Bread and Chocolate

Bread and Chocolate

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name = Bread and Chocolate

caption = DVD cover
director = Franco Brusati
producer = Maurizio Lodi-Fe
Turi Vasile
writer = Franco Brusati
Jaja Fiastri
Nino Manfredi
narrator =
starring = Nino Manfredi
Johnny Dorelli
Anna Karina
music = Daniele Patucchi
cinematography = Luciano Tovoli
editing = Mario Morra
distributor = Cinéma International Corporation
released = flagicon|Italy flagicon|France 1974
flagicon|USA July 14 1978
runtime = 100 mins
country = Italy
language = Italian, German, English
budget =
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amg_id = 1:85891
imdb_id = 0070506

"Bread and Chocolate" ( _it. Pane e cioccolata) is a 1974 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Franco Brusati. This film chronicles the misadventures of an Italian immigrant to Switzerland and is representative of the "commedia all'italiana" film genre.

Plot summary

Like many southern Europeans of the period (1960s to early 1970s), Nino Garofalo (Nino Manfredi) is a migrant "guest worker" from Naples, working as a waiter in Switzerland. He loses his work permit when he is caught urinating in public, so he begins to lead a clandestine life in Switzerland. At first he is supported by Elena, a Greek woman. Then he befriends an Italian industrialist, relocated to Switzerland because of financial problems. The industrialist takes him under his wing, only to commit suicide when he squanders his last savings. Nino is constrained to find shelter with a group of clandestine Neapolitans living in a chicken coop, together with the same chickens they tend to in order to survive. Captivated by the idyllic vision of a group of young blonde, Swiss youths, he decides to dye his hair and pass himself off as a local. In a bar, when rooting for the Italian national football team during its transmission, he is found out . He is arrested and deported. He embarks on a train and finds himself in a cabin filled with returning Italian guest workers. Amid the songs of "sun" and "sea", he is seen having second thoughts. He gets off at the first stop: better life as an illegal immigrant than a life of misery.


* Nino Manfredi as Nino Garofalo
* Johnny Dorelli as Italian Industrialist
* Anna Karina as Elena
* Paolo Turco as Gianni
* Ugo D'Alessio as Old Man
* Tano Cimarosa as Giacomo
* Gianfranco Barra as The Turk
* Giorgio Cerioni as Police Inspector
* Francesco D'Adda as Rudiger
* Geoffrey Copleston as Boegli
* Federico Scrobogna as Grigory
* Max Delys as Renzo
* Umberto Raho as Maitre
* Nelide Giammarco as The Blonde
* Manfred Freyberger as Lo svizzero sportivo


* "Bread and Chocolate" won several international wards including the Silver Bear at the 1974 Berlin International Film Festival.
* New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Language Film 1978

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