List of police television dramas

List of police television dramas

This is a list of police shows.

Dramas involving police work, detectives, secret agents, and the justice system have been a mainstay of broadcast television since the early days of broadcasting. Shows that aren't dramas are indicated (e.g. reality or comedy).



*"" (USA, 2002-2003)
*"21 Jump Street" (USA, 1987-1991)
*"24" (USA, 2001-present)
*"77 Sunset Strip" (USA, 1958-1964)


*"Adam-12" (USA, 1968-1975)
*"Alias" (USA, 2001-2006)
*"Der Alte" (Germany, 1976-present)
*"America's Most Wanted" (reality) (USA, 1988-present)
*"The Avengers" (UK, 1961-1969)
*"A Touch of Frost" (UK, 1992-????)
*"Ashes to Ashes" (UK, 2008-present)


*"B.J. and the Bear" (USA, 1979-1981)
*"Backup" (UK, 1995-1997)
*"Bakersfield P.D." (USA, 1993-1994)
*"Banacek" (USA, 1972-1974)
*"Baretta" (USA, 1975-1978)
*"Barnaby Jones" (USA, 1973-1980)
*"Barney Miller" (USA, 1975-1982)
*"The Bill" (UK, 1984-present)
*"Blue Heelers" (Australia, 1994-2006)
*"Blue Murder" (Canada, 2001-2004)
*"Bones" (USA, 2005-present)
*"Boomtown" (USA, 2002-2003)
*"Bourbon Street Beat" (USA, 1959-1960)
*"Brooklyn South" (USA, 1997-1998)
*"Der Bulle von Tölz" (Germany, 1996-present)


*"Cagney & Lacey" (USA, 1982-1988)
*"Cannon" (USA, 1971-1976)
*"Car 54, Where Are You?" (USA, 1961-1963)
*"Charlie's Angels" (USA, 1976-1981)
*"CHiPs" (USA, 1977-1983)
*"City Homicide" (Australia, 2007-present)
*"Close to Home" (USA, 2005-2007)
*"The Closer" (USA, 2005-present)
*"Cold Case" (CBS, 2003-present)
*"Columbo" (USA, 1971-1994)
*"COPS" (reality) (USA, 1989-present)
*"Cop Shop" (Australia) (1977-1984)
*"Cracker (original)" (UK, 1993-1996)
*"Cracker (remake)" (USA, 1997-1999)
*"Criminal Minds" (USA/Canada, 2005-present)
*"Crossing Jordan" (USA, 2001-2007)
*"" (USA/Canada, 2000-present)
*"" (USA/Canada, 2002-present)
*"" (USA/Canada, 2004-present)


*"Danger Man" (UK, 1960-1962 and 1964-1968)
*"" (USA, 1978-1979)
*"The Defenders" (USA, 1961-1965)
*"Dempsey & Makepeace" (UK, 1985-1986)
*"Derrick" (West Germany, 1974-1998)
*"Dexter" (USA, 2006- present)
*"" (USA, 1993-2001)
*"Division 4" (Australia, 1969-1975)
*"Disorderly Conduct (reality)"
*"Dixon of Dock Green" (UK, 1955-1976)
*"Dragnet" (USA, 1951-1959, 1967-1970, 1989-1991 and 2003-2004)
*"Due South" (Canada/USA, 1994-1999)
*"Duggan" (New Zealand, 1999)


*"Ellery Queen" (USA, 1975-1976)
*"Der Ermittler"


*"The F.B.I." (USA, 1965-1974)
*"Ein Fall für Zwei" (Germany, 1981-present)
*"Father Dowling Mysteries" (USA, 1987-1991)
*"The Fugitive" (USA, 1963-1967 and 2000-2001)
*"Funky Squad" (Australia, 1997) (Comedy)


* Gorilla - The Police 8th Investigation Unit (Japan - 1989)


*"Hawaii Five-O" (USA, 1968-1980)
*"Heartbeat" (UK, 1992-present)
*"Heartlanders" (Singapore, 2002-2005)
*"High Incident" (USA, 1996-1997)
*"Highway Patrol" (USA, 1955-1959)
*"Hill Street Blues" (USA, 1981-1987)
*"HolbyBlue" (UK, 2007)
*"Homicide" (Australia, 1964 -77)
*"" (USA, 1993-1999)
*"Hot Pursuit" (reality) (USA, 2006-present)
*"Hunter (TV series)" (USA, 1984-1991)


*"In the Heat of the Night" (USA, 1988-1994)
* In Justice (USA, 2006)
*"Im Namen des Gesetzes"
*"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries" (UK, 2001-2007)
*"Inspector Morse" (UK/USA, 1987-2000)
*"Inspector Rex" (Austria/Germany, 1994-2004)
*"Ironside" (USA, 1967-1975)


*"JAG" (USA, 1995-2005)
*"Jake and the Fatman" (USA, 1987-1992)
*"Judd, for the Defense" (USA, 1967-1969)
*"Judge Judy" (reality) (USA, 1996-present)
*"Juliet Bravo" (UK, 1980-1985)
*"Juvenile Jury"


*"Kojak" (USA, 1973-1978 and 2005)
*"Der Kommissar" (West Germany, 1969-1975)
*"Die Kommissarin" (Germany, 1994-present)
*"K-Ville" (USA, 2007-present)


*"" (reality; USA, 1995-1999)
*"Law & Order" (USA, 1990-present)
*"" (USA, 2001-present)
*"" (USA, 1999-present)
*"Life (US TV series)" (USA, 2007-present)
*"Life on Mars (original)" (Sci-fi) (UK, 2006-2007)
*"Life on Mars (remake)" (Sci-fi) (USA, 2007-present)


*"Magnum, P.I." (USA, 1980-1988)
*"Manhunt" (USA, 1959-1961)
*"Mannix" (USA, 1967-1975)
*"Martial Law" (USA, 1998-2000)
*"Matlock" (USA, 1986-1995)
*"Matt Houston" (USA, 1982-1985)
*"McCloud" (USA, 1970-1977)
*"McMillan and Wife" (USA, 1971-1977)
*"Metamorphosis" (Singapore, 2007)
*"Miami Vice" (USA, 1984-1990)
*"Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" (USA, 1958-1960 and 1984-1985)
*"Midnight Caller" (USA, 1988-1991)
*"Midsomer Murders" (UK, 1997-present)
*"Millennium" (USA, 1996-1999)
*"The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo" (USA, 1979-1981)
*"The Mod Squad" (USA, 1968-1973)
*"Monk" (USA, 2002-present)
*"Moonlighting" (USA, 1985-1989)
*"Ein Mord für Quandt"
*"Mortimer's Patch" (New Zealand, c1982)
*"Most Wanted" (USA, 1976-1977)
*"Murder Call" (Australia, 1997-2000)
*"Murder, She Wrote" (USA, 1984-1996)


*"Naked City" (USA, 1958-1963)
*"Nash Bridges" (USA, 1996-2001)
*"NCIS" (USA, 2003-present)
*"Night Court" (comedy) (USA, 1984-1992)
*"Night Heat" (Canada 1985-1989)
*"N.Y.P.D." (USA, 1967-1969)
*"NYPD Blue" (USA, 1993-2005)
*"Numb3rs" (USA, 2005-present)


*"" (USA, 1971-1974)
*"Ohara" (USA, 1987-1988)


*"Pacific Blue" (USA, 1996-2000)
*"The People's Court" (reality)
*"Perry Mason" (USA, 1957-1966)
*"Police & Thief" (comedy) (Singapore, 2004-2007)
*"Police Squad!" (comedy) (USA, 1982)
*"Police Story" (USA, 1973-1977)
*"Police Woman" (USA, 1974-1978)
*"Prime Suspect" (UK, 1991-2006)
*"The Profiler" (USA, 1996-2000)
*"Psych" (USA, 2006-present)


*"Quincy, M.E." (USA, 1976-1983)


*"Raines" (USA, 2007)
*"Remington Steele" (USA, 1982-1987)
*"Reno 911!" (comedy) (USA, 2003-present)
*"Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (USA, 1957-1960)
*"The Rockford Files" (USA, 1974-1980)
*"Rockliffe's Babies" (UK)
*"The Rookies" (USA, 1972-1976)

*"The Saint" (UK, 1962-1969)
*"Seletar Robbery" (Singapore, 1982)
*"Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" (USA, 1955-1958)
*"The Shield" (USA, 2002-present)
*"Shoestring" (UK, 1979–1980)
*"Silent Number" (Australia, 1974 - 1975)
*"Simon & Simon" (USA, 1981 - 1989)
*"SOKO Kitzbühel"
*"SP" (Japan, 2007)
*"Specials" (UK, 1991)
*"Special Unit 2" (comedy/horror) (USA, 2001-2002)
*"" (USA, 1985-1988)
*"Starsky and Hutch" (USA, 1975-1979)
*"Street Legal" (Canada, 1987-1994)
*"Street Legal" (New Zealand)
*"The Streets of San Francisco" (USA, 1972-1977)
*"" (USA/Canada, 2002-2005)
*"S.W.A.T." (USA, 1975-1976)
*"The Sweeney" (UK, 1975-1978)


*"Taggart" (UK, 1983-present)
*"Thief Takers" (UK, 1996-1997)
*"The Commish" (USA, 1991-1995)
*"The Thin Blue Line" (comedy) (UK, 1995-1996)
*"Third Watch" (USA, 1999-2005)
*"T.J. Hooker" (USA, 1982-1986)
*"Triple Nine" (Singapore, 1995-1998)
*"True Files" (Singapore, 2002-2007)
*"True Heroes" (Singapore, 2003)
*"Twin Peaks" (USA, 1990-1991)


*"Der Unbestechliche"
*"The Untouchables (1959 TV series)" (USA, 1959-1963)
*"The Untouchables (1993 TV series)" (USA, 1993-1994)


*"Vanished" (USA, 2006)
*"Vega$" (USA, 1978-1981)
*"The Vice" (UK, 1999-2003)
*"Veronica Mars" (USA, 2004-2007)


*"Waking the Dead" (UK, 2000-present)
*"Walker, Texas Ranger" (USA, 1993-2001)
*"Water Rats" (Australia, 1996-2001)
*"The Wire" (USA, 2002-present)
*"Wire in the Blood" (UK, 2002-present)
*"Without a Trace" (USA, 2002-present)
*"Women's Murder Club" (USA, 2007-present)
*"Wycliffe" (UK, 1994-1998)


*"The X-Files" (USA/Canada, 1993-2002)


* "Yellowthread Street"


*"Z Cars" (UK, 1962-1978)

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