Highland (geography)

Highland (geography)

The term highland is used to denote any mountainous region or elevated mountainous plateau.

The Scottish Highlands refers to the mountainous region north and west of the Highland Boundary Fault. Many countries have areas that are officially or unofficially referred to as "highlands." Other than Scotland, these include parts of Nigeria, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Syria and Nova Scotia (the latter being Latin for 'New Scotland' due to its resemblance to the country). The Highland council area is a local government area in the Scottish Highlands and the largest local government area in Scotland.

Synonymous terms used in other countries include high country, used in New Zealand, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Southern Queensland in Australia, and parts of the United States (notably North Carolina), and highveld, used in South Africa.

Highland is often also used to describe a particular mountain climate, fully termed the highland zone. The highland zone is of relatively low altitude and is distinguished by the growth of thick shrubs such as heather, tussock grasses, and deciduous trees and bushes. The ground in the highland zone is generally well irrigated. This can be compared to the higher altitude alpine zone, which is generally drier and is noted for the sparseness of trees (which are generally coniferous) and shrubs, and the growth of thinner grasses and small flowers.

In Australia

The highlands in Australia are often above the elevation of 500m. These areas often receive snowfalls through winter. Most of the highlands lead up to large alpine or sub-alpine mountainous regions such as the Australian Alps, Snowy Mountains, Great Dividing Range and Blue Mountains. Most of central Tasmania are covered by highlands.

In New Zealand

The mountainous regions of the Southern Highlands are often called Highlands though many of these areas are highly elevated alpine regions like the Australian Alps in Australia.For a list of places named "Highland" or "Highlands", see Highland.

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