Laika (dog breed)

Laika (dog breed)

Laika ( _ru. Лайка) refers to a type of hunting dog of Northern Russia and Russian Siberia, and is a generic name for several breeds.

The Laika breeds in international terminology

Fédération Cynologique Internationale uses the word "Laika" in the names of three standard breeds: Russian European Laika (FCI standard No. 304), West Siberian Laika (FCI 306),and East Siberian Laika (FCI 305), which had been bred from the aboriginal dogs of northern Russia and Siberia.

The Karelo-Finnish Laika, not listed in the FCI nomenclature, is also a Russian breed, with the first standard published in Leningrad in 1936. It is a close relative of Finnish Spitz, as both breeds were bred from similar native dog populations. [ [ KARELO-FINNISH LAIKA] ] [ [ L.Gibet (Л. Гибет), "Karelo-Finnish Laika. The History of the Breed" (Карело-финская лайка. История породы).] In "Okhota i Okhotnichye Khozjaystvo", 1993.]

The use of the word in Russia

The Russian word "laika" ( _ru. лайка) is a noun derived from the verb "layat" ( _ru. лаять, to bark), andliterally means "barker". As the name of a dog variety, it is used in Russian cynological literature (not only in Russian, but sometimes in English as well) to refer to allvarieties of hunting dogs traditionally kept by the peoples of the northern Russia and adjacent areas. This includes not only the three or four breeds knows as Laikas in English, but also other standard breeds that FCI classifies together with them as the "Nordic Hunting Dogs" (Group 5, Section 2 of the FCI classification). [ [ FCI - Breed nomenclature. Group 5, Spitz and Primitive types] en icon]

Thus the Norwegian Elkhound (FCI 242 and 268) is known in Russian literature as"Norwegian Elk Laika" (норвежская лосиная лайка), and
Finnish Spitz (FCI 49) as "Finnish Bird Laika" (финская птичья лайка).

In Russia the word "Laika" is sometimes used less strictly, to refer not only to hunting dogs but also tothe related sled dog breeds of the tundra belt, which FCI classifies as "Nordic Sledge Dogs". For example,
Siberian Husky may be occasionally referred to as "Yakut Laika" (якутская лайка), [ [ The Yakut Laika (Якутская лайка)] Illustrated articles by Yakutsk husky enthusiats. Accessed 2006-10-31. ru icon] and Samoyed as "Samoyed Laika" (Самоедская лайка). [ [ Samoyed Laika (Самоедская лайка)] , a dog-breeder's site. Accessed 2006-10-31. ru icon]

"Laika" is also not an uncommon personal name for a Russian dog. The most famous bearer of this name was
Laika, the first dog in space; she also supposedly had some Laika blood.

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