List of statues of Lenin

List of statues of Lenin

In the Soviet Union, many cities had monuments of Vladimir Lenin. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many statues of Vladimir Lenin were broken with no permission from their authors. This happened even earlier in the European post-Communist states and in the Baltic states. However, in many of the former Soviet Republics (namely Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) many remain, and some new ones have been erected.

Former Soviet republics and allies of the Soviet Union

*Former Soviet Union:
***Dubna (15m)
***Moscow (capital)
***Rostov on Don
***St. Petersburg
***Ulan Ude
***Velikiy Novgorod
***Volgograd (27m)
***Kiev (capital)
***Minsk (capital)
**Armenia: Yerevan (capital, taken down after independence)
**Azerbaijan: Baku (capital, taken down after independence)
**Estonia: Narva
**Georgia: Tbilisi (capital, taken down after independence)
**Uzbekistan: Tashkent (capital, replaced by the "Globe of Uzbekistan" in 1992)
**Kazakhstan: Karaganda
**Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek (capital) Lenin's monument is removed from central square Ala-too, and posted a new "mother of homeland" monument, Osh
**Lithuania: All statues were taken down after 1991, most eventually winding up in Grutas Park; they were all erected during the Soviet period and stood, among other places, in Vilnius (capital, at least two statues, one of them together with Lithuanian communist leader Kapsukas), Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Jonava, Druskininkai, Jurbarkas (the Jurbarkas Lenin is now part of an installation in Europos Parkas park in Vilnius).
**Latvia: Cēsis, unveiled on November 7, 1959. Made by the sculptor Karlis Jansons (1896-1986). The statue was removed October 17, 1990.
**Tajikistan: Dushanbe (capital, the monument in central Freedom Square was replaced by a monument of Ismoil Somoni, the second in Central Park is still standing) , Khojand
**Turkmenistan: Askhabad (capital)
**Moldova (in the breakaway Transnistria region): Bendery, Tiraspol (capital)
*Other Communist and post-communist states:
**East Germany: Berlin 1970 by Nikolai Tomski granite, 19m, Leninplatz, removed in 1992 and buried outside Berlin (there are plans to re-erect it); a bust of Lenin can still be seen on the wall of the former swimming pool of the Russian Embassy on Behrenstrasse and there is a stained glass window of Lenin in the Old Library on Bebelplatz
**Ethiopia:Meskel Square, Addis Ababa (capital, formerly called Lenin Square, erected in 1984 on the 10th anniversary of the Ethiopian Revolution and toppled with the fall of the Marxist government in 1991).
**Hungary: Érd (Staute Park)
**Bulgaria: Sofia (capital, taken down after 1991)
**Cuba: Havana (capital)
**Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar (capital)
**Poland: Kraków (in Nowa Huta district, pulled down in December 1989) [ [ UPHEAVAL IN THE EAST; Lenin Statue in Mothballs] , "The New York Times, December 11, 1989] , Poronin (removed in 1990)
**Romania: Bucharest (built in front of Casa Presei Libere in April 1960, pulled down in March 1990)
**Vietnam: Hanoi (capital)

Other places

*Antarctica: Soviet-built Pole of inaccessibility research station with outdoor bust of Lenin
**Denmark: Hørsholm (1986 - 1996: today located at the Worker's Museum, Copenhagen.)
**Finland: Kotka,Turku
***Cavriago, at Piazza Lenin (Italian for Lenin Square) (near Reggio Emilia)
***Capri, in the Gardens of Augustus
***Tjuchem, a small town in Groningen, the owner of a building company took it away from East Germany.
***Barentsburg, Svalbard
***Pyramiden, Svalbard - the world's most northern Lenin statue
***Bilbao, next to a bust of Marx at Otxarkoaga district
**Sweden: At the wild west amusement park "High Chaparral" near Hillerstorp, Gnosjö, Jönköping County (Småland).
**United Kingdom: Belfast, Northern Ireland - above the entrance to the Kremlin Bar
*India: Kolkata, Vijayawada [ Nehru Park, chanakyapuri, New delhi]
*United States:
**Freedom Park in Arlington, Virginia - toppled and headless, the statue was shipped from St. Petersburg, Russia.
**Fremont in Seattle, Washington - near the Fremont Sunday market site. Shipped from Slovakia.
***main|Statue of Lenin (Seattle)
**East Village in New York City - atop "Red Square" luxury apartment building, installed in 1994.
**Dallas, Texas
**Atlantic City, New Jersey - in the Tropicana Casino
**Paradise, Nevada - in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, headless
*Zimbabwe: Harare


External links

* [ Lenins of the world - A compilation of surviving Lenin statues]
* [ Gruto parkas] has several Lenin statues: [] , [] , [] .
* [ Monuments of Lenin]

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