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Big Brother Australia 2007

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series = Season 7 (2007)
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hm1 = Aleisha
hm1-enter = Day 0
hm1-exit = Day 100
hm1-stat = winner
hm2 = Zach
hm2-enter = Day 50
hm2-exit = Day 100
hm2-stat = runner
hm3 = Travis
hm3-enter = Day 0
hm3-exit = Day 99
hm3-stat = evic
hm4 = Billy
hm4-enter = Day 2
hm4-exit = Day 99
hm4-stat = evic
hm5 = Zoran
hm5-enter = Day 2
hm5-exit = Day 92
hm5-stat = evic
hm6 = Joel
hm6-enter = Day 0
hm6-exit = Day 92
hm6-stat = evic
hm7 = Daniela
hm7-enter = Day 31
hm7-exit = Day 85
hm7-stat = five
hm8 = Michelle
hm8-enter = Day 50
hm8-exit = Day 78
hm8-stat = evic
hm9 = Jamie
hm9-enter = Day 0
hm9-exit = Day 71
hm9-stat = evic
hm10 = Thomas
hm10-enter = Day 0
hm10-exit = Day 64
hm10-stat = evic
hm11 = Andrew
hm11-enter = Day 0
hm11-exit = Day 64
hm11-stat = evic
hm12 = Laura
hm12-enter = Day 31
hm12-exit = Day 57
hm12-stat = evic
hm13 = Rebecca
hm13-enter = Day 0
hm13-exit = Day 50
hm13-stat = evic
hm14 = Emma
hm14-enter = Day 0
hm14-exit = Day 50
hm14-stat = evic
hm15 = Susannah
hm15-enter = Day 2
hm15-exit = Day 43
hm15-stat = evic
hm16 = Nick
hm16-enter = Day 18
hm16-exit = Day 36
hm16-stat = evic
hm17 = Hayley
hm17-enter = Day 0
hm17-exit = Day 31
hm17-stat = five
hm18 = Demet
hm18-enter = Day 11
hm18-exit = Day 29
hm18-stat = evic
hm19 = Bodie
hm19-enter = Day 0
hm19-exit = Day 22
hm19-stat = evic
hm20 = TJ
hm20-enter = Day 0
hm20-exit = Day 22
hm20-stat = evic
hm21 = Kate
hm21-enter = Day 0
hm21-exit = Day 15
hm21-stat = evic
hm22 = Harrison
hm22-enter = "Day 2"
hm22-exit = Day 11
hm22-stat = three
hm23 = Kara
hm23-enter = "Day 2"
hm23-exit = Day 11
hm23-stat = three
hm24 = Cruz
hm24-enter = "Day 2"
hm24-exit = Day 8
hm24-stat = three

legendwinner = Winner
legendrunner = Runner-up
legendevic = Evicted
legend5 = Evicted in a special eviction
legend3 = Evicted White Room Wild Cards

"Big Brother Australia 2007" was the seventh season of the Australian reality television series "Big Brother Australia". Episodes were broadcast on Network Ten in Australia, and the first episode aired on April 22, 2007. Auditions were held throughout November and December 2006, taking place in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.

Despite a drop in ratings compared to previous series, and a number of controversies, the then "Big Brother" executive producer Kris Noble considers the year's series a success. [cite web
url =
title = Big Brother to be back, despite ratings
accessdate = 2007-07-27
author = AAP
date = July 27, 2007
publisher = The West Australian
] It was also announced by Gretel Killeen, the host of the series, at the end of this year's finale that "Big Brother" will return for an eighth series in 2008. In the finale broadcast July 30, 2007, Aleisha Cowcher was announced winner of "Big Brother Australia 2007" by the closest winning margin ever in Australian voting history, 51% - 49% an actual split of just 65 votes which was announced on the news the following day. This series was the last to be hosted by Gretel Killeen.


The 2007 launch had the smallest ever opening episode audience in all seven Australian "Big Brother" series, and a 14% drop from the previous year's opening night. Network Ten came second overall but lost the night to Nine Network's "60 Minutes". Nevertheless with an average of 1.549 million viewers, the opening night was Ten's best Sunday night of the year, to date. [cite web
url =
title = OZ Big Brother audience worst in 7 years
accessdate = 2007-04-25
author = AAP
date = April 24, 2007
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] The series finale, in which Aleisha was announced winner, was expected to have just under two million viewers, a 10% drop from 2006's finale, [cite web
url =
title = Aleisha wins Big Brother 2007
accessdate = 2007-07-30
author = Chris Pycroft
date = July 30, 2007
publisher = ""
] however Network Ten later announced that the peak audience of the night was 2.3 million viewers, [cite web
url =
title = Aleisha wins Big Brother 2007
accessdate = 2007-07-31
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date = July 30, 2007
publisher = ""
] while Crikey's media reporter Glenn Dyer stated that Ten's viewership figures were exaggerated, and that the average number of viewers was 1.791 million for the entire show, not 1.9 as Ten had stated, which only accounted for 8.30pm - 10pm. He also pointed out that while the peak of 2.3 million viewers beat the previous year's series, the average audience lost to 2006's 1.88 million viewers. [cite web
url =
title = Media briefs and TV ratings
accessdate = 2007-07-31
author = Glenn Dyer
date = July 31, 2007
publisher = Crikey

In June, the show's ratings were down 5% overall and 13% in the 16- to 39-year old demographic compared to the previous year's series, [cite web
url =,23663,21844442-10388,00.html
title = Trouble on the tube, Brother
accessdate = 2007-06-05
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] and by the series' final week in July these figures had dropped a further 5% and 2% respectively. [cite web
url =,25197,22134817-7582,00.html
title = Ten looks to 'big five' franchise
accessdate = 2007-07-27
author = Nick Tabakoff
date = July 26, 2007
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] Additionally, the Daily Show and Live Eviction Show were down 100,000 and 200,000 viewers respectively. [cite web
url =,22606,22050746-5006347,00.html
title = The rise and fall of Big Brother
accessdate = 2007-07-11
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] The variations of the show brought it around one million viewers each night. [cite web
url =,23739,22162402-953,00.html
title = Hits and misses in 2007
accessdate = 2007-07-31
author = Amy Harris
date = July 30, 2007
publisher = The Courier-Mail

The show received several bad write-ups, The Sunday Telegraph stating that "nothing could get worse for the ratings-challenged BB" [cite web
url =,,22067265-5001021,00.html
title = Kyle Sandilands BB entry fury
accessdate = 2007-07-29
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date = July 13, 2007
publisher = The Sunday Telegraph
] and The Daily Telegraph naming this year's series "Most. Boring. Ever.", [cite web
url =,22049,22148609-5009160,00.html
title = McLeod's is just spooky
accessdate = 2007-07-29
author = Andrew Mercado
date = July 29, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
] while the Sunday Herald Sun stated that the show "has committed the worst television sin - it is boring." [cite web
url =,21985,22150331-5006016,00.html
title = Brother, what a turkey
accessdate = 2007-07-29
author = Garry Williams
date = July 29, 2007
publisher = Sunday Herald Sun
] "eBroadcast Australia" considered the program "left lifeless and fading" after the finale, [cite web
url =
title = Big Brother, it's time to... revamp
accessdate = 2007-08-03
author = eNews staff and agencies
date = August 3, 2007
publisher = eBroadcast Australia
] and "Christian Today" thought the entire season "a slump in rating". [cite web
url =
title = BB Series Declared Winner, But Gone Through A Tumultuous Year
accessdate = 2007-08-03
author = Aaron Smith
date = August 1, 2007
publisher = Christian Today
] One review in The Age praised the series, pointing out the highlights of the season and claiming " [Big Brother] is as enjoyable as watching a quality sitcom or drama". [cite web
url =
title = Big Brother ends on an up note
accessdate = 2007-08-03
author = Jim Schembri
date = August 2, 2007
publisher = The Age
] Another "Age" journalist disagreed, commenting that the 2007 series "just didn't sparkle". [cite web
url =
title = A time to repent: Big Brother's over
accessdate = 2007-08-09
author = Marieke Hardy
date = August 9, 2007
publisher = The Age

In comments reported in a newspaper article evicted housemate Emma reflected on the program's reduced ratings and noted that whilst inside the house the housemates joked about whether the show had been cancelled. [cite web
url =
title = 'It was torture': is this the last of Big Brother?
accessdate = 2007-07-29
author = Christine Sams
date = July 29, 2007
publisher = The Sun-Herald

Changes to the format

"Big Brother 2007" introduced several new elements not seen in previous seasons of the series.

Big Brother Starburst Golden Key

On January 29 2007, Network Ten, Endemol Southern Star, and Masterfoods announced "Australia's biggest ever integrated television promotion", the Big Brother Starburst Golden Key, which would allow a member of the public to enter the Big Brother House as a housemate." [,%20ESS%20&%20Masterfoods%20announce%20BB%20Golden%20Key%2029%20January%202007.pdf Starburst Golden Key Promotion announcement] ", "Network TEN", 2007-01-29. Retrieved on 2007-02-14.]

Unique alphanumeric codes were included in packs of Starburst, a confectionery manufactured by Masterfoods. One hundred codes gave the opportunity to audition for the BB season after it began. Of these people, one would become a housemate and be eligible to win the season and all prizes. The winner of this competition was selected during a special episode called "Golden Key". On Day 18, Nick Sady was announced the "Golden Key" winner and entered the Big Brother House. [ [ Little Sister: Nick meets the House] "Ten official site"]

Prize money

Big Brother originally informed the housemates that there was zero prize money. [ [ No money, no problem... or is it?] "Ten official site"] Later they were informed that they could earn prize money by completing various tasks.

Friday Night Live winner's twist

This year the winner of "Friday Night Live" was given a greater power in nominations. Replacing the Three Point Twist of previous seasons, the "Friday Night Live" winner each week this season was required to choose one nominated housemate to be removed from the nomination line-up, and to nominate another to replace them. [ [ Nominations night - what happened?] "Ten official site"]


All staple foods provided to housemates this year were vegan. The housemates could supplement this with milk and eggs supplied from the farm yard and herbs and mushrooms from the herb garden. [ [ Meat for treats: the HMs diet goes veg] "Ten official site"]


For the first time Big Brother Australia featured a telephone in the house. It was situated in the lounge and was shown on the Opening Night broadcast before the housemates entered the house. On Day 37, Big Brother informed housemates that if the phone rang only one housemate could answer it. Joel was nominated to answer it on the housemates' behalf. On Day 52 Joel received a call from Big Brother advising that he would be away from the house and would communicate via the phone to Joel at various times. [ [ The phone finally rings - Day 52] "Ten official site"] On Day 58 Andrew picked up the phone as a joke, and was penalised by being sent to the Punishment Room to polish boots. Michelle joined him in the Punishment Room due to the weekly task which involved housemates remaining partnered.

On Day 97 the housemates were allowed to speak with several of the Big Brother UK housemates. [ [ London Calling] "Ten official site"] The UK Big Brother House also had a telephone and unlike the Australian version this was the first time the phone was used in the UK version.

Chill Out Room

Adjacent to the kitchen was a new room called the "Chill Out Room". As an official rule, no more than three housemates were allowed in the room at a time. It provided a quiet place to talk or relax, away from the rest of the housemates.

White Room

On 23 April, the four remaining wild-card housemates not selected to enter the House via the public vote on Days 1 and 2 were isolated in the "White Room".

The housemates were Cruz, Demet, Kara, and Harrison. The White Room and its fixtures and fittings were all entirely white, and the housemates had only white clothes to wear. White Room housemates were provided with a white porridge which fulfilled all nutritional needs. [ [ Little Sister: white drinks in the White Room] "Ten official site"] In the centre of the room was a red button. At any time, a housemate could press the red button if they wished to leave. This decision to leave was final and the quitting housemate could not return to the Big Brother House or the White Room. The challenge was that the housemate who stayed in the White Room the longest without pressing the red button would become a legitimate Big Brother housemate and enter the main house with the rest of the housemates.

Monitors in the Big Brother House allowed the housemates to watch, without audio, the White Room housemates at all times. The White Room housemates were unaware that they were being watched by the Big Brother housemates.

Cruz was the first white room resident evicted when he pressed the red button after Big Brother offered $750 to whoever pushed the red button first. [ [ Cruz you lose] "Ten official site"]

In the days after Cruz departed no one else volunteered to leave, so Big Brother ran a set of challenges to decide who from the White Room would move to the main house. First, Kara was evicted when Harrison and Demet nominated her. [ [ Kara says goodbye White Room, hello food!] "Ten official site"] Then, the Big Brother housemates lodged their votes on who they wanted in the house. [ [ Harrison says hello to the outside] "Ten official site"] Demet won the vote and became an official housemate. [ [ From white to bright - Demet the star] "Ten official site"]

Housemates' voting

* Demet: Aleisha, Andrew, Emma, Hayley
* Harrison: Bodie, Susannah, TJ, Thomas, Travis, Zoran

ecret Relationships

It was revealed on the Game On episode that housemates Hayley and Andrew were secretly in a relationship. Big Brother set the task to both housemates to enter the house and keep their relationship secret for one week. If successful in this task both would be allowed stay in the house; if they failed then one of them would be evicted. All other housemates had individually been challenged by Big Brother to secretly discover who was in a secret relationship, each believing they were the only housemate to be issued this challenge.

Housemate Billy was added on Day 2. Billy is Hayley's former boyfriend and was added specifically to complicate her task of keeping her relationship with Andrew secret. Hayley was not allowed to inform anyone, including Andrew, of Billy's true status. Each day he received a mission from Big Brother to put pressure on Hayley's secret challenge.

Billy's Tasks

#Day 2: Before Billy went to bed, he had to say "Goodnight Hayley, sweet dreams".
#Day 3: From the moment Hayley woke up, Billy had to "wait on her hand and foot" and become her best friend. He also had to pick a bunch of flowers from the garden and give them to Hayley, and ask her to help pick the herbs.
#Day 4: When Billy was asked to take a housemate with him to tend the animals, he had to choose Hayley.
#Day 5: Billy had to become Andrew's best friend.Big Brother confirmed on Day 8 that Billy's mission was an overall success, and his reward was becoming a proper housemate on Day 16.

On the 29 April episode, Big Brother revealed the secret relationship. Three housemates had correctly guessed Hayley and Andrew. As fewer than half of the housemates had guessed correctly, Big Brother deemed Hayley and Andrew as successful in their challenge so both were allowed to stay. Big Brother also revealed that as Hayley and Andrew had completed their task successfully $50,000 had been awarded into the prize pool.

No housemates on "Rove"

Housemates this season were not featured as guests on variety/talk show "Rove". Previously housemates would appear on "Rove" in the days following their eviction. As of 2007 "Rove" aired on Sunday nights at 8:30, immediately after the "Big Brother" eviction show. As "Rove" is taped in different state (Victoria) it was impossible for the housemates to travel so quickly to appear on both shows. [ [ Housemates won’t appear on Rove] "Behind Big Brother Australia" URL accessed 2007-04-21]


Viewers to nominate housemates

The public were able to submit nomination votes via SMS for the 2 July nominations. The housemate with the most votes received two nomination points, and the next housemate received one point.

With the tally counted, Michelle had the most votes from the public and so received an extra two nomination points. Daniela received an extra nomination point. As winner of Friday Night Games Daniela had the power of saving one housemate from eviction. She saved herself.

Viewers to nominate / Housemates to evict

Big Brother changed the usual format for Week 12 nominations. For this week viewers could nominate housemates, and from the nominated housemates the housemates themselves could vote to evict, reversing the usual procedure.

While housemates were put through the usual nomination procedure and their nominations were screened, unknown to them, their nominations were ignored. Viewer nomination points were counted. On Sunday's eviction the housemates were apprised of this twist, and then were individually be asked to nominate to evict any of the nominated housemates. The nominated housemate with the most votes was to be evicted. [ [ The biggest twist of all!] "Ten official site"] [cite web
url =
title = Aleisha has towns glued to Big Brother house
accessdate = 2007-07-09
author = Network Ten
date = July 5, 2007
publisher = eBroadcast Australia
] Daniela was evicted with a total of 12 points.


Over the 100 day season, a total of 24 housemates entered the Big Brother House, twelve during the opening night and a following twelve at various points throughout the series. On the opening night, viewers were given the opportunity to vote in two additional housemates, one male and one female, from a selection of six potential housemates, while the remaining four would be isolated in the White Room. The following night, Susannah and Zoran entered the house along with Billy, or Mr. X, whose purpose in the House was to jeopardise Andrew and Hayley's secret relationship challenge, but was not officially recognised as a legitimate housemate until Day 16. Demet, one of the four White Room Wildcards, was voted into the House by the housemates on Day 11, while Nick entered on Day 18 as the winner of the Starburst Golden Key promotion.

A further four "Intruders" followed, Daniela and Laura on Day 31 and Michelle and Zach on Day 50. In a promotion for the upcoming season of "Australian Idol", Kyle Sandilands entered the House as a celebrity guest with a mission from Big Brother to encourage housemates to "be themselves," but left the House early due to a severe migraine.

Weekly summary and highlights

The first Housemate listed is Nominated for Two Points, while the second Housemate is Nominated for One Point. The three or more Housemates with the most Nomination Points face the Public Vote to save/evict, and when the save votes are subtracted from the evict votes, the Housemate with the most evict Votes is Evicted. Each week the Housemates compete in a competition called Friday Night Live (FNL) - the winner of which wins a special Nomination privilege - to remove one Nominated Housemate and replace them with the Housemate of their choice.

Nomination Notes

fnb|1 Andrew and Hayley won the privilege of immunity in this Week's Nominations after managing to keep their relationship a secret from their fellow Housemates. However, in future they must Nominate together as a couple, rather than as individuals. At this time Billy was only a Guest in the House and could not Nominate.
fnb|2 As a new Housemate Demet was Exempt from Nominating this Week. Billy became an official Housemate and allowed to Nominate for the first time. This Week was a Double Eviction.
fnb|3 As a new Housemate Nick was Exempt from Nomination this Week.
fnb|4 Hayley was Evicted when her and Andrew were forced to chose one of them to leave the House. Daniela and Laura entered shortly after her Eviction. Emma and Aleisha were both awarded a point by Big Brother for previously discussing Nominations. In the nominations twist, Friday Night Games winner Demet, who was the previous night evicted, had prior to leaving the house on her eviction registered her choice of preferences for who to remove from nomination and who to add. After nominations her list of preferences was applied and Emma was removed from nomination, and Andrew added.
fnb|5 As new Housemates Daniela and Laura were Exempt from Nomination this Week.
fnb|6 This Week Housemates were asked to Nominate the two Housemates they saw as the biggest threat to them winning Brother. As this Week was a Double Eviction the five or more Housemates with the most Votes faced the Public Vote.
fnb|7 New Housemates Michelle and Zach were Exempt from Nomination for the first two Weeks of their stay.
fnb|8 As there was an unbalanced ratio of males to females in the House (8:3) this Week was a 'male only' set of Nominations.
fnb|9 Aleisha automatically faced the Public Vote this Week after failing her secret mission as part of the Police Academy task. Big Brother gave the public 24 hours to vote for who they want to allocate two points and one point, which would be added to the nominations total this week. The public chose Michelle (77%) and Daniela (15%).
fnb|10 Joel was exempt from Nomination this Week after passing a task the previous Week, however he could still Nominate.
fnb|11 This Week the Nomination process was reversed, with the Public Nominating and the Housemates Evicting. In the first round of Nominations Housemates were allowed to Nominate for any reason, but they were unaware that these Nominations did not count. The public chose to Nominate Daniela (26%), Billy (16%), Zach (14%) and Travis (13%). On Day 85 the Housemates Nominated, but this time it was to Evict and Daniela was unanimously Evicted with 12 out of 12 possible Nomination points.
fnb|12 The final four Housemates all automatically faced the Public Vote - which was to be a Double Eviction on Day 99, the day before the finale.
fnb|13 The final two Housemates Aleisha and Zach both automatically faced the Public Vote to win.

Friday Night Live

"For the main article regarding Friday Night Live, see Big Brother Australia#Friday Night Live."

"Italic and bold" denotes prize won.

* In the 13th Friday Night Games, as the winner, Travis was allowed to bring two guests into the Rewards Room.
* Andrew has won more Friday Night Games than any other housemate, in any season that "FNL" has aired in on Big Brother.
* As an extra on the final Friday Night Games, Zach (the winner) won the chance to spend a few minutes with his best friend Zac who Big Brother used in the last mini-task, instead of the usual prizes.

pecial shows

Game On

"Game On" was a live show that was broadcast on Day 2 (2007-04-23). The results of the overnight wild-card SMS vote were revealed. Susannah and Zoran were the chosen two out of the six wild-card housemates. The remainder of the wild-card housemates were isolated in the White Room. The "Daily Show" was incorporated into the first part of the live show. Hosted by Gretel Killeen.

Full House

"Full House" was a live show that was broadcast on Day 8 (2007-04-29). It was aired in the timeslot usually occupied by "Eviction shows. The relationship between Andrew and Hayley was revealed to the house, as was Billy's role to impede Hayley's task of keeping that relationship secret from the other housemates. Hayley and Andrew were deemed by Big Brother to have successfully kept their relationship a secret from the housemates for the week (fewer than half of the housemates had successfully guessed their relationship) which meant they could both stay in the house. Big Brother also revealed that for succeeding in their task they had earned $50,000 to be added to the prize money, which was previously set at zero. Big Brother also tempted the wildcard housemates to leave the White Room by offering a sum of money to them ($AUD 750), which Cruz accepted." Hosted by Gretel Killeen.

Wild Card Entry

"Wild Card Entry" was a live show broadcast on Day 11 (2007-05-02). The White Room housemates had left the room and, dependent on their success completing various challenges, one of them would enter the Big Brother house as a housemate.

*The first round was determined by nominations from the White Room housemates; Kara was eliminated with two votes.
*In the second round each housemate had to collect three major items of clothing and dress a model while airborne on a large steel frame.
*The third round was determined by nominations from the Big Brother housemates. To cast their vote they placed a plastic ball into the corresponding tube for either Harrison or Demet. Demet won with 8 votes against 6.

Hosted by Gretel Killeen.

Golden Key

"Golden Key" was a live show broadcast on Day 18 (May 9, 2007). This special was to select the winner of the Starburst Golden Key. The show's producers had selected five finalists from the original 100 Golden Key winners after an intensive audition process. The chosen finalists were Carolyn, Nick, Natalie, Angie and Laura. To select which would become a housemate contestants chose one of five numbered discs randomly from a bag. Then they were allocated a clear box of confectionery depending on which disc they had selected. One box also contained a golden key, and the contestant whose box contained the key, Nick, was designated the new housemate. He entered the house during the show, while the housemates were conducting their weekly task performance. Hosted by Gretel Killeen.

Intruder Alert!

"Intruder Alert!" was a live 90 minute special that aired on Day 31 (2007-05-22). Hayley was evicted from the house during the episode. Later new housemates Daniela and Laura entered as intruders. Hosted by Gretel Killeen.

The Works

"The Works" was a scheduled Big Brother special focusing on behind the scenes footage that was planned to air on Day 46 (2007-06-06). The show would have been recorded on the same day at Network Ten's Pyrmont studios. [ [ "The Works" special revealed] "Behind Big Brother Australia" URL accessed 2007-05-24] The show was later cancelled for unapparent reasons. [ [ "The Works" cancelled] "Behind Big Brother Australia" URL accessed 2007-05-30]

Live Eviction 6

The 6th Live Eviction show was a 90 minute eviction and intruder special that aired on Day 50 (2007-06-10). It featured a double eviction and introduced the two new intruders, Michelle and Zach. Michelle entered and met the remaining housemates. Zach remained in the Rewards Room, awaiting entry during "UpLate" later that evening. Hosted by Gretel Killeen and Mike Goldman.

Kyle in the House

"Kyle in the House" was a special version of the daily show that aired for 60 minutes before Live Eviction 11 on Day 85 (July 15, 2007). It featured a recap on Kyle Sandilands' entry to the house and during the show Big Brother set Sandilands a special task to "challenge the housemates".

Live Eviction 11

The 11th Live Eviction show aired immediately after the special daily show on Day 85 (July 15, 2007). The remaining housemates were forced to vote out one of the nominated housemates, and Daniela was evicted with a total of 12 points, meaning that every housemate except herself had given her two points. Hosted by Gretel Killeen.

Gretel Goes In

The final nomination show on Day 93 (23 July 2007) was a special where the housemates did not need to nominate and instead Killeen went into the Rewards Room to interview the housemates individually and ask questions supplied by the viewers. Hosted by Gretel Killeen.


The season finale aired on Day 100 (30 July 2007) in which Aleisha was announced the winner and Zach the runner-up. It was the closest winning margin in Australian Big Brother history of less than 500 votes and the announcement of the winner was delayed by an hour after the voting lines closed as votes were rechecked.cite web
url =,22049,22167981-5001021,00.html
title = Row over Big Brother 'farce'
accessdate = 2007-08-02
author = Fiona Connolly
date = August 1, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
] At one point during the final episode, there was just 64 votes difference between the last two housemates. Aleisha is the second female to win Big Brother Australia.


* The Daily Telegraph had reported on 21 April 2007 - the day before the show's launch - that an internet hacker claimed to have obtained the names of the 18 housemates from the official Three Mobile website: "Aleisha, Andrew, Brodie , Cruz, Demet, Emma, Harrison, Hayley, Jamie, Joel, Kara, Kate, Rebecca, Sussanah , Thomas, TJ, Travis and Zoran". [cite web
url =,,21595193-5001021,00.html
title = Big Brother housemates named
accessdate = 2007-05-04
author =
date = April 21, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
] A Three Mobile spokeswoman denied the claims and told the media that the names were not "hacked" or "leaked" from the Three Mobile site, refusing to confirm whether the housemates names' and photos were real. [cite web
url =
title = Big Brother housemates list 'leaked'
accessdate = 2007-06-17
author = AAP
date = April 21, 2007
publisher = The West Australian
* Because of the pre-recorded nature of launch shows, members of different forums and websites decided to have live streams using mobile phones allowing people to listen to the show before it was broadcast on national television. Because of this, recording of the show stopped until the streaming was stopped. Eventually, production staff offered prizes if audience members would pick out people from the crowd using phones to broadcast the show. [ [ Big Brother attempts to "catch out" BBBA] "Behind Big Brother Australia" URL accessed 2007-04-25]

* The Daily Telegraph had reported that Big Brother producers had failed to censor offensive language when housemate Bodie told other housemates he was "dense cunt" during the PG-rated "Daily Show" on Tuesday 24 April, 2007. [ cite web
url =,22049,21618874-5001021,00.html
title = Big Brother swearing disgrace
accessdate = 2007-04-25
author = Holly Byrnes
date = April 25, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph

* The Sunday Mail on 29 April 2007 had reported that the parents of Mormon housemate Rebecca, were upset that their daughter was under siege from fellow housemates over her decision not to join in their party antics.cite web
url =,23599,21636537-2,00.html
title = Mormon mum defends teetotaller
accessdate = 2007-05-19
author = Helen Tsitouris
date = April 29, 2007
publisher = The Sunday Mail

* The Daily Telegraph had reported on 4 May 2007 that housemate Kate's situation regarding her pregnancy and pre-eclampsia was known by Network Ten and producer Endemol Southern Star before her entry to the house. This subsequently led to her breakdown regarding the "Newborn Group Task". [cite web
url =,23663,21666836-5012688,00.html
title = We knew all about it, says Ten
accessdate = 2007-05-04
author = Stephen Downie, Luke Dennehey
date = May 04, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph

* The Courier Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Age had reported that backpackers, students and other young people were being paid as little as $50 a day "cash-in-hand" for stunt work for the Friday Night Live Games episodes of Big Brother. It is claimed that they were used to test the various stunts that the housemates would have to perform. The Office of Workplace Services and other government departments were investigating the claims to see if the producers Endemol Southern Star were in breach of any laws or regulations. [cite web
url =,22049,21781054-5006002,00.html
title = Officials to investigate BB
accessdate = 2007-05-23
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date = May 23, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
] [cite web
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title = Big Brother pays cash in hand
accessdate = 2007-05-22
author = Scott Casey
date = May 22, 2007
publisher = The Age

* Various media sources have reported criticism of the delay in informing Emma of her father's death until her eviction from the Big Brother House.

* Week 8 of Friday Night Live had a "Mexican" theme where housemates had to throw liquid-filled balloons at a Mexican Flag, with the intention of drenching the fabric. This use of the Mexican flag provoked criticism from Mexican officials. [cite web
url =
title = Agreden a bandera mexicana en 'Big Brother' Australia
accessdate = 2007-06-21
author = El Universal
date = June 21, 2007
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] [cite web
url =
title = Agreden a bandera mexicana en 'Big Brother' Australia
accessdate = 2007-06-22
author = Alejandra Patrón
date = June 21, 2007
publisher = Noticieros Televisa
] In a letter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority and production company Endemol Southern Star, Mexico's Foreign Ministry complained about the offensive use of the country's flag. "(We) demand they take adequate measures to avoid this type of incident in the future," the ministry said. The show's producers later issued an apology. [cite web
url =,21985,21949159-5005961,00.html
title = Big Brother says sorry to Mexico
accessdate = 2007-06-22
author = Staff writers and wires
date = June 22, 2007
publisher = Herald Sun

* The Daily Telegraph reported on 3 July that host Gretel Killeen is being accused of being aggressive towards some housemates, in particular Jamie during his eviction interview after he suggested the video package shown of him crying and sitting alone was biased towards the negative. [cite web
url =,23663,22008878-10388,00.html
title = Is Gretel too big for BB-boots?
accessdate = 2007-07-04
author = Sydney Confidential
date = July 3, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
] [cite web
url =,21985,22005543-28957,00.html
title = Good bits missed, moans Jamie
accessdate = 2007-07-11
author =
date = July 3, 2007
publisher = Herald Sun
] Later she was criticised for being particularly aggressive towards Rebecca, Thomas and Jamie. Killeen was also criticised for hypocrisy having aggressively questioned why Jamie did not intervene when Michelle argued with Aleisha, and yet she was receptive towards Michelle herself on her eviction, and even rationalised Michelle's behaviour during the argument. Michelle was also named the most unpopular housemate ever to inhabit the Australian Big Brother House.cite web
url =,22049,22042533-5012853,00.html
title = Most hated Housemate
accessdate = 2007-07-10
author = Garth Montgomery
date = July 9, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph

* Former housemate Susannah had left her partner and started dating fellow housemate Thomas after leaving the BB house. It was reported that her ex, Anthony Murphy, had blamed the reality TV show for the demise of their relationship.cite web
url =,22049,22094466-5006002,00.html
title = BB girl runs off with housemate
accessdate = 2007-07-19
author =
date = July 19, 2007
publisher = The Daily Telegraph


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