Telemetry intelligence

Telemetry intelligence

Telemetry intelligence (TELINT) is a subdiscipline of FISINT which is concerned with missiles and other remotely-monitored devices sending back continuous streams of data about their location, speed, engine status and other metrics. This data can provide valuable information on the actual performance of the missile and especially its throw-weight, i.e. the potential size of its warheads.

trategic significance of TELINT

TELINT is one of the "national means of technical verification" mentioned, but not detailed, in the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) between the US and USSR. This data can provide valuable information on the actual performance of the missile and especially its throw-weight, i.e. the potential size of its nuclear warheads. The Harv | SALT I treaty language [cite web
last = US Department of State
authorlink = State Department
title = Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty I
id = SALT I
url =
accessdate = 2007-10-01
] "the agreements include provisions that are important steps to strengthen assurance against violations: both sides undertake not to interfere with national technical means of verification. In addition, both countries agree not to use deliberate concealment measures to impede verification." refers to, in part, a technical agreement not to encrypt strategic test telemetry and thus impede verification by TELINT.

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*United States Air Force in the United Kingdom#Air Transport/Special Operations


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