1862 (novel)

1862 (novel)

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1862 is an alternative history novel by Robert Conroy. It depicts an American Civil War in which Great Britain allies itself with the Confederacy after the Trent Affair. In the real history, cooler heads prevailed after the seizure of the Trent by Union forces, but according to the author's research, Great Britain had considered declaring war on the United States over the matter. [http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=0&id=41701] The British opted instead to retaliate diplomatically by recognizing the Confederacy as a belligerent instead of merely being rebellion.

It is the second novel by Robert Conroy. His first, "1901", was also an alternative fiction, dealing with Germany's invasion of the United States.

It has been heavily criticized on various alt-history groups for sloppy research. [ [http://www.geocities.com/littlegreenmen.geo/RC1862.htm Robert Conroy’s “1862: A Novel”: a Critical Analysis ] ] Despite this, the novel was a finalist for the Sidewise Award (Long Form) for 2006. [ [http://www.uchronia.net/sidewise/complete.html#2002 The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History ] ]


Most of the battles take place in Canada or in the oceans, like Hampton Road. A cavalry battle near the end of the novel takes place on the outskirts of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, presumably Hummelstown, Pennsylvania and Hershey, Pennsylvania. The climatic battle takes place at Washington, D.C.


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