Traffic (disambiguation)

Traffic (disambiguation)

Traffic is the movement of motorized vehicles, unmotorized vehicles and pedestrians on roads.

Traffic may also refer to:
* Traffic (band), a rock band from England
* "Traffic" (album), a 1968 album by the band Traffic
* "Traffic" (album), a 2008 album by the band ABC
* "Traffic" (song), a 1997 single by Stereophonics
* "Traffic" (Tiësto song), song by Tiësto
* Traffic (broadcasting), a department in a radio or television station which manages advertising and station scheduling
* Traffic (conservation programme), an international conservation organization
* Air traffic control, a service provided by controllers who direct aircraft
* Internet traffic, the flow of data around the Internet
* Web traffic, the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site
* Network traffic, data in a network

A film:
* "Traffic" (2000 film), a 2000 movie directed by Steven Soderbergh
* "Traffic" (miniseries), a 2004 miniseries based on the 2000 movie.
* "Trafic", a 1971 movie by the French film maker Jacques Tati
* "Traffik", a 1989 miniseries from Channel 4 upon which the 2000 film was based.

Traffic may also be:
* "Traffic", a song by DJ Tiësto from his album Just Be
* A generic name for puzzle games similar to Rush Hour

See also:
* Traffic congestion
* Traffic engineering
* Trafficking, the processes involved in supply and sale of illegal drugs or other contraband
** Drug trafficking, the trade of illegal drugs
** Human trafficking, trafficking people for the purpose of enslavement

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