List of regional nicknames

List of regional nicknames

The list of regional nicknames includes nicknames for people based on their locality of origin (birthplace, place of permanent residence, or family roots).

Nicknames based on the country (or larger geopolitical area) of origin may be found in the List of ethnic slurs.

Terms based on specific locations

;Arkie/Arky : (U.S.) A person from Arkansas. [Green, p. 27.] Another nonstandard demonym for people from Arkansas is Arkansawyer. [ [ Arkansawyer definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta ] ] ;Banana bender : (Australia) A person from Queensland (one who puts the bend in bananas). [ [ "The Australian Oxford Dictionary,"] 2nd edition. Ed. Bruce Moore. (Oxford University Press, 2004) [Accessed 6 May 2006] .] ;Boricua : (Latin America, Hispanics in the USA) A person from Puerto Rico.;Bluenose : (Canada) A person from Nova Scotia; from the famous racing schooner "Bluenose", or a potato with a blue protuberance, or 17th century Scots Presbyterians described as "true blue". Often used proudly. [ [ "The Canadian Oxford Dictionary"] . Katherine Barber. (Oxford University Press: 2004) [Accessed 8 May 2006] ] ;Bonacker : (U.S.) A working class person from the Springs neighborhood of East Hampton, New York; from neighboring Accabonac Harbor.;Brummie : (UK) A person from Birmingham; also the dialect spoken there; from "Brummagem", an archaic pronunciation of Birmingham.;Canario : (Uuruguay) A person outside Montevideo.;Carioca : (Brazil) A person from the city of Rio de Janeiro.;Catracho : (Central America) A person from Honduras.;Cheesehead : (U.S.) A person from Wisconsin, from the many dairy farms and cheese factories there.;Chilango : (Mexico) A person from Mexico City.;Cohee : (U.S.) An independent Scots-Irish small farmer from the Piedmont or Appalachian Mountains parts of Virginia.;Croweater : (Australia) A person from the state of South Australia.;Culchie : (Ireland) Any Irish person who was raised outside of Dublin;Geordie : (UK) A person from Newcastle upon Tyne, and also the dialect spoken there. Not considered particularly offensive.;Hoosier : (U.S.) A person from Indiana.;Jackeen : (Ireland) In rural Ireland, a person from Dublin; possibly from Dublin's Unionist community at the start of the 1900s, or possible a reference to the term Jacobite. Derogatory. [Share, op. cit. p. 168.] ;JAFA, jafa : (New Zealand) A person from Auckland, from "Just Another Fucking Aucklander" (or, more politely, "Just Another Friendly Aucklander"). Used by Wellingtonians, and occasionally other New Zealanders.;Janner : (Plymouth: UK) A person from Cornwall.;Jarocho : (Mexico) A person from Veracruz, either the city or the state.;Kaaskop : (South Africa) A person from The Netherlands lit. "cheese-head" in reference to yellow, blond hair.;Mackem : (UK) A person from Sunderland. Also spelled "Makem", "Maccam", and "Mak'em".;Mallu : (India) A person from the state of Kerala, whose language is Malayalam;Masshole : (Massachusetts, US) a name for a person residing from the states of Massachusetts involving the attitude of people from Boston;Monkey hanger : (UK) A person from Hartlepool.; Moonrakers : Natives of the county of Wiltshire. Not considered offensive.;Newfie, Newfier, Newf : (Canada) A person from Newfoundland. May be used proudly. Derogatory if used by others. ;Nutmegger : (U.S.) A person from Connecticut.;Okie : (U.S.) A person from Oklahoma.;Ossi: (anglicized as "Ostie") refers to a person from the former German Democratic Republic, and implies a lack of sophistication, assets, or both.;Pikey : (Ireland) A person from Southern/Mainland Ireland. Originally a statement for English travellers.;Poblano : (Mexico) A person from Puebla, either the city or the state.;Polentone : (Southern Italy) A person from northern Italy; from "polenta eater".;Porteño : (Argentina) A person from Buenos Aires.;Regio: (Mexico) See "Regiomontano" below.;Regiomontano : (Mexico) A person from the northern city of Monterrey.;Rolo, Cachaco : (Colombia) A person from Bogota.;Sandgroper : (Australia) A person from Western Australia. ["sandgroper" Moore, op. cit. [Accessed 6 May 2006] .] ;Serrano : (Portugal) A person from the the mountainous region of Serra da Estrela.;Scouser : (UK) A person from Liverpool. Not considered particularly offensive. [] ;Sooner : (U.S.) A person from Oklahoma; from settlers who slipped into the territory to stake claims "sooner" than the permitted date.;Spud Islander : (Canada) A person from Prince Edward Island; from the potatoes or "spuds" grown there. [Barber, "Spud Island", op. cit. [Accessed 7 May 2006] .] ;Taff : (UK) A Welshman, from "Daffyd", the Welsh spelling of David, or from the River Taff.fact|date=May 2008;Tar Heel : (U.S.) a person from North Carolina; also the nickname of the athletic teams at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and frequently used as an adjective for students or fans of that school;Tapatío : (Mexico) A person from Guadalajara, Jalisco.;Terrone : (Italy) A person from southern Italy. Formed from "terra" (earth), the term is meant to invoke the ignorance and lack of "class" implied by American English terms like "yokel," "hayseed," "hillbilly," etc.;Tico :(Central America) A person from Costa Rica.;Troll : (U.S.) A person from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan - reference to their living "under" (south of) the Mackinac Bridge.;Tuckahoe : (U.S.) A person of the wealthy slaveholding class from the Tidewater region of Virginia.;Tyke : (U.K) A native of Yorkshire. Not considered offensive.

;Yat : (U.S.) A person from New Orleans, from the phrase "Where y'at?" ("How are you?" or "What's up?");Yellowbelly (Copthorne);Yellowbelly (Lincolnshire) : (UK) A person from the county of Lincolnshire. Not considered offensive and of debated etymology. ;Yinzer : (U.S.) A person from Pittsburgh, from the use of terms like yinz, stillers, dawntawn.;Yooper : (U.S.) A person from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the "U.P.").

Terms for people from non-specific geographical areas

Nicknames for people from rural, remote, etc. areas often bear a derogatory implication of unsophisticated, undereducated people, simpletons. ;Bogger: (also: Bog Trotter/Bog Muncher/Bog Slasher) (Ireland) a person from rural Ireland; can be offensive;Cohee : (U.S.) originally (mid-18th century) -- a Scots-Irish settler into the Virginia Piedmont; later (late 18th century) -- a term for "poor white trash"; still later (early 19th century) -- a term indicating independent small farmer in the Virginia/Carolina/Tennessee/Kentucky area.;Culchie : (Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland) someone from rural Ireland. Not particularly offensive.; : A person from a flat plains area, to residents of adjacent hill and mountain areas.;Gaúcho : (Brazil) A rural person from South American grasslands;Goober : (U.S.) a rural person with a "glorious lack of sophistication" (from the slang term for "peanut");Guajiro : (Cuba) a rural person from Cuba.;Hillbilly : (U.S.) a rural white person, esp. one from Appalachia or the Ozarks.;Hoosier : (St. Louis area of Missouri and Illinois) a lower class, uneducated white person. Anywhere else, a non-offensive term for a native of Indiana.;Redneck : (U.S.) a rural white person, typically of Scots-Irish descent. There are varying possible etymologies for this term. Primarily used to denote lower-class rural whites.;Swamp Yankee : (U.S.:New England) refers to rural white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant farmers in New England, particularly in Rhode Island and western Connecticut. [ [ Swamp Yankee ] ] ;Teuchter : (Scotland) a person from rural parts of Scotland, for example the Gàidhealtachd, Northern Scotland, Galloway and the Borders.;"Westie/Westy" : (Aus/NZ) A person from the western suburbs of Auckland or Sydney, the slur implying lower class;Yokel : (UK, US & Canada) an unrefined white person, implicitly rural and "hick" (not necessarily "white trash" but inclusive of same). [ [ AskOxford: yokel ] ]

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