League table

League table

A league table is a chart or list which compares sports teams, institutions or companies by ranking them in order of ability or achievement. In the United Kingdom, many public-sector industries, including hospitals, compete in league tables.

In North America, a league table is often referred to as a standings or ranking chart.

In sport, league tables group teams of similar abilities in a chart generally published in newspapers, to show the current standing of the participants (teams or individuals) in a sports league or competition.

* Football League First Division
* Football League Second Division
* Football League Third Division
* Football League Fourth Division

In education league tables compare the academic achievements of different institutions:

* College and university rankings
* League tables of British universities
* In England, [http://www.dfes.gov.uk/performancetables/ tables] of schools performance.

In business, league tables list the leaders in investment banking activity. Companies which collect this kind of data include Dealogic and Thomson Financial (see Thomson Financial league tables).

tatistics included in sports league tables

At the very least, a league table will show the names of the teams and their points total or winning percentage (depending on the sport), sorted in order of points or percentage. However, many league tables show further statistics; these may include:
* wins
* losses
* ties (draws)
* goal differential (Goals scored minus goals conceded)
** goals scored
** goals allowed (conceded)
* home/away win/loss records
* etc.

Usually, if a league is divided into conferences and divisions, the league table will also be. Often, a less specific table is also included. For example, National Hockey League tables will normally have a detailed table for each division, plus a table for each conference showing just the points totals.

ample sport league table

As an example, below is the league table for the National Hockey League's Northeast Division, as of March 31, 2004: Team GP W L T OL GF GA Pts x-Boston 79 40 18 14 7 201 179 101 x-Toronto 80 43 24 10 3 234 204 99 x-Ottawa 79 41 22 10 6 254 178 98 x-Montreal 79 40 28 7 4 201 182 91 Buffalo 79 36 32 7 4 213 210 83 x - clinched playoff spot y - clinched division championship

In the above table, an "x" placed before a team's name shows that the team has qualified for playoff position; other letters may be used to show that a team is guaranteed first place, has been eliminated from contention and so forth. From this table, we can see that Boston, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal are all guaranteed playoff positions; the absence of a "y" shows that the division championship is still to play for. Meanwhile, because Buffalo has no symbol at all, they are not out of playoff contention, but have yet to clinch a playoff position. The following day, a new league table would appear in newspapers, updated based on the previous night's games. Of course, the above table would also be accompanied by those of the other 5 divisions in the league.

tatistics included in business league tables

Financial League tables list the top financers in a particular industry. Dealogic's league tables are rankings of Investment Banks in terms of the dollar volume of deals that investment banks work on. They provide real-time league table rankings. [http://www.dealogic.com Dealogic real-time league tables]

ample business league table

As an example, below is the league table for International DCM Bookrunners - End of Q3 2006. [http://www.euromoney.com/article.asp?PositionID=bonds&ArticleID=1080516&Reference=bonds Dealogic tables on euromoney.com. DCM figures exclude Money Market instruments (CDs, Bank Notes, securities with tenor less than 18 months). Amounts are based on bookrunner-apportioned Global Proceeds ($m). Only transactions with Bookrunners are eligible for rankings. Credit is allocated on a tranche by tranche basis ] Bookrunner Value$m Deals %Share 1 Citigroup 320,257 978 7.0 2 Deutsche Bank 296,516 1121 6.5 3 JP Morgan 292,816 899 6.4 4 Lehman Brothers 265,773 730 5.8 5 Merrill Lynch 249,698 1303 5.5 6 Morgan Stanley 241,896 804 5.3 7 Goldman Sachs 226,922 493 5.0 8 Credit Suisse 217,618 748 4.8 9 RBS 216,569 557 4.8 10 Barclays Capital 212,892 971 4.7 Total 4,554,410 14,958 100

External links

* [http://nhl.com/onthefly/standings/conf_stand.html National Hockey League table]
* [http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/mlb/standings/index.jsp Major League Baseball table]
* [http://www.nfl.com/standings National Football League table]
* [http://www.cfl.ca/CFLStandings/home.html Canadian Football League table]
* [http://www.nba.com/standings/team_record_comparison/conferenceNew_Std_Cnf.html National Basketball Association table]
* [http://stats.football365.com/tables.html Football league tables: England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy]


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