Ashmore (disambiguation)

Ashmore (disambiguation)

Ashmore may refer to:

A place

* Ashmore, a small village in Dorset, England
* Ashmore Green, a small village in Berkshire, England
* Ashmore, Illinois, USA
* Ashmore Park, a small housing estate in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
* Ashmore, Queensland, Australia
* The Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, two groups of uninhabited tropical islands in the Indian Ocean

A person

* Aaron Ashmore, a Canadian actor
* Bruce Ashmore, an English Race Car Designer
* Edward Ashmore, a senior Royal Navy officer
* Frank Ashmore, an American actor
* Gerry Ashmore, an English Formula One driver
* Harry Ashmore, an American journalist
* Myfanwy Ashmore, a Canadian conceptual artist
* Shawn Ashmore, a Canadian actor
* Trevor Ashmore, a Moneyer

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