Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting. Often described as "golf with a shotgun [ [ Golf with a Shotgun | Fast Company ] ] ", the sport differs from trap and skeet shooting in that:

1. It is considered by many to be more difficult than trap or skeet.

2. It involves shooting clay targets at multiple locations (called stations).

3. Unlike trap and skeet, which are games of repeatable target presentations, sporting clays targets are thrown in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances.

The original idea behind sporting clays was to create an experience that more closely reflects actual hunting conditions [ [ Organization History ] ] . Whereas top-tier trap and skeet professionals may have hit ratings nearing 100%, the best sporting clay shooters hit their targets only about 93% to 95% of the time.


or autoloading (semiautomatic) shotgun.

Safety is an important part of sporting clays. Proper ear and eye protection and firearms safety procedures are required to be followed at all times while on a course.

Course layout and play

A typical course will consist of 10–18 stations. Varying numbers of clay pairs are shot at each station, with the total shots for an outing adding up to 50 or 100 (two or four boxes of shells, respectively). Advanced shooters have the clays thrown as simultaneous pairs (called true pairs in most of the US, and sim pairs in the UK), while novice or intermediate shooters can opt for the clays to be thrown "on report" (the second clay launched on the report of the shooter's gun, hence the name report pair). Targets are thrown at different angles and speeds; sometimes across the shooter's view (crossers), towards the shooter (in-comers), away from the shooter (out-goers), or straight up in the air (often called "teals"). The shots are intended to simulate hunting for quail, grouse, pheasant, pigeon, or other game. Many courses have traps which throw targets from tall towers simulating high-flying ducks or geese [ [ Sporting Clays Magazine - Online Edition ] ] . Some courses have targets that roll and bounce along the ground to simulate rabbits. There are also targets that loop in the air — this does not simulate any particular animal, but it is usually a challenging target.


Five stand


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