Climbing command

Climbing command

A climbing command is a short standard phrase used in climbing to ensure the smooth operation of the climbing system. Standard commands make it possible for climbers to work safely with each other, and for commands to be unambiguously understood when the wind is noisy.

tarting a climb

* "On belay" or "Climber ready" (US) or "Ready to climb" (UK): the climber wants to know if he is being belayed.
* "Belay on" (US) or "Climb when ready" (UK): the belayer is ready
* "Climbing": the climber beginning his/her ascent
* "Climb on" or "Climb away" (US) or "OK" (UK): acknowledgement of "Climbing!"

During a climb

* "Tension", "Up rope", "Take" (US) or "Take in" (UK): remove the slack in the rope between the belayer and the climber
* "Slack", "Down rope", "Give" (US) or "Give out" (UK): add more slack in the rope between the belayer and the climber.
* "Watch me!": climber is about to start a difficult section, and wants the belayer to pay extra attention.
* "Falling!": climber is falling or about to fall.

Ending a climb

* "Falling" (US) : when ready to descend.
* "Fall on" or "Fall away" (US) : the belayer's response to indicate he or she is ready.
* "Off Belay" (US) or "Safe" (UK): the climber has made a safe stance; the belayer can take a rest.
* "Dirt me" (US slang) or "Lower me" (US, UK): the belayer can start lowering off the climber.
* "Got me?": warning signal for the belayer to expect some weight on the rope

Other commands

* "Clipping" and "Clipped": An indication that the climber is placing/has placed protection or is attaching/has attached the rope to a bolt.
* "Rope" (US) or "Rope below" (UK): warning signal that the rope will hit the ground seconds after this is heard
* "Rock" (US) or "Below" (UK): warning signal of dislodged rock or dropped equipment falling down.
* "That's me!": an indication to a belayer that all the slack has been taken in and the belayer is now tugging on the actual climber

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