Protein (disambiguation)

Protein (disambiguation)

Protein is a class of biomolecules composed of amino acid chains.

Protein may also refer to:


* Antifreeze protein, class of polypeptides produced by certain fish, vertebrates, plants, fungi and bacteria
* Conjugated protein, protein that functions in interaction with other chemical groups attached by covalent bonds
* Denatured protein, protein which has lost its functional conformation
* Matrix protein, structural protein linking the viral envelope with the virus core
* Protein A, bacterial surface protein that binds antibodies
* Protein A/G, recombinant protein that binds antibodies
* Protein C, anticoagulant
* Protein G, bacterial surface protein that binds antibodies
* Protein L, bacterial surface protein that binds antibodies
* Protein S, plasma glycoprotein
* Protein Z, glycoprotein
* Protein catabolism, the breakdown of proteins into amino acids and simple derivative compounds
* Protein complex, group of two or more associated proteins
* Protein electrophoresis, method of analysing a mixture of proteins by means of gel electrophoresis
* Protein folding, process by which a protein assumes its characteristic functional shape or tertiary structure
* Protein isoform, version of a protein with some small differences
* Protein kinase, enzyme that modifies other proteins by chemically adding phosphate groups to them
* Protein ligands, atoms, molecules, and ions which can bind to specific sites on proteins
* Protein microarray, piece of glass on which different molecules of protein have been affixed at separate locations in an ordered manner
* Protein phosphatase, enzyme that removes phosphate groups that have been attached to amino acid residues of proteins
* Protein purification, series of processes intended to isolate a single type of protein from a complex mixture
* Protein sequencing, protein method
* Protein splicing, intramolecular reaction of a particular protein in which an internal protein segment is removed from a precursor protein
* Protein structure, unique three-dimensional shape of amino acid chains
* Protein targeting, mechanism by which a cell transports proteins to the appropriate positions in the cell or outside of it
* Protein-protein docking, the determination of the molecular structure of complexes formed by two or more proteins
* Protein-protein interaction, the association of protein molecules and the study of these associations from the perspective of biochemistry
* RACK protein, receptor responsible for the binding of active forms of the protein kinase C family of enzymes
* Secretory protein, protein which is secreted by a cell


* Protein design, the design of new protein molecules from scratch
* Protein engineering, application of science, mathematics, and economics to the process of developing useful or valuable proteins


* Fibrous protein, long filamentous protein molecule that forms one of the two main classes of tertiary structure protein
* Fusion protein, protein created through genetic engineering from two or more proteins
* Globular protein, one of the two main protein classes
* Protein expression, subcomponent of gene expression
* Protein family, group of evolutionarily related proteins
* Protein methods, techniques used to study proteins
* Protein subunit, single protein molecule that assembles with other protein molecules to form a multimeric or oligomeric protein
* Regulatory protein, term used in genetics to describe a protein involved in regulating gene expression


* Tau protein, microtubule-associated protein found in neurons in the brain

Membrane biology

* G protein, family of proteins involved in second messenger cascades
* Membrane protein, protein molecule that is attached to, or associated with, the membrane of a cell or an organelle
* Transmembrane protein, integral membrane protein that spans from the internal to the external surface of the biological membrane
* Transport protein, protein involved in the movement of a chemical across a biological membrane


* Protein in nutrition, role of protein in nutrition
* Soy protein, storage protein held in discrete particles called protein bodies
* Whey protein, the name for a collection of globular proteins that can be isolated from whey


* "Protein" (band), heavy metal band
* Protein skimmer, device used mostly in saltwater aquaria to remove organic compounds from the water before they break down

ee also

* Protein K
* Protein synthesis
* Protein-coated

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