Chaos 2

Chaos 2
Chaos 2
Chaos 2 with a chain holding down its flipper so that it is safe between fights.
Height 0.42 m (1.4 ft)
Width 0.63 m (2.1 ft)
Depth 0.92 m (3.0 ft)
Weight 84 kg (190 lb)
Weight class Heavyweight
Primary weapon Flipper
Maximum speed 12 mph (19 km/h)
Turning circle 0 m (0 ft)
Ground clearance 70 mm (2.8 in)
Power source 2 × 1kW motors
Team name Team Chaos
Team members George Francis
Ian Swann
Richard Swann
Location Bramford, Ipswich
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Chaos 2 can also refer to the third form of Chaos, a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Chaos 2 is a combat robot from the UK Television Series Robot Wars, designed and built by self-employed mechanic George Francis, from Ipswich, and operated by Team Chaos. Twice winner of the UK Robot Wars Championship and the only robot with that distinction, it was the first robot to use its flipper to throw its opponents out of the arena altogether. This machine was also the first to defeat Hypno-Disc in Series 3. Its flipper is considered to be the most powerful in Robot Wars, although it is not as powerful as the catapult-style flipper of Wheely Big Cheese. However, its weapon is superior in terms of efficiency, but has a limited supply of CO2, which provides the power for the weapon. The robot has been reincarnated several times over the years, previously appearing as Robot The Bruce and Chaos. Its flipper was also used as a self-righting mechanism when the robot was inverted, flipping the entire robot over in a half-somersault so it could continue fighting.

Chaos 2 is an inaugural member of the Combat Robot Hall of Fame. It also has its own pullback toy, pullback minibot and DVD.



Chaos 2
Weight: 84 kg (during its last appearance in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2)
Dimensions: 38 cm × 92 cm × 72 cm
Clearance: 7 cm
Power: electric motors
Weapons: powerful pneumatic CO2 powered flipper

Battle summary

Series 3

UK Championship
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Crocodilitron won by knockout
Round 2 Sonic won by knockout
Round 3 The Big Cheese won by point The first time Chaos 2 used their srimech mechanism.The Big Cheese caused heavy damage to Sergeant Bash at the end.
Round 4 Trident won by knockout
Round 5 Mace II won by knockout This was seen as a spot of revenge fom George Francis, after the original Mace robot knocked out Chaos, his previous machine, in the Second wars.
Round 6 Firestorm won by knockout First time a robot is flipped out of the arena
Grand Final Hypno-disc won by knockout Also flipped Matilda onto her side (as well as making its armour fall off) and flipped over Shunt, knocking off its exhaust stack and its top bodyshell
First World Championship

Chaos 2 represented England in this competition.

Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Killerhurtz (Czech Republic) won by knockout Despite being boxed into the CPZ and having its gas canister burst by Shunt
Round 2 Razer (England) lost by knockout Reversed into pit after CO2 canister was burst

Series 4

UK Championship
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Atomic vs. Indefatigable Qualified by knockout Flips Indefatigable out of arena
Round 2 Medusa 2000 Won by knockout Very nearly flipped Medusa 2000 out of the arena twice. Medusa 2000 also showed poor control by backing into the claw of SGT Bash and having one of its back wheels crushed.
Round 3 Atomic Won by knockout
Round 4 Steg 2 Won by knockout
Round 5 Tornado won by knockout Tornado flipped out of the arena after about half a minute.
Round 6 Stinger Won by judges' decision by 1 point Chaos 2's first judge's decision. Stinger and Chaos 2 were even on damage, style and aggression, but Chaos 2 won on control.
Grand Final Pussycat Won by judges' decision Impressed the judges by throwing Pussycat several feet in the air, but slowed down a little and lost some of its power in its weapon somewhat after having a piece of polycarbonate sliced off the back of it. They came back though, nearly flipping Pussycat out of the arena, and pushing them into Shunt, who, oddly, missed with the axe.

Chaos 2 won the UK championship for the second consecutive time.

Northern Annihilator
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Spikasaurus vs. Stinger vs. Killerhurtz vs. Dominator 2 vs. Suicidal Tendencies Eliminated by knockout Ganged up on by other robots. They very nearly knocked out Killerhurtz. The axes of Dominator 2 and Killerhurtz came crashing down on the bodyshell and flipper of Chaos 2, and the heavy swinging mace of Stinger caused the top of the flipper to completely cave in. Chaos 2 were immobilised from then on.

Robot Wars Extreme - Series 1

Round Opponent Result Notes
International Melee Alien Destructor vs. Philliper Won by knocking out Philliper and beating Alien Destructor on a judges' decision
Flipper Frenzy Thermidor 2 vs. Wheely Big Cheese vs. Bigger Brother lost by knockout Was immobilised
Challenge Belt Tornado lost by knockout
All Stars Championship
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 X-Terminator won by knockout
Round 2 Wheely Big Cheese won by judges' decision
Round 3 Tornado lost by judges' decision
Second World Championship

Chaos 2 represented the UK in this competition.

Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Manta (USA) vs. Mastiff (Italy) vs. Ansgar (Germany) lost by knockout Spectacularly drove itself into the pit while flipping one of the robots

Series 5

UK Championship
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Storm Force won by knockout
Round 2 The Steel Avenger won by knockout Flips The Steel Avenger out of the arena. Was later presented by the sets technical crew with a broken light "in memory of all the lights you've busted" by flipping robots out of the arena.
Round 3 S.M.I.D.S.Y. won by knockout 1st Match: Both Robots immobilised, the judges instantly call for a rematch. Rematch: won by knockout, flips SMIDSY out of arena
Round 4 Wild Thing won by judges' decision Chaos 2 leaned into pit, setting off the smoke but doesn't fall in, it is thought to be the closest fight ever
Round 5 Bigger Brother lost by knockout Chaos 2 thought to have run out of CO2, first loss in the UK championship

Series 6

UK Championship
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Destructosaur vs. Mighty Mouse vs. Iron-Awe 2 qualified by knockout flips Iron Awe out of arena.
Round 2 Crushtacean won by knockout
Round 3 Dantomkia lost by knockout first time Chaos 2 has been flipped out of the arena

Robot Wars Extreme - Series 2

All Stars Championship
Round Opponent Result Notes
Round 1 Razer vs. 13 Black eliminated by knockout Following a large hit on the chassis by 13 Black,[1] smashing the flipper, Chaos 2 was rendered unrepairable for the rest of Extreme II

This was its final fight. However, after this loss, it received a massive overhaul to bring it back to working order. It no longer fights, but it still appears as a display robot at some Charity Events.

Preceded by
Panic Attack
UK Robot Wars
Reigning Champion (Series 3, 4)
Succeeded by


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