1967 in poetry

1967 in poetry

in?=in poetry
in2?=in literature
cp=19th century
c=20th century
cf=21st century



*Cecil Day-Lewis is selected as the new Poet Laureate of the UK.

Works published in English

*Pentti Saarikoski, "Helsinki" a selection of poetry in translation from Finnish
* Wole Soyinka, "Idanre, and Other Poems"


* Margaret Atwood, "The Circle Game", won a Governor General's award and "sold out immediately""Britannica Book of the Year 1968", covering events of 1967, published by The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1968, "Literature" article, "Canadian" section, page 483]
* Raymond Souster, editor, "New Wave Canada" anthology of younger poets
* A. J. M. Smith, editor, "Modern Canadian Verse", anthology
* A. J. M. Smith, "Poems: New and Collected"
* Margaret Avison, "The Dumbfounding"
* Alfred Purdy, "North of Summer", a diary in verse recounting his stay on Baffin Island
* Dorothy Livesay, "The Unquiet Bed", Canadian and African experiences
* Michael Ondaatje, "The Dainty Monsters", Toronto: Coach House PressWeb page titled [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=5142 "Archive: Michael Ondaatje (1943- )"] at the Poetry Foundation website, accessed May 7, 2008]
* Miriam Waddington, "The Glass Trumpet"
* George Woodcock, "Selected Poems of George Woodcock", Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, Canada [ [http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/anarchist_Archives/bright/woodcock/woodbiblio.html Web page titled "The Works of George Woodcock"] at the Anarchy Archives website, which states: "This list is based on The Record of George Woodcock (issued for his eightieth birthday) and Ivan Avakumovic's bibliography in A Political Art: Essays and Images in Honour of George Woodcock, edited by W.H. New, 1978, with additions to bring it up to date"; accessed April 24, 2008]

New Zealand

* Fleur Adcock, "Tigers", London: Oxford University Press (New Zealand poet who moved to England in 1963) [http://www.library.auckland.ac.nz/subjects/nzp/nzlit2/adcock.htm Web page titled "Fleur Adcock: New Zealand Literature File"] at the University of Auckland Library website, accessed April 26, 2008]
* James K. Baxter:
** "The Lion Skin: Poems"
** "Aspects of Poetry in New Zealand", critical study
** "The Man on the Horse", critical study
* Alistair Campbell, "Blue Rain: Poems", Wellington: Wai-te-ata Press

=United Kingdom=

* Fleur Adcock, "Tigers" (a New Zealander living in the United Kingdom)
* Joseph Brodsky: "Elegy for John Donne and Other Poems", selected, translated, and introduced by Nicholas William Bethell, London: Longman [http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1987/brodsky-bibl.html] Web page titled "Joseph Brodsky / Nobel Prize in Literature 1987 / Bibliography" at the "Official Web Site of the Nobel Foundation", accessed October 18, 2007] Russian-American (but published in the United Kingdom)
* Ted Hughes, "Wodwo", a collection of poems, a radio play and five stories
* T. S. Eliot, "Poems Written in Early Youth", a second edition of the 1950 book of poems edited and privately printed by John Hayward
* George MacBeth, "The Colour of Blood"
* U.S. Poet Robert Lowell, "Near the Ocean" published in the United Kingdom early in the year
* Roger McGough:
** "Frinck"
** "A Life in the Day of"
** "Summer with Monika"
* Brian Patten, "Little Johnny's Confession"
* Tom Pickard, "High on the Walls", used "Geordie" (Newcastle) slang
* D. M. Black, "With Decorum"
* Bryn Griffith, "The Stones Remember"
* Leslie Norris, "Finding Gold"
* Martin Bell, "Collected Poems, 1937-1966"
* Thom Gunn, "Touch"
* Anthony Thwaite, "The Stones of Emptiness"
* Patricia Beer, "Just Like the Resurrection"
* Elizabeth Jennings, "Collected Poems, 1967"
* Vernon Watkins, "Selected Poems, 1930-60"
* Hugh MacDiarmid:
** ,"A Lap of Honour", with some poems "previously almost unobtainable"
** "Collected Poems", a revised edition


* Edward Lucie-Smith, editor, "The Liverpool Scene" anthology featuring work by the Mersey Beat poets Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten (publisher: Donald Carroll)
* "The Mersey Sound", 10th volume in the Penguin "Modern Poets Series", including work by Liverpudlians Adrian Henri, Roger McGough, Brian Patten
* Stephen Bann, "Concrete Poetry", poems originally written in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese
* Howard Sergeant, "Commonwealth Poems of Today", covering 24 Commonwealth countries, published in the United Kingdom
* Duncan Glen, editor, "Poems Addressed to Hugh MacDiarmid"

United States

* W. H. Auden, "Collected Shorter Poems, 1927-1957"
* Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett and Joe Brainard, "Bean Spasms", in which no authors were listed for individual poems, although some were written by one poet, some in collaboration.
* Ted Berrigan, "Many Happy Returns"
* John Berryman, "Berryman's Sonnets" (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
* Paul Blackburn:
** "The Reardon Poems"
** "The Cities"
* Gwendolyn Brooks, "The bitch"
* Robert Creeley, "Words" [Everett, Nicholas, [http://www.english.uiuc.edu/maps/poets/a_f/creeley/life.htm "Robert Creeley's Life and Career"] at the "Modern American Poetry" website, accessed May 1, 2008]
* Ed Dorn, "The North Atlantic Turbine", Fulcrum PressWeb page titled [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=1837"Archive / Edward Dorn (1929-1999)"] at the Poetry Foundation website, retrieved May 8, 2008]
* Robert Lowell, "Near the Ocean", New York: Farrar, Straus and GirouxM. L. Rosenthal, "The New Poets: American and British Poetry Since World War II", New York: Oxford University Press, 1967, "Selected Bibliography: Individual Volumes by Poets Discussed", pp 334-340]
* Carl Rakosi, "Amulet" (Rakosi's first published volume since 1941)
* Marianne Moore, "Complete Poems"
* Reed Whittemore, "Poems, New and Selected"
* James Wright, "Shall We Gather at the River"

Other in English

* Edward Brathwaite, "Rights of Passage" (West Indies)
* Dom Moraes, "Beldam & Others", a pamphlet of verse, India
* Chris Wallace-Crabbe, "The Rebel General", Sydney: Angus & Robertson, Australia
* Lenrie Peters, "Satellites" (Gambia)
* Judith Wright, "The Other Half", Australia

Works published in other languages


* Jørgen Gustava Brandt, "Ateliers"
* Jens Ørnsbo, a new collection of poems
* Klaus Rifbjerg, "Fædrelandssang"
* Henrik Nordbrandt, "Miniaturer"

French language


* M. Fombeure, "À Chat petit"
* Raymond Queneau, "courir les rues"
* J. Follain, "D'après tout"
* J. Lebrau, "Du Cyprès tourne l'ombre"
* Charles le Quintrec, "Stances du verbe amour"
* P. Jaccottet, "Airs"
* P. Chaullet, "Soudaine écorce"
* Lucienne Desnoues, "Les Ors"
* Lilaine Wouters, "Le Gel"
* R. Dubillard, "Le dirai que je suis tombé"

Critical studies

* P. de Boisdeffre, "La Poésie française de Baudelaire á nos jours"
* René Étiemble, "Poètes ou faiseurs", a critical study
* M. Guiney, "La Poésie de Pierre Reverdy"
* G. Sadoul, "Aragon"
* A. Alter, "J. C. Renard"

German language

* Paul Celan, "Atemwende"


* Günter Grass, "Ausgefragt" (West Germany)
* Karl Mickel, "Vita nova mea" (East Germany)



* B. Pomerantz, "Shirim" ("Poems"), introduction by N. Peniel (posthumous)
* N. Shtern, "Bain ha-Arpilim" ("Amid the Mists"), preface by A. Broides
* T. Carmi, "ha-Unikorn Mistakel ba-Mareh" ("The Unicorn Looks into the Mirror")
* Ori Bernstein, "be-Ona ha-Kezarah" ("In the Brief Season")
* Yaoz Kast, a book of collected poems
* Ozer Rabin, "Shuv ve-shuv" ("Again and Again")
* A. Aldon, a book of poems
* S. Pilus, a book of poems
* S. Tanny, "Ad Shehigia ha-Yom" (title translated by the author as "The Moment Came")
* D. Chomsky, "Ezov ba-Even" ("The Moss on the Stone")

United States

* Israel Efros, collected poems, four volumes
* Eliezer D. Friedland, "Shirim be-Sulam Minor" ("Poems in a Minor Key")
* Avraham Marthan, "Shavot ha-Sirot Im Erev" ("The Birds Return at Evening")
* Yizhak Finkel, "Maginah Morikah" ("Verdant Melody")


* Lino Curci, "Gli operai della terra"
* Antonio Veneziano, "Ottave" (posthumous)
* Carlo Vallini, "Un giorno" (posthumous)
* Enrico Falqui, editor, "Tutte le poesie della "Voce", anthology

Portuguese language


* José Paulo Paes, "Anatomías"
* Affonso Avila, "Resíduos Seiscentista em Minas", a study of the barique poetry of Minas Gerais

panish language

=Latin America=

* Rosamel del Valle, a book of poetry, posthumous (Chile)
* Humberto Díaz Casanueva, "El sol ciego" (Chile)


* Gastón Basquero, "Memorial de un testigo" (Cuban resident of Spain)
* Gabriel Celaya, "Lo que faltaba: Precedido de la linterna sorda y Música de baile"
* Manuel Tuñón de Lara, "Antonio Machado, poeta del pueblo" a critical study


* Dovid Sfard, "Barefoot Steps" (Poland)


* Yankev Fridman, "Loving Kindness"
* Rikude Potash, a book of poems (posthumous)

United States

* Rokhl Korn, a book of poems
* Avrom Zak, a book of poems
* M. M. Shafir, a book of poems
* L. Faynberg, a book of poems
* Sholem Shtern, a book of poems
* M. Frid-Vaninger, a book of poems
* M. Olitsky, a book of poems

oviet Union

* Leyb Kvitko, a book of selected poems
* Shimon Halkin, "My Treasury"


* Pentti Saarikoski, "Laulu laululta pois" ("Going Away, Song by Song"), a book-length poem (Finland)
* Wisława Szymborska, Poland:
** "Sto pociech" ("No End of Fun")
** "Poezje wybrane" ("Selected Poetry")

Awards and honors


* See 1967 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.

=United Kingdom=

* Cholmondeley Award: Seamus Heaney, Brian Jones, Norman Nicholson
* Eric Gregory Award: Angus Calder, Marcus Cumberlege, David Harsent, David Selzer, Brian Patten
* Frost Medal: Marianne Moore
* Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry: Charles Causley

United States

* Bollingen Prize: Robert Penn Warren
* National Book Award for Poetry: James Merrill, "Nights and Days"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Anne Sexton: "Live or Die"
* Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets: Mark Van Doren


* Max Jacob Award: Édith Boissonnas, for "L'Embellie
* Critics' Prize: J. Grosjean, "Élégies"
* Apollinaire Award: P. Gascar, "Le Quatrième État de la matière"


* Chris Albani, Nigerian poet [ [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=81987 Web page titled "Chris Albani (1967- )"] at the Poetry Foundation website, accessed April 24, 2008]
* Saskia Hamilton
* Karen Volkman
* Sia Figiel, Samoan novelist, poet and painter
* Lisa Jarnot, American poet [ [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=98053 Web page titled "Lisa Jarnot (1967- )"] at the Poetry Foundation website, accessed April 24, 2008]
* Diane Thiel, American poet and academic [ [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=6812 Web page titled "Diane Theil (1967- )"] at the Poetry Foundation website, accessed April 24, 2008]
* Matthew Zapruder, American poet and editor


* March 16 — Thomas MacGreevy 72, poet, director of the National Gallery of Ireland and member of the first Irish Arts Council
* March 30 — Jean Toomer, 72, American poet, novelist and important figure of the Harlem Renaissance
* May 10 — Margaret Larkin, 67 [ [http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F10C16F63A5F1A718DDDA80994DD405B878AF1D3 "Margaret Larkin, Writer, 67, Dead"] . "New York Times" May 11, 1967: 47.]
* May 12 — John Masefield, 88, English poet writer, and Poet Laureate
* May 22 — Langston Hughes, 65, American poet, of heart failure
* June 7 — Dorothy Parker, 73, American writer and poet known for her caustic wit, of a heart attack
* July 19 — Odel Shepard, 82
* July 22 — Carl Sandburg, 89, American historian and poet, of a heart attack
* July 25 — Pierre Albert Birot, 91, French poet and writer
* September (exact date not known) — Augusto Casimiro, 78, Portuguese poet and founder of the "Seara Nova" literary review
* September 1 — Siegfried Sassoon, 80, English poet, author
* September 5 — David C. DeJong, at 62
* October 8 — Vernon Watkins, 61, Welsh poet and painter
* November 17 — Bo Bergman, 98, Swedish poet
* November 30 — Patrick Kavanagh, 62, Irish poet, of pneumonia
* date not known:
** Christopher Okigko
** V. Penelope Pelizzon

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