Sleeping bag (infant)

Sleeping bag (infant)

An infant sleeping bag is a bag-like garment or coveringworn by infants for sleeping. Infant sleeping bags differ fromregular sleeping bags in design and purpose, being designed primarily forindoor rather than outdoor use, and usually featuring either arm holes or

Other terms for garments/coverings in the same general categoryinclude:
* Baby sleep bag ["Baby sleep bag" is the term used by [] for this category of products in its Item Classification Guide.] , sleep bag
* Baby sleeping bag
* Bunting
* Sleep sack, sleeping sack. [As of December 2007, the company [ Halo Innovations] had a [ trademark application pending] for the word "sleepsack", the trademark application is [ under appeal] .]
* Go go bag [The company [ Amie Design Limited] has a trademark for the term "GO GO BAGS", Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand trade mark number (210) 716829.]
* Grow bag
* Wearable blanket
* Lola & Ben(R) 4 Seasons in 1 Bag [Registered trademark of [ Designer Kids Ltd] ]

Related garment

* Blanket sleeper


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