Bolt (climbing)

Bolt (climbing)

In climbing, a bolt is a permanent anchor fixed into a hole drilled in the rock, usually consisting of a glued in or expansion bolt.

There are two main types of bolt placements: bolt hangers and bolt runners.

Bolt hangers consist of a bolt that permanently fixes a hanger to the rockface. Bolt runners (often simply referred to as just 'bolts') consist solely of a bolt placed with the bolt head sticking out slightly from the rockface, requiring climbers to clip on bolt plates that they bring up with them. Once the boltplate is in position it functions very much like a bolt hanger.

Passing climbers then clip a quickdraw to the bolt hanger or bolt plate. The rope is then clipped into the free end of the quickdraw to protect the climber against a fall.

Bolts are also used in aid climbing - the distinction being that bolts are used to actively aid ascent in aid climbing, whereas sport climbing uses bolts as a backup to catch a fall.

The distinction between aid climbing and sport climbing becomes blurred in that sports climbers will deliberatly, and quite often, stop and rest on the next convenient bolt.

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