Characters in Metalocalypse

Characters in Metalocalypse

The following is a list of characters in the American animated television series "Metalocalypse". It should be noted that survival from near fatal injuries in the show are a common running gag, a character may be burned, maimed or hurt in some manner and still be able to return in later episodes.


The Tribunal

The Tribunal is an Illuminati-style group which monitors Dethklok. They appear in each episode to discuss Dethklok's latest activities and the dangers they pose. They seem to fear that Dethklok are part of an ancient Sumerian prophecy. The episode "The Metalocalypse Has Begun" suggests that the ultimate event in the prophecy is an "apocalypse of metal."

The group's briefings are led by Senator Stampingston, who usually has experts (who often bear ridiculously complicated names) speak based on whatever Dethklok is doing in the episode. The group has both military (General Crozier and Vater Orlaag) and religious (Cardinal Ravenwood) leaders in its rank, among others. At its head is Mr. Selatcia, a gray-haired man who sits in a throne in the center. There are four other members, but none of them have been named and only one of them has spoken so far (requesting to go to the United States Pornography Awards, along with Stampingston, Crozier, and Ravenwood). Behind the sitting members of the Tribunal are monitors showing the faces of eight more men appearing via video conferencing.

enator Stampingston

*"Voiced by:" Mark HamillSenator Stampingston is the main speaker who reports on Dethklok's current activities. It's never made clear if he currently represents a state or if he simply was a past senator. He stands to left of the large television screen in the briefing room, explaining Dethklok's latest activities while the screen highlights his points. He has a diplomatic standpoint for the issues against Dethklok, often recommending espionage and other forms of information gathering. He keeps the most professional and calm attitude towards Dethklok; he knows they are a threat, but he never overreacts and he is rarely the one that comes up with ideas.

In "Black Fire Upon Us" Stampington is seen with General Crozier at the U.N.

General Crozier

*"Voiced by:" Victor BrandtGeneral Crozier is a four-star General in the United States Army. His job in the Tribunal, as stated by Mr. Selatcia, is information gathering, which Crozier is not happy about. He brings a military viewpoint to the Tribunal's dealings with Dethklok, and usually recommends military action, often in the form of assassination. Despite his view that Dethklok should be dealt with in the most efficient manner, he usually has the most realistic predictions, sometimes questioning if certain things the band does are really that dangerous.

General Crozier goes against the Tribunal's wishes several times. He covertly sends an assassin to Mordhaus to eliminate Dethklok, which fails. He also gathers a large military force to kill them in "The Metalocalypse Has Begun," having formed an alliance with Cardinal Ravenwood in this endeavor. This backfires when Selatcia discovers their betrayal and brutally kills Ravenwood. However, he merely puts Crozier to sleep, claiming he is still needed. Crozier returns with no memory of anything after the attack on Dethklok itself, but with strange nightmares of Ravenwood's death. In the episode "Dethcarraldo," during a botched attempt to disrupt Dethklok's plans in the Amazon, Crozier is forced by the native Yaneemango Indians to partake in a drug known as yopo. He imagines the bloodied and disfigured Ravenwood again, along with the soldiers killed by Selatcia. The vision of Ravenwood claims that General Crozier is dead, but he is seen later at the Tribunal meeting concerning Dethklok's new manager.

In "Dethrelease" he is appointed Chief of Staff by the president and he focuses his attention on capturing the Revengencers . He arrives at Mordhaus and to stop the Revengencers attack, there he is confronted by Orlaag and Selatcia who uses his magic to control his mind. Crozier then becomes a mind slave for Selatcia who apparently needs his new military power.

Cardinal Ravenwood

*"Voiced by:" Victor Brandt
Cardinal Ravenwood is an elderly priest who has a religious perspective on the issues regarding Dethklok. He claims to have prophetic visions on a regular basis, most of which relate to Dethklok; however, they do not appear to be very reliable, or at the very least are not as literal as he explains them. Though his visions do not usually end up accurate, he does accurately foretell his own death, having had dreams of Selatcia speaking to him in an unknown language which he interprets as a sign that he would die. The prediction is realized in "The Metalocalypse Has Begun" when Selatcia telekinetically blinds him and causes his intestines to prolapse for his betrayal. Though Crozier forgot the events of the night, Ravenwood continuously appears to him in dreams. In the second season finale "Black Fire Upon Us", Cardinal Ravenwood can be seen sitting to the right of Selatcia during the special UN meeting.

Vater Orlaag

*"Voiced by:" Malcolm MacDowellVater Orlaag is introduced in the second episode of the second season, presumably having been hired to replace Ravenwood. Orlaag is described by Stampingston as "a political and spiritual specialist." Orlaag appears to play a strong role in the Tribunal, often giving his input during meetings and being present in the main chamber of Selatcia during a conference with Crozier. He seems to hold a high rank in the military as seen in "Dethcarraldo." He has also shown himself to be fiercely loyal to Selatcia, more so than any other Tribunal member. His appearance may be a reference to RasputinFact|date=August 2008.

Mr. Selatcia

*"Voiced by:" Mark HamillMr. Selatcia is the eldest member of the Tribunal who sits in a throne in the center, and bears a more-than-superficial resemblance to Nathan Explosion. When the Tribunal debates the best course of action, Mr. Selatica is usually the last to speak, and always has the final word on what course of action the group will take. Oddly enough, he usually recommends inaction, ordering the Tribunal to allow what is occurring to take place undisturbed. General Crozier describes Selatcia's background as "murky." Selatcia displays a demonic nature in "The Metalocalypse Has Begun." Having discovered the treachery of Crozier and Ravenwood, he telekinetically causes five soldiers' heads to instantly burst; he then turns on Ravenwood, bursting his eyes and causing his intestines to prolapse from his mouth. In contrast, he only puts Crozier to sleep, claiming he needs Crozier alive; it is indicated he is able to do this, as a result of the Cardinal's failure to "pray first" before attempting some type of ancient curse against the unconscious Dethklok members. He and Crozier then disappear with the surrounding fog before anyone can discover his presence; his face is then superimposed briefly in the ending-panoply of the band-members, which appears just after Cardinal Ravenwood's final words: "The Metalocalypse has begun." Later, in "P.R. Pickles," Selatcia is superimposed on the screen when the large P.R. tablet Dethklok sent into space collides with a comet that otherwise would have killed the band. If the sound on this scene is played in reverse, it is revealed that Selatcia is saying "The Prophecy".Fact|date=August 2008

It is heavily implied throughout the series that Selatcia is connected to Dethklok and the Metalocalypse, although it remains uncertain as to exactly how. In a hidden clip on the Metalocalypse Season 1 DVD, Selatcia is portrayed as a statue wearing armor made of bone, adorned with 5 emblems that resemble each band member. In the opening scene of the episode "Dethecution," General Crozier has an amnesiac memory/vision of Cardinal Ravenwood in Hell, surrounded by what appears to either be the 5 band members, or demons resembling them, and Selatcia in the same bone armor.

In "Black Fire Upon Us" Selatcia implants visions into Crozier's head wearing the same bone armor and having the five emblems also shown as five separate planets, possibly showing Dethklok's universal importance. It was also shown that he is apparently much more physically larger than the other characters, dwarfing both General Crozier and Vater Orlaag.


* Dr. Gibbons – Birthday expert hired to discuss Murderface and his birthday. He returns later as simply a Murderface expert to discuss Murderface's Nascar-type Theatrical Hybrid Event.
* Dr. Armand Skagerakk Frederickshaven – Mythology expert hired to discuss the Finnish lake troll.
* Dr. Donald Gorfield – Comedy specialist hired to discuss how comedy affects people.
* Dr. Ramonolith Chesterfield – Military pharmaceutical psychotropic drug manufacturing expert hired to explain the drug "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake" and give it to the Snakes 'n' Barrels' members. He gives it to them while wearing an obvious fake beard and observes the effect from the audience. He returns later to discuss the long term side effects of "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake" when Snakes 'n' Barrels re-reunites without Pickles.
* Dr. Ronald von Moldenberg – Endorsement specialist hired to discuss Dethklok's transition to endorsement deals. Voiced by King Diamond.
* Dr. Natasha Neshenskanovich – Dethklok specialist that runs a Dethklok think tank in Washington, DC. Specializes in Nathan Explosion Studies. Hired to discuss Nathan Explosion's effect on the world if he were to continue his education.
* Vincenzo D'allimamma La Corningston III - Celebrity depression expert who discusses Dethklok's depression and their decision to turn to Mashed Potato Johnson for enlightenment.
* Professor Jerry Gustav Munndig – Child control expert who resembles kiddie show host Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan)Fact|date=January 2008. Explains child control programs, hippies' effect on children of the 1960s, and what would happen if today's children following Toki were raised on metal.
* Horace Marvingblad Wimplestein, Jr. – A celebrity relationship expert, he describes Nathan Explosion and Rebecca Nightrod's courtship and the public impact of high-profile romances.
* Dr. Chaz Fazzeldoctinhoffer – Resident acting expert; he discusses the repercussions of Dethklok's film career. He appears to be a parody of James Lipton.Fact|date=January 2008
*Dr. Milminiman Lamilim Swimwambli - A marriage expert hire to discuss Pickles' brother Seth's wedding. He describes the American wedding as "a dark and fearful sham," detailing the terrible effect it has upon the married couple, their family, and society in general.
*Dr. Ralphus Galkensmelter - Psychological death expert brought in to discuss Toki's father's imminent death and how Toki will deal with it. He describes Toki as the "messenger of death" and that everything he touches with his love will die. He then proceeds to use overdramatic similes and metaphors to describe Toki, and eventually turns them on General Crozier who says the doctor's message is "a load of horse shit."

Dethklok employees

Charles Foster Ofdensen

*"Voiced by:" Brendon SmallCharles Foster Ofdensen is Dethklok's manager, legal counsel, and CFO, the latter also incidentally being his initials. He acts as the voice of reason against Dethklok's constant disregard of law and logic. He acts as manager, lawyer, and adviser to Dethklok, protecting the band against everything from slowing record sales to themselves. Ofdensen is one of the few individuals seen to interact with Dethklok for any significant length of time and evade subsequent mutilation or death.

Ofdensen is a "dark parody" caricature of band-managers, being "all about business;" he reacts with general apathy to the mayhem caused by Dethklok, his only concern seemingly being the legal or financial ramifications of their actions. Similarly, he shows little more than slight annoyance when the band insults him in one way or another. Despite his attempts to curb Dethklok's violent behavior (at least in public), Ofdensen has performed or ordered numerous acts of brutality. However his violent acts are always quite calculated and direct to a surgical degree and done with clear objectives in mind to protect the band — unlike the band's violent actions and effects which tend to be extremely random and usually quite accidental. He has no problem ordering others to be beaten or killed (Dr. Rockzo in particular, whom he orders to be beaten and tortured twice). General Crozier warns Dr. Rockzo to "stay away from [Ofdensen] , he means business."

Ofdensen also has secret contacts with the leaders of the United Nations, because so much of their economies depend on Dethklok sales; this allows him a global license to instantly and secretly trace, capture, torture and imprison all those who illegally download or record Dethklok's music. These victims are simply publicly listed as "missing," but are secretly imprisoned and tortured at Mordhaus, where they are driven to insanity by forcibly exposing them to Dethklok's music at extremely high volumes ("Dethvengeance").

Ofdensen displays exceptional skill in close-quarters combat in several episodes. In "The Metalocalypse Has Begun" he single-handedly disarms and almost kills the Metal Masked Assassin, despite the latter being much more physically imposing. When he is surprised, badly beaten and thrown through a window several stories high in their next encounter in the episode "The Revengencers", he manages to land on his hands and feet without injury. In "Dethsources", he has a fencing match with Melmord Fjordslorn to determine who would remain as Dethklok's manager, having insisted that the only way to separate him from Dethklok would be to kill him. After a lengthy battle, Ofdensen barely manages to stab Melmord and force him off of the top of Mordhaus' Dragonspire, causing him to fall to his death on the train tracks below. A passing train moving into the compound annihilates the body.

Ofdensen's knowledge of the conspiracy against Dethklok is unknown. His office has a safe containing classified information; however, the contents of the safe are never seen, as he catches Dr. Rockzo just before the act of attempting to film them. He uses high-tech radar and surveillance to monitor the band's safety during their ill-fated performance of "Dethwater" at the Gulf of Danzig in the first season finale; he likewise has an elaborate defense, escape and counterstrike prepared when military forces attack Dethklok.

In "Black Fire Upon Us," Dethkok's new album release concert and subsequent Revengencers attack allows Ofdensen to demonstrate two achievements that establish Dethklok as an even greater superpower; multi-stage manned rocket technology and a functioning missile defense system. The former having been attained by only three nations and the latter being the first of its kind.

Prior to the concert and release party, Ofdensen becomes very preoccupied with security, appointing an elite group of Klokateers to protect Dethklok and constructing a high-powered shield to surround Mordhaus. During the Revengencers' attack, he unflinchingly leads the elite Klokateers in an assault on the Revengencers' sound wave weapon. Most, if not all, of his soldiers are killed, but he is able to point his hoverbike at the weapon and leap onto a vacant one, effectively destroying the weapon. The Masked Metal Assassin commandeers a hoverbike and pursues Ofdensen. They each jockey for position and after a high-speed chase, Ofdensen is shot through the chest with an arrow and knocked to the ground. The Assassin then proceeds to brutally beat him up and attempts to torture him before killing him, but Nathan Explosion knocks the Assassin unconscious with a flaming crossbeam. Nathan even says "That's my bread and butter you're fucking with" the same line said by Ofdensen at the end of the first season's finale when he saved Toki and Skwisgaar. However, the episode's final shot leaves Ofdensen's fate unclear but he is most likely alive due to the assassin saying he was going to torture him before his death.


Klokateers are the brutal overseers of the band's various properties and the roadies for their concerts. They all wear black hoods and black uniforms, and in general resemble medieval executioners; however, certain members dress differently when necessary, such as the pilot of Dethklok's helicopter, The "Dethcopter", commonly mistaken for Hatredcopter (Written about on The Dethalbum). Curiously, the submarine used by Dethklok to record their underwater album was crewed by what appeared to be members of the Russian Navy, as opposed to Klokateers. In order to prove their loyalty to Dethklok, Klokateers have a Dethklok emblem branded onto the backs of their necks. They always refer to the members of Dethklok as "my lord(s)" or "my master(s)" and are in turn referred to by their numeric designation. They are killed as frequently as any other people who come into contact with Dethklok.

They obey Dethklok without question, no matter how outrageous their demands may be. They are quick to beat or kill people, with or without orders, and in "Dethcarraldo" gladly pull Dethklok's very large boat over a nearby mountain at the cost of their lives. In "The Metalocalypse Has Begun," they function as an army for the band, fighting with swords and other medieval weaponry despite the fact that they carry automatic weaponry and high-powered sniper rifles in their estate. Dethklok's massive helicopters serve as troop transports for them, dropping hundreds at a time onto the battlefield.

The first use of the term to represent Dethklok's massive gang of henchmen is in "The Dethalbum". In the liner notes, Dethklok states their appreciation of their labor, saying "DETHKLOK would like to thank the tireless work of the Klokateers (see we really are good bosses)." As revealed in "Dethsources," even before they are officially hired, they are quite likely to die. The episode also features the first use of "Klokateers" within the main series. The entrance exam alone has a mortality rate of fifty percent, as the participants are required to pair up and fight each other to the death with their bare fists. Ofdensen mentions that, by the time they are made official Klokateers, most will likely have been maimed or killed. Their living conditions are said to be so horrible that their corpses are stuffing the sewer system, much to the dislike of a visiting health inspector, although it is unlikely that things will change, since Nathan and Murderface convinced the health inspector that the extremely poor and deadly working conditions are very "metal."


*"Voiced by:" Mark HamillJean-Pierre is Dethklok's stereotypical French chef, the most recent in a long line to cater to the band. He is passionately loyal to his employers, having stated that he would rather have his "brain scooped out with a melon baller" than miss the opportunity to serve them, despite the job's inherent risks. According to Skwisgaar, all of the chefs previously employed by Dethklok died in various accidents (such as one who had his face smashed in by a hovercraft), a fate that Jean-Pierre has (so far) narrowly avoided.

In the pilot episode, Jean-Pierre is mangled when a stray firework missile ejects him from the band's helicopter and into its rotor blades. The blades slice him into several pieces, making it necessary to connect them together via a complex and strange-looking machine in order to keep him alive. After realizing that they couldn't feed themselves due to their own incompetence and total unfamiliarity with such mundane elements as grocery shopping, the band sewed him back together. However, they did so very poorly, which gave Nathan the inspiration for the song "Sewn Back Together Wrong," in addition to giving Jean-Pierre a hideous and mutilated appearance (some parts were sewn on backward). Despite the dubious quality of his reconstruction Jean-Pierre returned to work enthusiastically, and his current condition does not appear to have adversely affected his skills as a chef.

Jean-Pierre is indirectly responsible for the death of the Queen of Denmark: having been asked by Nathan to bake a "totally metal" cake for Murderface's birthday, he took the request literally and made a cake with mercury frosting. Though he warned people not to sample the frosting as it would kill them, the Queen took a taste before he could stop her; she subsequently died of mercury poisoning.

Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler

*"Voiced by:" Tommy BlachaDick Knubbler is Dethklok's music producer. He is first introduced in "Dethwater", where he is sent to monitor Dethklok's album recording by the Tribunal in exchange for having his criminal record erased; among his laundry list of felonies are tax evasion, disfiguring a co-worker's face with acid, and soliciting prostitution and drugs. Dethklok's music convinces him to turn on the Tribunal, and he promises to report on the merits of their new record to the label upon his return to the surface. While traveling back in a bathysphere, he is attacked by a giant seahorse mutated by radiation leaking from Dethklok's submarine. In his attempt to escape, his eyes explode from rapid decompression. They are replaced with new "dark metal" robotic eyes which can look in different directions and glow in response to his mood (red for anger, green otherwise).

He returns as Dethklok's producer in the episode "Dethkids," helping to produce for Murderface's long-awaited Planet Piss side project, although he appears (without speaking) in the episode "Dethkomedy" as an observer in the courtroom. "The Dethalbum" credits Knubbler with producing, engineering, and mixing it. In "Dethvengeance", he helps the band move all their songs onto their newly-created "water format", only to be annoyed when the band uses said water for mundane everyday tasks, such as making ramen noodles and refilling an aquarium. He also produces the band's long awaited album in "Dethrecord" and stays extremely patient with with the band, despite their eccentric behavior such as Pickles threatening to kill him, Nathan wearing a suit of armor as he records, Skwisgaar needing to record his guitar tracks while sky diving to remedy his guitar's grounding problem, and Toki accidentally erasing those tracks, forcing them to re-record them the same way.

In Black Fire Upon Us, Kunbbler is seen escaping the attack by the Revengencers. He also tells Skwisgaar and Pickles to save the new album's Master Track.

It has been statedFact|date=August 2008 that Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler is a parody of Phil Spector.

Dethklok's doctor

*"Voiced by:" Tommy BlachaDethklok meets a certain unnamed doctor at various points in the series. The doctor usually does whatever Dethklok asks, despite the fact that they ask him to do things any ordinary doctor would never consider. He even calls them idiots when they believe a simple cold will kill them and request medication to cure it. He usually responds to their requests with a dejected "whatever." He even neuters Dethklok's adopted son, via the band's request, after his first suggestion of cutting sugar from his diet to cure the boy's apparent (undiagnosed and possibly nonexistent) Attention Deficit Disorder is rejected by the band.

Recurring characters

Dr. Rockzo

*"Voiced by:" Tommy Blacha(talking) Brendon Small(singing)Dr. Rockzo is the "rock 'n' roll clown" , he does cocaine, announcing this fact loudly and frequently. Dr. Rockzo admits that not only does he use cocaine, but also huffs paint, uses crystal meth, heroin, pain pills, and Oxycontin before finally admitting "I do it all." Dr. Rockzo's real name is Leonard Rockstein, the trouble-making son of a physical therapist who became lead singer of Zazz Blammymatazz, a partying rock band named after the guitarist. They quickly became famous; however, Rockzo insisted on being paid in cocaine. His habit made him increasingly paranoid, and he was eventually fired from the group. After a short-lived solo career, he began his present life as a rock n' roll clown for hire. He was once briefly the star in a reality show, before stealing over 1,000 pounds of cocaine from a police storage facility and going into hiding. One of Dr. Rockzo's talents is constructing elaborate and large balloons in a matter of seconds. He has made a Bootsy Collins Space Bass guitar and a large balloon in the shape of Toki's face. He offers to make one for Nathan outside of a police station, which Nathan declines.

He talks in a high-pitched voice, which every member of the band except Toki finds irritating. He wears a very tight neon jumpsuit with cutouts that expose almost his entire torso and, in the back, the top of his buttcrack. The rest of his outfit includes a combination cap, long, thick, brightly-colored hair, KISS-like face paint, furry boots, and a spiky red nose. The colors of his clothing and hair change between episodes, but are always gaudy and fluorescent. Without the makeup, he is shown to be a balding Caucasian man with long blond hair.

Toki and Dr. Rockzo become friends following Rockzo's first appearance, as Toki has a childhood trust of clowns (he is shown as a child with clown/serial killer John Wayne Gacy). Rockzo is not well received by the other band members, particularly Murderface. Ultimately, Ofdensen throws Rockzo out of Mordhaus and orders a few Klokateers to "put the boots to him, medium style". After this, a more deranged Rockzo is approached by the Tribunal; they hire Dr. Rockzo to gather information about Dethklok from the inside. Rockzo succeeds in taking numerous pictures of Mordhaus, but is forced to flee when Ofdensen catches him opening a safe in the manager's office. Later, in "Cleanzo", Rockzo convinces Toki to take him in, with the other band members deciding to get rid of him by sending him to be rehabilitated by Rikki Kixx.

In "Snakes N' Barrels II" Leonard Rockstein has been sober for two months and he now does speeches about sobriety in Rikki Kixx's rehabilitation center and dresses like a normal person, as he refers to his "Dr. Rockzo" persona as the source of his drug abuse and had to rid himself of it. He is chosen to host Rikki Kixx's SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show where in the middle of his opening speech he starts seeing hallucinations of his former self telling him to do drugs. He freaks out and nervously goes backstage where he sees a confiscated bag full of cocaine, eventually forced by the hallucinations to take the drugs, relapsing back into Rockzo. After stealing a woman's black tights, he bursts onto the stage in slapdash clown makeup and hair, covered in cocaine and cherry pie sauce and screams in a dark tone, "MY NAME'S DOCTOR ROCKZO, THE ROCK AND ROLL CLOWN, AND I DO COCAINE!"

Rockzo seems to be a parody of various events and persons. According to Brendon Small, Dr. Rockso was supposed to be an amalgam of every kind of front man from the hard-rock era, from Paul Stanley to Axl Rose and Steven Tyler but the animators made him look like David Lee Roth [] . During the beginning of the episode "Cleanzo," Dr. Rockzo is seen in his underwear struggling to eat a cheeseburger, a parody of an incident involving David Hasselhoff [] .

Dethklok Minute Host

*"Voiced by:" Tommy BlachaThe Dethklok Minute Host who bears a striking resemblance to Ryan SeacrestFact|date=August 2008 is the host of a gossip TV Show, "The Dethklok Minute", which focuses on Dethklok's usual celebrity stunts such as TV appearances, movies, romances, rumors, and so on. The right side of his face is disfigured when a meteor fragment strikes his studio at the end of "P.R. Klok," but it hasn't dampened his enthusiasm about reporting on Dethklok's activities.

Pickles' Family

*"Voiced by:" Laraine Newman (Molly) and Mark Hamill (Calvert), and Brendon Small (Seth)Both of Pickles' parents and his brother appear twice in the series. His parents are Calvert and Molly. They reside in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Pickles' older brother Seth, who Calvert and Molly favor despite the fact that he lives in their garage, is an ex-con, and has no known job. Seth constantly tries to make money off of Pickles' fame, even threatening Pickles with identity theft. The Tribunal refers to Seth as Pickles older brother in "Dethfam", however Seth calls Pickles his "big brother" in "Dethwedding".

They first appear in "Dethfam," visiting along with the rest of Dethklok's family. They return in "Dethwedding," where Seth invites Dethklok to his wedding in order to further leech off of Pickles' wealth. After Pickles gives him a blender as a wedding gift, he curses his brother out on stage; Pickles responds by severely beating him. Pickles feels bad about this later and wants to get his brother a job, so Ofdensen gives him the dangerous job of running Dethklok's Australian headquarters. The country quickly plummets into chaos as Seth uses national resources to protect himself from assassination attempts.

Toki's Family

Toki's parents are Anja and the Reverend Aslaug Wartooth, two extremely religious people who never speak, smile, or show any emotion whatsoever (they do briefly scream in a music video, however, and Aslaug is shown holding Toki's guitar in the studio). They live in an abandoned village near Lillehammer, Norway. In "Dethkids," Toki has a flashback to his childhood, in which his mother slaps him hard enough to make his lips bleed for no apparent reason.

In "Dethdad," when Toki finds out that his father is dying of cancer, he and the rest of the band travel to Norway, and Toki faces his traumatic past. Several flashbacks are shown including Toki carrying a huge box of fish up a hill, walking in on his parents having sex, sitting with no shirt with bloody gashes all over his back and upper arms (from his father's flogging him), and hanging with his arms in shackles on a wall-- giving another glimpse into Toki's extremely abusive childhood. After running away briefly, Nathan, Pickles, Skwisgaar, and Murderface search for him. He finally faces his fears and reconciles with his dying father whose last request is to see the house he was born in, which is at the top of a large steep hill. Toki carries his father up to the steps of the house (the rest of the band refused to help, preferring to wait in the snowmobile), but Toki slips on the ice-covered stairs and drops him down the hill. Aslaug slides down the hill and breaks through the ice covering a lake at the bottom. Toki rushes to save him, but it is too late, and he is forced to watch through the ice as his father drowns and freezes to death, and sinks to the bottom of the lake. Unintentionally adding insult to injury, Murderface throws a cherry bomb into the snow and the small hill collapses, destroying the home that Aslaug Wartooth grew up in.

Dr. Johnathan Twinkletits

*"Voiced by:" Brendon SmallDr. Johnathan Twinkletits (pronounced "twink-let'-its", deliberately avoiding the obvious pronunciation) is an insane band therapist, and parody of performance coach Phil TowleFact|date=August 2008. He was formerly a member of a band known as the Amazelingtons, whom he killed after they disbanded. He is seen calling his deceased bandmates and telling them he is in Dethklok, even though he knows they are already dead.

He is hired in "Performanceklok" to keep Dethklok from having another fight on-stage. He awards the band members with banana stickers for good behavior. After Nathan figures out that the band can simply buy banana stickers as psychological validation and fires Twinkletits, he attempts to kill them. However, he slips on a banana sticker and falls into Mordhaus' front yard before he can do anything. He survives the long fall, but is attacked by the "yard wolves." As shown in "Cleanzo," he survives the wolves, but his arms have been replaced with mechanical prosthetics, and further cybernetic enhancements are indicated by the slight metallic tinge to his voice after his reappearance. He helps Toki intervene in Dr. Rockzo's life and wean him off cocaine.

nakes 'n' Barrels

Snakes 'n' Barrels is Pickles' first band, all of whom (aside from Pickles) fell on hard times after Pickles went to Dethklok. When they hold a reunion tour with Pickles, they are driven insane by the military-developed drug "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake" with Pickles unaffected due to years of severe drug and alcohol abuse rendering him "immune to just about every kind of drug". According to Murderface, during the concert the other members were "clawing [their] eyes out" and "throwing up acid blood". While the rest of Dethklok doesn't like the band's music, they change their minds after hearing the brutal reunion concert.

In "Snakes N' Barrels II" the band returned to normal and reunites again but this time without Pickles and they replace him with Rikki Kixx who helped them rehabilitate due to the intended purpose of "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake" as a mind control drug. They put a restraining order against Pickles after Rikki Kixx tells them that he is the reason why they keep doing drugs. This makes Pickles furious and decides to go to L.A to sneak into the "SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show" where they are supposed to play. The band tells Pickles that they are better off without him and Pickles is taken away from them by security. The band goes on stage and starts playing as the more dangerous effects of the "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake" take effect, causing ghost snakes to come out of every orifice of their bodies and making their drug hallucinations visible to the audience members, killing some while causing the others all start drinking and using drugs as Pickles assaults Rikki for stealing his band.

Antonio "Tony" DiMarco Thunderbottom

*"Voiced by:" Arch Enemy guitarist Michael AmottAntonio "Tony" DiMarco Thunderbottom is the bassist. He is a former alcoholic and drug addict turned sober. His signature top hat is reminiscent of Slash from Guns N' Roses, though his long hair and accent is a subtle representation of Ozzy OsbourneFact|date=August 2008. When the band reunites, they presumably do so in his house; he is reluctant to turn his amplifier on due to electricity costs.

ammy "Candynose" Twinskins

*"Voiced by:" Nevermore singer Warrel DaneSammy "Candynose" Twinskins is the drummer. He was formerly addicted to crack cocaine, but has since become sober. A young Candynose looks very much like Poison drummer Rikki Rockett.Fact|date=August 2008

nizzy "Snazz" Bullets

*"Voiced by:" former Nevermore guitarist Steve SmythSnizzy "Snazz" Bullets is the rhythm guitar player. He suffers from partial facial paralysis due to hallucinogens and heroin abuse. He later invented a strapless guitar that functions as a girdle, known as a "g-girdle-uitar". The younger Bullets bears a strong resemblance to Joe Perry of Aerosmith. The older Bullets is bald, and bears the scars from a botched hair transplant on his head.

The Revengencers

The Revengencers is an anti-Dethklok terrorist group formed by Edgar Jomfru and the Metal Masked Assassin in an attempt to exact revenge against Dethklok for the pain they have caused them. In addition to the Assassin and Edgar, an unnamed teenager rescued from Dethklok's prison by Edgar works with them. The teen is first seen in "Dethvengance" downloading Dethklok material illegally, which results in his house being raided by Klokateers, and his imprisonment. The teenager wears a mask made from the remnants of Eric Jomfru's face. The Revengencers are first mentioned in the episode "Dethwedding" as being responsible for the assasination of the head of Dethklok Australia. They make their debut in "The Revengencers," bombing several Duncan Hills Coffee shops (which Duncan Hills blames on gas leaks) then attempting to assasinate Dethklok during a benefit performance for people who have been disfigured by the Duncan Hills bombings. Their attempt is derailed by the disfigured patients. In "Dethrelease" they make their most devastating attack on Dethklok yet by raising an army of brainwashed Dethklok fans and attacking Mordhaus directly with a secret weapon. The heroics of each band member are displayed as they survive the attack and win the battle, but Mordhaus is left burning to the ground, and Ofdensen is seriously injured.

Metal Masked Assassin

*"Voiced by George "Corpsegrinder" FisherThe Metal Masked Assassin is the brother of Agent 216, whom Crozier had sent to kill Dethklok in "Murdering Outside The Box." He is a mysterious psychopath who wears a metal mask and regularly dismembers people hanging from hooks (a reference to the song "Meat Hook Sodomy" by Corpsegrinder's band Cannibal Corpse), apparently while they are still alive. General Crozier recruits him for the assault on the Dethwater concert, supposedly so he can avenge his brother's death, although Crozier has ulterior motives. As he prepares to kill Skwisgaar and Toki, he himself is seriously wounded by Ofdensen (his right arm broken, stabbed in the kidney, and kicked into a body of water).

He returns in the episode "Dethvengeance," alive but now wearing a metal support for his formerly broken arm. He forms the Revengencers with Edgar Jomfru (floating under his unconscious cellmate, a fan imprisoned for illegal downloading), who escaped from Dethklok's underground prison. He seems to have developed a grudge against Ofdensen and wants him dead, realizing that doing so would cause Dethklok to fall apart and make them easier to eliminate. It should be noted that in subtitles he is referred to as "Selatcia" though the connection remains unclear.

In "The Revengencers", he expresses his pure hatred for Ofdensen, devoting himself to killing the man who protects Dethklok and "crucify [ing] him". During Dethklok's concert at the hospital, he kills a guard, steals his hood, and sneaks up on Ofdensen, catching him by surprise. He quickly overpowers the surprised manager and throws him out of a window, but Ofdensen somehow lands on his feet, virtually unharmed. He then gathers up the other members, as their presence has been discovered, and escapes.

In "Black Fire Upon Us", he is shown to have eluded Ofdensen's numerous attempts to find him, and fronts the assault on Mordhaus itself, during their CD release party. He personally fires the main weapon that brings Mordhaus' shields down and sets the building on fire. Ofdensen leads the counter-attack, personally destroying the main weapon, but the Metal Masked Assassin steals one of the Dethsoldiers' hoverbikes and chases Ofdensen down a long passageway in Mordhaus. After the teenager wearing the Jomfru brothers death mask shoots Ofdensen with a crossbow, knocking him off the bike, Metal Masked Assassin begins beating Ofdensen to death and pulls out a knife to torture him with before he dies. As he is about to stab Ofdensen, Nathan knocks Metal Masked Assassin out with a large flaming wooden beam, and says "That's my bread and butter you're fucking with." (A direct reference to 'The Metalocalypse has Begun' where Ofdensen said the same when the Assasin was trying to kill Skwissgar and Toki.) It is unclear what happens to him after this.

Edgar Jomfru

*"Voiced by:" Brendon SmallWheel-chair ridden Edgar Jomfru ("Jomfru" meaning virgin in danish) and his brother Eric (voiced by Tommy Blacha) are introduced as the proprietors of, the largest Dethklok fan site. In their greed, they attempt to blackmail Dethklok into paying for good reviews on their site by secretly recording an exclusive one-time only song played by Dethklok during their annual fan day. Their scheme fails miserably when the two brothers are lured into a sniper-filled hallway by Ofdensen. Eric is killed instantly, his head blown off and the remnants of his face scattered on his brother, while Edgar, remembering Ofdensen's cryptic advice regarding how to cross the narrow corridor beforehand, survived. Edgar is promptly imprisoned inside the band's dungeon.

The shock of his brother's death, as well as the brutal torture inflicted upon him by the band's minions, drives Edgar insane: having recovered the remains of his brother's face from the incident, he makes them into a mask for a fellow imprisoned fan who is put into his cell, even referring to the teen as his brother upon doing so. He digs his way out of the prison in the episode "Dethvengeance," the fan tied to his back despite the latter not being handicapped. He is rescued by the Metal Masked Assassin after escaping through the sewage system. He and the assassin start the Revengencers and begin orchestrating terrorist attacks on different Dethklok-related places. The Tribunal describes Edgar as the brains behind the terrorist attacks. He has his nose bitten off by a Dethklok fan while attempting to assassinate Nathan.

In "Black Fire Upon Us", Edgar masterminds the attack on Mordhaus and even infiltrates Mordhaus himself to personally kill Dethklok. He corners Skwisgaar and Pickles in their secret vault and prepares to shoot them with a shotgun. As he prepares to shoot them, he flashes back to all the years he and his brother spent as avid Dethklok fans. He lowers his gun as he is unable to kill what were once his idols. Immediately thereafter, a Klokateer kicks his wheelchair over and starts beating him with a night stick. His fate after this is unclear.

The Teenager

*"Voiced by:" Tommy BlachaIn "Dethvengance", a teenager is imprisoned by Klokateers after illegally downloading Dethklok music. There he meets Edgar, who makes him wear a mask made of his brother's face and refers to him as his brother. Edgar ties him to his back and escapes from Mordhaus. He joins the Revengencers with Edgar, never speaking and obeying Edgar without question. He participates in the attack on Mordhaus by shooting Ofdensen with a crossbow as he is chased by Metal Masked Assassin. Shortly thereafter he is hit in the head by the butt of a rifle by General Crozier. His fate after this is unknown.

Lavona Succuboso

*"Voiced by:" Angela Gossow of Arch EnemyLavona Succuboso leads the group "Succuboso Explosion", an extremist faction of women devoted to capturing Nathan Explosion and bearing his children, creating a race of warriors that will conquer the world. Their mantra is "We are the vessels that hold the future." They use a device called the "loin extractor" which is a harpoon-like projectile that attaches to the target's crotch and electrocutes them. It is unknown how the device actually "extracts" the loins, but when Lavona fired the weapon at Nathan during a concert, Murderface jumped in the way and was hit instead. Although the weapon did not actually hit Murderface's crotch, just his bass, he was mildly shocked and a charge was shot back through the weapon which sent Lavona flying completely out of the concert arena.

In "Black Fire Upon Us", Lavona and her followers have allied themselves with the Revengencers to help them attack Mordhaus during their CD release party. She made an agreement with Edgar Jomfru that she would get to have her way with Nathan before he is killed. She makes her way to the roof as Mordhaus burns and meets Nathan and a passed out Toki. She first attacks him, but is easily overpowered so she kisses Nathan to get his guard down. She then knees him in the crotch and pulls out the "loin extractor" to finally complete her task. Before she can fire, Toki smashes his liquor bottle over her head, knocking her out. It is unclear whether or not she escaped the inferno of Mordhaus alive.

One-time characters

In each episode, the band will often meet with different people for various reasons, usually relating to their music. With a few exceptions, most of the people they meet are either killed or horribly mutilated, often by sheer coincidence.

Prince Henry of Denmark

Seen in "Birthdayface", Henry is the young heir to the throne of Denmark. He is head-butted by his idol Murderface (fracturing his skull) after he unwisely approaches Murderface during his bass solo. His face was autographed by Skwisgaar, injuring him further. He was last of the Danish royalty at the time of his mother's death from mercury poisoning.

Queen of Denmark

*"Voiced by:" Metallica lead guitarist Kirk HammettThe Queen of Denmark is introduced with her son, Henry, the prince of Denmark. At Murderface's birthday, she tries a sample of the mercury frosting before Jean-Pierre could stop her. Almost immediately, she vomits up pieces of her own flesh and died instantly.

Mustakrakish, the Lake Troll

*"Voiced by:" Metallica frontman James HetfieldMustakrakish is an ancient Finnish lake troll seen in "Dethtroll" that was awakened from his thousand-year slumber by Dethklok's questionable choice of taking a song from a necronomic spell book. The song was intended to be offered as a new national anthem in apology for almost destroying Finland on a previous tour. Mustakrakish, upon being awakened, simply repeats the destruction. After a failed attempt at an acoustic death metal lullaby, Mustakrakish exploded and died after tearing his organs out of his own throat and chest in an attempt to dislodge Murderface's Dethphone from its airway. His death immediately triggers a massive inferno that destroys the Finnish skyline. During the credits the members of Dethklok can be seen eating the fire-cooked remains of Mustakrakish.

Finnish bartender

*"Voiced by:" Metallica lead guitarist Kirk HammettTo put Mustakrakish back to sleep, a nameless bartender introduces Dethklok to acoustic instruments ("grandpa's guitars", as Skwisgaar and Toki call them), necessitated by Mustakrakish's destruction of the power grid. He is eaten by the troll.

Lorkey the Sailor

*"Voiced by:" Metallica frontman James HetfieldLorkey is a sea captain that trains Dethklok to be funny for their comedy routines in "Dethkomedy". He committed suicide after realizing he couldn't teach them any more.

Nick Ibsen

Nick is a TV personality who bears a striking resemblance to Larry King in the episode "Dethfam." While interviewing Dethklok, Murderface urinates on Nick Ibsen's feet underneath the table. After introducing Dethklok's family, Stella Murderface accidentally kills him when she rolls into the studio. Her Rascal scooter catches the cord of a stagelight, breaking it and causing the stagelight to fall on Nick. The metal cover slices his jugular vein, and the resulting blood pool then comes into contact with the wire, electrocuting him to death. This event gives Nathan the inspiration for the song "Bloodrocuted".

Dethklok's Families

In "Dethfam", Nick Ibsen tracks down and brings in Dethklok's families, an act for which he is rewarded with death.

Skwisgaar's only family is Serveta Skwigelf, his promiscuous and neglectful single mother. She was formerly Miss Sweden 1956 (Ingrid Goude actually holds that title). It is claimed that her bad parenting led to Skwisgaar's guitar skill. She blames her son for her appearance, stating that she "could never lose the weight after [he was] born".

Murderface was raised by Stella and Thunderbolt Murderface, his grandparents, after the chainsaw murder/suicide of his parents by his father. Thunderbolt suffered a massive stroke some time in the past (the lyrics he has in the "Dethfam" music video suggest it was around 30 years ago) and Stella tows him in a wagon behind her Rascal scooter until Murderface buys him a wheelchair controlled by blinking. Thunderbolt "sings" the only actual written lyrics of the song, "kill me," although they are computer generated.

Nathan's parents are Rose and Oscar Explosion. They live in Victory Gardens, an armed forces retirement community in Florida. Oscar is receptive to Serveta Skwigelf's attempts to seduce him, complains that he spent all his time with Rose after Nathan was born, and resents that he spent all of his beer money on raising Nathan. Rose confronts Nathan and says "You ruined my vagina!" and appears to be sensitive to accusations of racism. In "Skwisklok," there is a part where Nathan says that he hates his father, however in "Dethdad", he reveals that he generally gets along with his dad (and may be the only band member to have a healthy relationship with his father), regularly going hunting and drinking with him, he also mentions how he would be upset if his father did die as opposed to his normal view of death.

Dethklok's adopted son

In "Fatklok", Dethklok adopts a child in the mistaken belief that it counts as a charitable donation. The child is referred to as Fat Kid, Fatty, Fattys Ding-Dongs, etc. He has moved from foster home to foster home, and can only communicate through pig-like squeals and grunts. Dethklok treats him like a pet rather than a person. Nathan even went so far as to neuter him in an attempt to calm him down, with Pickles arguing that it is less Nazi-like than limiting his sugar intake. Yet, Skwisgaar and Toki are usually the ones who have to feed him, opting to feed him unhealthy foods such as "haink-boigers" and "bug-gulps"(hamburgers and soft drinks). After he messes with Dethklok's "Mother-Laser-Fucking Light Show", causing it to kill the entire London Philharmonic Orchestra, Dethklok leaves him on an island they had populated with feral cats earlier in the episode, dubbed the "Dethklok Home for Wayward Kitties". He is shown being savagely maimed by the kitties. During Dethtour '08, the video playing in the background for "Detharmonic" shows Nathan delivering a manilla envelope to someone resembling FattyFact|date=August 2008 (Who was located in the Arctic, wearing an Uncle Sam styled top hat). The envelope then explodes, killing this person.

ergio Pampenheiser

Sergio is a television personality who sells quality guitars on TV that you can "actually stand on". He is likely a reference to the musician-turned-guitar-salesman Esteban, who is famous for selling guitars on television shopping networks. [*Brand*Esteban&prev=hp!sf&lastbc=!1042&ccm=m&ocm=sekw]


216 is a silent government agent sent by General Crozier to kill Dethklok disguised as a Klokateer. He kills two Dethklok employees while trying to get to Dethklok, but is himself killed by being impaled face-first on Murderface's codpiece after being tripped by the real 216 (a dwarfish man who was paralyzed in the fight with Crozier's 216). He is given a Viking funeral. It should be noted that the number 216 is the product of 6 times 6 times 6, a referenceFact|date=August 2008 to 666, the number of the devil.

The real 216 is seen again in "Black Fire Upon Us" still wearing the codpiece he won, but was not ridden to a wheelchair.

Agent 216 bears a striking resemblance to Agent 47 in the Hitman video game series, and is thought to be a tribute to this character.


*"Voiced by:" King Diamond421 is a Klokateer and a microphone cleaner. He is part of the Sector 18 recording studio maintenance clean team. He underwent an employee evaluation along with all of Dethklok's employees in "Murdering Outside The Box". Nathan asks if he is the one embezzling money from Dethklok, to which he truthfully responds "No". When Pickles asks him a nonsensical question written by Skwisgaar, he has no difficulty in answering to Skwisgaar's satisfaction. 421 was married to a woman named Rachel (whom he has since divorced) and has two children, Amanda and Scott. His birthday is revealed to be two weeks after the employee evaluation, and the band members are satisfied with his performance. 421 speaks with a slight British accent.

Mashed Potato Johnson

Mashed Potato Johnson is the oldest living blues guitarist, having supposedly made a deal with the devil for blues talent. He taught Dethklok about the blues in "Bluesklok" and even tried to get them to sell their souls to the devil. He later appeared on the Dethalbum bonus disc on the song "Murdertrain A 'Comin'." He is a parody of Robert Johnson.Fact|date=August 2008

The Blues Devil

*"Voiced by:" King DiamondThe Blues Devil is a stereotypically portrayed manifestation of the devil to whom people sell their souls in exchange for fame in the blues genre; Dethklok negotiated it down to a $5 Hot Topic gift card and received, along with blues talent, 7% on the backend of the Blues Devil's soul. He is seen on the hill standing firm as his car is blown away by Dethklok's blues music, played without signing his contract.

Prayer Bolt

Prayer Bolt is a Christian rock band featured in "Religionklok". Dethklok unwillingly attended their show to help Murderface find religion. The lead singer is killed when he stage dives onto a board exposed by Toki when he tries to start a "Christian rock mosh pit."

atanic priest

A priest in the Church of Satan in the episode "Religionklok", he nearly succeeds in converting Dethklok to Satanism. He falters, however, as Murderface becomes agitated and impatient during the long and drawn-out summoning of the four demons of the apocalypse (often mistaken for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)Or|date=January 2008. Although he doesn't convert Dethklok, he does perform the summoning, resulting in the Church's destruction and his apparent death. The demons include Mephistopheles, Belial, Beelzebub and Lucifer.

Juliette Sarmansadandle

Juliette is a dying, wheelchair-bound little girl whose last wish is to meet Toki. Toki refuses, having deemed himself above the childish pursuits he normally follows. She makes Toki a DVD with her playing a "Guitar Hero" guitar that causes him to flash back to his own childhood and realize that being a kid is "brutal," but she is already dead by the time he finally assents to meet her. This causes Toki to have fierce hallucinations of her accusing him of her death. She makes a cameo in Dethdad where a death expert working for the Tribunal states that "everything that Toki touches with love dies."

Rebecca Nightrod

*"Voiced by:" Laura SilvermanRebecca is Nathan's demanding, shrewish girlfriend, a professional tennis player turned sitcom actress and model. She is controlling and never allows Nathan to speak. He admits that he is afraid of her and his hatred for her is "the most brutal thing ever." When he finally prepares to break up with her, prompted by a brutal beating at the hands of his band mates, she falls down several flights of stairs, ending up disfigured and in a coma. Nathan avoids ending their relationship after this since she is now the "ultimate" girlfriend, being unable to terrorize him. She appears briefly at the beginning of "Klokblocked" as she has found new love while still in a coma, leaving Nathan single again.

James Grishnack

James is the head of Behemoth Productions, which produces Dethklok's horrifically bad $500,000,000 film, Blood Ocean, in "Dethstars". He expresses his dislike of the film by referring to it as a 'Shit sandwich' (a possible Spinal Tap reference). He is abusive to his assistant, slapping her numerous times to stop her from disagreeing with him and referring to himself as 'Daddy' when ordering her about. He insists on its release so he could get his money back, even after the band ordered it to be shelved in order to preserve their image. The premiere is held on an oil rig, which Dethklok's helicopter accidentally destroys by breaking an oil pump while leaving (though the incident might have been arranged by Ofdensen, since the band tells him to "do whatever it takes" to keep the film from being released, since this would spell the end of Dethklok). The only print of Blood Ocean went up in flames, along with everything else, when Grishnack's cigar fell to the ground, igniting the oil. His face melted off during the fire, but a newspaper says he lived through it. His name is a reference to the alter ego of Varg Vikernes, of Burzum and Mayhem fame, "Count Grishnackh,"Fact|date=August 2008 who took his name from Grishnákh, a minor orc of Mordor from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers.

Adam Nergal

Adam is the upbeat, sincere director of "Blood Ocean". He attempts to get Skwisgaar to speak more understandably, but in doing so forgets his contractual obligation to not direct, note, or berate Dethklok in any way because it sickens them. He is subsequently fired for breach of contract and commits suicide after Toki makes an offhand comment about him hanging himself. His name is a dual reference to Adam Darski, or "Nergal", the founder, lyricist, main composer, frontman and manager of blackened death metal band Behemoth.Fact|date=August 2008 (Also, Nergal was the Babylonian god of war and pestilence).

J.F. Amarth

*"Voiced by:" Andy RichterAmarth is an elderly, respected actor hired to appear in Dethklok's film. He was impaled with a forklift driven by Pickles, although it is uncertain if this act killed him, as he still appeared in the film. His name is a reference to the Swedish Viking-metal band, Amon Amarth, which in turn is a refrence to the elvish word for Mt.Doom.

Alfred Belmer

Belmer, is a vicious killer who specializes in cannibalizing infants and toddlers. He was scheduled to be executed in Dethklok's big return concert, a prospect he despised due to his hatred of Dethklok. He escapes along with many other prisoners after Dethklok's massive walking stage destroys the prison wall. The end credits of the episode show that he promptly returns to his original habits.

Dimneld Selftcark

Dimneld Selftcark is a guitar master whom Toki takes lessons from after being fed up with being in Skwissgaar's shadow. Toki has a deep admiration for him and even calls him his "fathers-friend." When Skwissgaar learns of Toki's lessons he becomes threatened by the idea of there being a guitarist that is just as good, if not better, than him and even declares that Toki be kicked out of the band. When he learns that Toki never got any better at playing, he tells him that he is okay with their relationship. At the end of the episode, Dimneld reveals that he is dying of cancer, then tells Toki he loves him before dying peacefully in his arms. He is later referenced to in "Dethdad" during a Tribunal presentation as an example of how "everything that Toki touches with love dies."

Dethklok's doubles

Dethklok's doubles are five look-alikes hired by Ofdensen to stand-in for Dethklok at public appearances, which they had become less than enthusiastic about attending (that Murderface's sawed-off shotgun going off accidentally triggered a brutal massacre also motivated him). In actuality, they are a team of highly-skilled soldiers under General Crozier's command, tasked with retrieving a briefcase containing Duncan Hills Coffee contracts. The band treats them like best friends, despite Ofdensen's repeated reminders that their express purpose is to die in Dethklok's place. Though eventually successful in their task, they are severely disfigured (losing the briefcase in the process) after brewing coffee in the vent of a dormant volcano activates it, bubbling superheated coffee over the edge and burning them alive. Having outlived their usefulness, Ofdensen convinces Dethklok to fire them. While attempting to do so, Murderface's sawed-off shotgun goes off again, killing at least one of them. Nathan's double is voiced by Dimmu Borgir bassist and former Arcturus vocalist ICS Vortex.

Eric von Wiechlinghammer

*"Voiced by:" IhsahnEric von Wiechlinghammer is a German fashion designer who was sent to jail after starving 57 models to death. He is paroled early to design Dethklok's new clothing line. It is later revealed that he used the skin of the models he starved as the leather for his clothes, and skinned even more women after that upon running out of his original stock. Dethklok discovers this gruesome detail when they show up unannounced at his home (to the consternation of his two attendants, Johan and Gunther) to fire him for making them have to lose weight and calling them fat. His attendants are voiced by Samoth and Trym Torson of Emperor.

Bink Bonk Blammymatazz

*"Voiced by:" Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad.Blammymatazz is the guitarist and namesake of the band Zazz Blammymatazz. He is shown briefly in a documentary about Dr. Rockzo, where in an interview he refers to Rockzo as an energetic "firecracker" of a lead singer. He also reveals that Rockzo insisted on being paid in cocaine, and called Rockzo "paranoid" once backstage after Rockzo accused the band members of taking his banana. It is implied he was responsible for firing Rockzo due to the singer's cocaine-fuelled paranoia. He smokes cigarettes and is based on Eddie Van HalenFact|date=January 2008.

Liz Bane (a.k.a Liz Blackfin, a.k.a Liz Deatheyes)

Liz is Pickles' P.R. person who was a religious radical from the 1970s. According to the Tribunal, she started dozens of cults including one that resulted on the death of one hundred French citizens but she was cleared of all charges. She starts her latest cult by making Pickles the biggest celebrity in the planet by having him appear everywhere in the media, and gains thousands of followers who she tortures and brainwashes. She then plans for a concert the night that Nile's Comet nears for Earth, where the most devoted followers will drink poisoned grapeade, and Dethklok put on a special platform that would have the comet kill them. She will then escape with her followers' possessions. Her plan fails, after the Dethklok space publicity tablet deflects the comet-- causing it to explode into many pieces, one of which destroys her car, killing her (it is hinted that Mr. Selatcia was involved in this, as his face is superimposed on the screen briefly as the comet impacts the tablet).

Kip Slaughter

The governor of Florida, his refusal to give a state holiday for Nathan Explosion results in his brutal murder and dismemberment at the hands of the people of Florida. His name is most likely a reference to hair metal band Slaughter and hair metal band Winger's bassist/frontman Kip Winger.

The Yannemango Tribe

The Yannemango are an Amazonian tribe that are located in an ambiguous location somewhere in Brazil. Dethklok visits them in the episode "Dethcarraldo" in pursuit of yopo, a mysterious hallucenogenic drug. Also, in "Dethcarraldo", it is revealed that Nathan's grandmother led an expedition into the Amazon, where her crew was eaten by the Yannemango, and she herself fell in lust (as opposed to love) with the Yannemango chief, most likely bearing a child by him as Nathan says he is one fourth Yannemango (it is never stated whether this was his maternal or paternal grandmother). The Yannemango appear to resemble the Yanomamo tribe from the extremely controversial film, Cannibal Holocaust.Fact|date=August 2008

Mr. Gojira

*"Voiced by:" Marty Friedman of MegadethMr. Gojira runs the driving school that Skwisgaar and Toki are required to attend in "Dethrace". His name is a reference to the Death metal band Gojira as well as the original Japanese title of Godzilla. He speaks with a thick Japanese accent and his teaching methods are extreme; he shows his classes a very brutal film depicting gory pictures of drunk driving fatalities called "Crash Site at Guts Street and Blood Circle". He fails Skwisgaar and Toki for being too scared to drive anywhere during their tests.

Melmord Fjordslorn

*"Voiced by:" Brian PosehnMelmord Fjordslorn is hired by Dethklok as a second manager after they get tired of being confused by Ofdensen's way of managing business. Melmord quickly gains the band's respect and admiration (something that they didn't seem to show for Ofdensen) after he decides to let them do anything they want and hanging out with them at parties and other events. After a while he suggests for the band to take a vote on who they want as their manager. Fjordslorn has a conversation with Ofdensen in which he is told that he would have to kill Ofdensen to take Dethklok away from him. After this they have a sword-fight to determine who would remain as Dethlok's manager. They have an equally matched battle until Melmord is stabbed and falls off of the top of Mordhaus to his death. His body then gets run over by a train.

Rikki Kixx

*"Voiced by" Mike PattonThe owner of a franchise of rehab centers, Rikki Kixx spoke to the Snakes 'n' Barrels after their doses of "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake", convincing them to go to his rehab center. He then convinces them to become their new frontman, to start the "SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock And Roll Show". His true desire for spreading sobriety is his own forced sobriety, resulting from having a damaged liver and being regularly drug tested, wanting everyone to be forced to be sober. He ultimately fights Pickles at the concert, while the rest of Snakes 'n' Barrels start shooting out electric snakes as a result of their previous drug use. His name and the motif of sobriety are references to Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx.


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