess player
* Baruch Harold Wood [] British chess player
* Johannes Zukertort [] , Polish/German/British chess player


* The Right Honourable Lady Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, Baroness Black of Crossharbour


* Bernhard Baron, cigarette maker and philanthropist []
* Sir Clive Bourne, ["Jewish Chronicle", obituary, 19 January 2007 p.45] philanthropist
* Joseph Duveen, 1st Baron Duveen of Millbank [ [] : "Lord Duveen and many other Jewish intellectuals"]
* Dame Vivien Duffield, philanthropist, daughter of Sir Charles Clore (JYB 2005 p214)
* Anna Maria Goldsmid, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "Born an Orthodox Jew, in her religious practices Anna Maria remained throughout her life very observant"] philanthropist
* Sir Basil Henriques, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born into old, established Jewish family"] philanthropist
* Maurice de Hirsch, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "His grandfather Jacob had established the family as one of the first Jewish families to acquire great wealth and social acceptability in Bavaria ... His mother came from an Orthodox Frankfurt family and ensured that the children were properly instructed in Jewish matters ... he thereafter lived more in London than in Paris."] banker and philanthropist
* Samuel Lewis [] , moneylender and philanthropist
* Sir Robert Mayer [] , philanthropist
* Frederic David Mocatta, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "Jewish philanthropist"] philanthropist


* Barney Barnato, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography] diamond miner
* Jack Beddington, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "His family were Jewish" ] advertising executive
* Antonio Fernandez Carvajal, [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography] merchant, first Jew to be naturalised as a British citizen
* Jeremiah Duggan [The Press, Hendon and Finchley Edition, 16 November 2006, p.4: "Student Jeremiah, who was Jewish"] Possible murder victim
* Lewis Elton [] , educationalist
* Stuart Paton, Famous for his likeness to Jimmy Neutron.
* Alexander Goldberg, [ [] ; "The Irish Times", Wednesday, 7 January 1998: "Ireland's Young Bloomers"] human rights activist, chaplain and barrister
* Henry Edward Goldsmid [] , East India Company servant
* Kurt Hahn, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Berlin of Jewish parents"] educationalist
* Nathaniel Isaacs, [,%20NATHANIEL] explorer
* Nigella Lawson [] , Cookery writer
* Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner (1840-1899), educationist and orientalist [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "registered with the Jewish community of Pest"; [ Jewish Encyclopedia] ]
* Roger Lyons Trade Union leader
* Sir Solomon de Medina [] , army contractor, first English Jew to be knighted
* Chava Mond, [] model
* Don Pacifico, [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "a Portuguese Jew, but born a British subject"] cause of the Pacifico incident
* Jordan (Katie Price), model ["Jewish Chronicle", 24 November 2006, p.1: "Ms Price, who is halachically Jewish"]
* Krystyna Skarbek, [ [ Lire: le magazine littéraire] : "la comtesse Krystyna Skarbek, une aristocrate juive"] spy
* Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen [] , Lord Mayor of London




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* JYB = Jewish Year Book (annual)
* "Obituary: Sir Edward Sassoon". "The Times", Saturday, 25 May 1912; pg. 11; Issue 39908; col C.
* TimesAd: "The Times", 6/7/06 p34: "A Call by Jews in Britain" (advert signed by 300 British Jews)
* David S. Katz, The Jews in the History of England, 1485-1850 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994). xvi, 447 pp.

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